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  • times three tax payment for the gun owners.  And I think they should start studying about the gun in school, and the guy there is right.  more moral lesson subject and teach them the value of life. 
  • I'm a pro gun. But right now, I think it's really hard to handle that.  Just because of some irresponsible gun owners, a lot of people right now think that all of the gun owners are irresponsible.  I think the gun owners right now need the proper se…
  • Yeah, that's right, it's should always on the safety key on, to avoid some accident.  And that's the problem of the other gun owners, all they know is to fire their gun but don't know how to use some safety features. 
  • I think that's the responsibility of the parents, to guide them.  Like the other one said, too much of everything is bad.  We should guide our children, they should have a minimum time to touch or play their gadgets  Parenting is not really hard, al…
  • I think gun created for war, to conquer.  They are creating and developing any kind of weapons just to conquer and win easily in a battle or war.  
  • The most memorable for me when we were using my friend's shotgun in a watermelon. my friend is a security guard and he allowed us to use that. I fell to the ground when I first use that gun. 
  • In our country, if someone owning a gun, the neighborhoods will probably report it to the police.  because we not allowed to own a gun, unless there's some previous threat to your life, you need it to your business as protection. 
  • Holding a gun is a big responsibility, not only in the owner but also to the people around them.  They should know how to teach their children about the gun if you really can't avoid to show it to your children. 
  • The knife can do right now is to cut veggies and fruits.  It's hard to fight back or defense just using your knife.
  • why? what did you do? i'm not aware, This forum is really great. I learn a lot from the opinion of the other members, and they are friendly also.
    in I'm Sorry Comment by ion December 2017
  • Yeah you're right, I think it's not necessary for a normal citizen to have a high power gun. Because their only reason to have gun is for protection.  I think a simple gun, or rifle is enough for them.  
  • I think that monster rifle is not for self defense, maybe if we have a zombie apocalypse.  But I want to try that. 
  • It's gonna be the same, they will find another weapon just to do the crime if they want it.  And I think much better to die in a gun shot, rather than to let me say like samurai, or some sharp weapon. I don't want to feel any pain if I'm going to di…
  • Don't hold your gun, if you were drunk, and hide your gun from your children, and if you can't do that, teach your children the proper use of the gun. I know it's not really necessary to teach your kids about guns, but I think that's the only way fo…
    in Gun Safety Comment by ion December 2017
  • Just because of being irresponsible of other people, So many gun's owner become affected.  Those gun shooting should consider as isolated case.  Some guns collector, or other responsible guns owner should not be consider as possible murderer  becaus…
  • what ever evidence found inside your house is not valid without the search warrant, and it's trespassing.  The police can't just go inside your house without any search warrant, unless it's caught in the act situation.  
  • It's must be restricted, but only to carry a gun.  Guns should not bring or carry by anyone outside their house.  Anyone who carry a gun must be arrested.   
  • I think it's hard to do that.  We need gun to protect our self and our family, much better to do is to implement the higher tax for the permit to carry and the license.  psychological test also is necessary before they will issue the permit.
  • Well, maybe the police is just implement the preventive action, because of so many incidence of shooting right now, besides if the person who carrying a gun is not familiar in that place, I think that's the best way to do, to call a police.  
  • I think that's statistics is very alarming.  Maybe that's the reason why there's a lot of suicidal right now, and gun's is their solution.  and maybe some of the shooters who killed the innocent people once become the victim before and never told to…
  • Well it's a good idea, how ever, the people still not sure about the mind condition of the owner.  What if the owner is still not responsible enough and use the gun in something terrible.  
  • I think the family should take all the responsibility for that.  Because of lack of knowledge or information about the situation of their family members.  They already knew that their siblings has a problem or mental illness but still, they ignored …
  • Well if you going to look at ages of suicide incidents on that three countries,  Most of the suicidal in America and Australia are teens.  They depress at early at their ages, and maybe most of the reasons can be solve with the simple conversation. …
  • I think it's bad idea, were not a cowboys anymore from the wild wild west or something, we can't use our own gun to fire someone even if our reason is the person is criminals.  That responsibilities is for some police officers. all we can do is to c…
  • Well I think the person who going to buy the unlicensed gun is probably is not for their own protection, They might use that to something that unnecessary things.  I'm not saying that all of them, but well if you are responsible enough and know the …
  • safer to what? if the law was really stricted about the firearms or guns, we don't need to carry a gun to protect our self to others. If the law not tolerate the people to carry the guns, or the permit to carry was really for the people who has reas…
  • Actually I'm not afraid or scared to guns, I'm scared to the people who holding that gun.  I don't know exactly what going on inside their mind.  first of all, why they need the guns? and if ever, are they responsible enough to have that gun? there'…
  • Actually there's no need of the production right now, because I think the guns circulating in america is enough to have 2 guns every american citizen.  I think they need to increase the tax of permit and permit to carry, and also the psychological t…
  • I think the permit to carry should need to implement and be strict to that law.  there's no need to bring the gun right now, what's the purpose of bringing that, Or I think much better to have shooting season also, where some high profile inmates wi…
  • I think they will just get curious about that, and will find way to touch a gun.  I think the parents need that education, their community should conduct some seminars about the proper way to keep their gun's away from their kids.