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  • My first memory with guns would probably be on the store where me and my friends bought some drinks and suddenly when some gangsters shows up and point a gun on us, I'm not gonna lie that I didn't feel scared at that time, It's a freaking gun and I …
  • Guns can only be harmful if you used it on a "harmful" way, like guns are what we actually need in terms protecting ourselves and also the people around us but there are kinds of people that also used it on a bad or dangerous way. So, I think the te…
  • This is actually a very sad story, and why would a person point guns at someone, it's like a sign of "you nearly died" because of pointing it and without knowing if it has a bullet or not. 
  • I think automatic guns are probably effective and a must have gun to all people who are protecting themselves but people want to own some high military grade weapons are kinda disturbing to me. Like why would they even wanted to own one?, to protect…
  • I do agree that the police is just doing he's job as an officer, doing something like that is a sign of self defense but it really does depend on the situations on who's or which gun has been pointed on to or been held up.
  • What an awesome and interesting post. good job! and this thing is totally agreeable.
  • I agree that guns can be an art as well, like as what you've said, you can collect guns and display it on your home. Collecting guns and displaying them seems a cool idea for me and probably an unharmful thing to do with it.
  • I haven't hold or tested a gun yet before and I haven't been on a gun shooting range either. But for me, If I would learn to shoot, the type of a gun that I would pick is the handgun or pistols like I"m pretty sure that these gun will save my life s…
  • I'm totally shocked on all these causes, but what is the most shocking for me is the poisoning and the falls. Like what are the people doing these days, and also the guns in the #22 are also a shocker for me.
  • I do agree that it;s not making the gun really silent but it actually just decreased the sound of it. Like I've heard lots of news or scientific reasons about this on YouTube, go watch and search it to see for yourself. :D
  • The main reason why you should carry a gun is to protect yourself and also to protect your loved ones. Carrying a gun just to show that you're a cool dude doesn't really make you cool, it makes you more dumb and by that you're gonna get yourself kil…
  • They should do teach kids about a basic thing about guns but when they grow up, I think that's the proper or actual time that they need to learn how to fire or used it in case of emergencies.
  • What scares me the most about guns are when a person or people used it in a harmful or owned by a wrong person, like they will tend to use it for a mass shooting or anything that will harm other people. And also, it scares me when some police used i…