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  • Guns are used nowadays to deter crime, for protection and defense, and as a sport. But it was really invented to kill people quickly in wars.
  • It's always good to be prepared for any kind of eventuality. And gun ownership is a very good deterrent and counter measure to address external violence. Plain and simple if someone attacks you with no provocation then shoot them. You have the r…
  • I dreamt once that I'm in some kinda war fighting aliens and I run out of ammo. Yep my one great fear is running out of bullets in the middle of an alien invasion.
  • Selfdefense and Weaponry should be thought in schools including weapons safety of course. Student's nowadays are kinda soft, most of them doesn't know how to fight and defend themselves resulting to bullying. What will happen if there's a war and …
  • It does presents a problem, we don't want those guns being bought by terrorists and psychos. But there will always be corrupt governments and illegal arms traders filling up the black market with all sorts of weapons.
  • Every gun owner knows to always lock and don't cock. Guns must always be on safety and must only be cocked or put into fire when there's a clear threat.
  • There shouldn't be a gun ban in the first place. It's our right to protect ourselves and having a gun gives us the protection we need. It's better if they just make stricter buying rules. Don't sell to undesirables who might commit acts of terror…
  • The claim is China invented the gunpowder in the 9th century but there are lots of skeptics out there who thinks that this may have been a reinvention. I for one believes that there may be a much earlier invention that is similar to the Chinese b…
  • Living in the Philippines where corruption is the norm, where even the President is telling people that everyone should have a gun in order to curb and suppress crime and the drug trade, where police officers are mostly corrupt. Well it's like this…
  • Half of my guns aren't licensed It's the stash I've buried somewhere, in case of an emergency situation, Like a war or alien invasion or something. You use guns to address danger and life threatening events. You don't think if it's licensed or n…
  • I was 10years old and my grandfather gave me a single shot air rifle, by 12 I was using a real .22 cal. rifle which is good for short/long .22 bullets. By 15, I was using a 16 shot Magnum 22 long barrel pistol, a 25 cal and several 38 calibers i…
  • No guns ? Then we'll be using the next best thing, knives and swords. And there would be a lot of Martial Arts fights and all kinds of weapons. I think it woud be like going back to the 15th century. It'll be fun though
  • No guns ? Then we'll be using knives
  • Everybody with his right mind should have a gun that is my perspective. Self Preservation is my number 1 concern. Right there are Shooters, if everyone is allowed to carry guns then that shooter would be shot dead or incapacitated or he may not e…
  • 100℅ YES. Not only gun safety but Shooting Competitions should be held as well as Self Defense Proficiency Subjects and Courses should be included in the school curriculum. Why? Well that's to create and teach the next Generation survival and d…
  • I'm a progun supporter and I believe that everyone should have the means to defend themselves and protect their families from criminals and abuse. Everyone should have a gun, that's to level the battlefield. Yes we do have a police force, securi…