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  • I wish there is still a place in the world where there is no crimes and violence.Where people will never scared to walk on the street without being harrased or robbed.I'ts so sad to think about the reality that peace is imposible this day.
  • I don't know who is the person behind the invention of first gun.And I agree with you that it was all started after inventing thr black powder.And to add more information ,The first successful rapid-fire firearm is the Gatling Gun, invented by Rich…
  • Just looking at the gun is already scary what more if it was on somebody's hand who does not know how to use it correctly?
  • Media is the most influencial to people at any age. one of the factor that can contribute to humans behaviour.But it does not make a sense why blaming the media about somebody's crime because afterall we are responsible with our own actions.
  • We all have diffrent opinions and reasons about this issue. but for me Yes.It will be better if we ban guns.Simply because as I can see it,guns only brings terror to people.I see more negative effects to people than positive.
  • Well based on what I observed, It's better without guns.Although there are the advantages and disadvantage with having one still majority of it is the negative effect of having yes I am anti gun.
  • Without gun does not mean the world will be safe.It is not the gun that is dangerous but the people.people harm people.But without guns crimes will be less
  • I think it is not allowed for security guards to bring their guns out when off duty.they surrender it before leaving.Thats really scary experience.
  • Verry well said.Again I can say if only people have self-discipline I think there will be no issue about gun control no debates no need to argue and no worries about having or carrying firearms.IF ONLY.But the truth is that most people interested in…
  • If all people have that kind of thinking, then there will be no issues about firearms at all.If only everybody knows the limitations and proper discipline then we don't need to argue about how safe or dangerous a gun to carry.
  • That is exactly my point! We don't really need a gun for protection.What is needed is a strict law to implement gun control.
  • Yes, I already watched shooting videos on youtube.I got interested after reading those pieces of information here and really help me understand it all.Thanks!
  • "it would also help on the stability of pointing the gun to your target." cool :) I never knew about that.Thanks for additional information.
  • You are right! No innocents people deserve to be treated and experienced that way.You know why these bad guys are presumptuous to do such horrible things is because they are fully armed but if not, I don't think they can do that.
  • I'm sorry to hear your story.But do you think if only you have a gun that time, are you hundred percent sure you can fight back from those attackers or at least save your life.In my country also there is a very high rate of crime and those attackers…
  • You are right a person who possesses a gun looks scary, dangerous and powerful that is why only an authorized person should have guns like policemen because their role is to keep the area peaceful and free from anyone with bad intentions.
  • Exactly! How I wish all people will think on that way.But sad to say despite all the consequences, they still risk buying an unlicensed gun without thinking the negative outcome.
  • Now it makes sense to me.I always thought silencer really makes guns silent.Thank you for your suggestion I watched it on youtube like what you have suggested and yes it still has a sound and a silencer just minimize the sound.Now it is cleared to m…
  • For me, I strongly agree with the idea of getting rid of guns.Imagine a world with no guns I think the people are safer and crimes are lesser.
  • You have a point.Limiting gun production must be implemented.For me, the persons who only need guns are those who have related to their jobs like police officers, soldiers because their jobs are to maintain peace and order in one place.And civilians…
  • This is an interesting post.After reading this I immediately google bulletproof and was very thankful because of this, I was able to understand completely how it all works.
  • Losing your child is already a lifetime punishment to a parent even you spent a lifetime in prison is not enough to ease the pain and regrets.I don't think of any punishment heavier than this.But since any crime committed by anyone have a correspond…
  • Gun is a very effective weapon from attackers and criminals.However, There are good reasons why the gun should be ban.Few reasons are the risk of violence and accidents, especially for the kids.There is news about a kid shooting accidentally his pla…
  • I agree with this.It should be taught in school to be aware how dangerous the gun is.A proper teaching and training can reduce the risk of accidental shooting especially kids.
  • I have a fear of guns.Every time I see somebody with firearms I feel like I'm in danger as if it's going to shoot me.Guns are really dangerous and there is a big chance a gun holder might loose control and can shoot accidentaly.