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  • I agree that if there is no criminality and criminals have no guns then there is no need to bring along a gun outside the home. The existing laws are enough to protect law abiding citizens. The only problem is the enforcement of the laws. If crimina…
  • For me, the only reason to carry a gun is when criminality is on the loose. I agree with some opinions here that carrying a gun will only put you in trouble. There are so many cases here of fatal shooting that was caused by a traffic altercation. Ca…
  • In our country, it is very difficult to own a licensed gun because of the requirements. There's even a required bond for the license. You also need to present several clearances aside from the psychological exam results. However, it is a wonder how …
  • I grew up with guns because my father was a hunter and target shooter. We were fully oriented with the proper use of guns. But guns can be in the wrong hands and that would be scary. I had an experience with my brother-in-law who got drunk one time.…
  • In the news lately is the killing of an 8-year old boy of his playmate who is 6 years old. The father's gun is the culprit. According to the witnesses, the boy was toying with the gun and had no intention of killing. However,  guns are susceptible t…
  • Pardon me for this comment but it is obvious that the man was either ignorant of gun safety or simply neglectful. We were taught gun safety by my father who was a gun lover. Safety is paramount when holding a gun because there is a saying here that …
  • This is an interesting issue. But I guess it is an advantage to teach the students on gun safety because that can save lives. We know that teenagers sometimes go wild with their ideas and they love to experiment. Some child killings were the result …
  • My father was a gun lover. He was active in their gun club and had won countless of trophies and medals in target shooting competitions. We were 4 boys in the family of 6. My father taught us everything about guns when we reached high school. Safety…
  • When criminality is on the rise like now in our country, a gun ban just makes the situation worse. The so called riding-in-tandem criminals are having their heyday. Aboard the motorcycle, they can easily escape even when there is heavy traffic on th…