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  • No such thing as "Bulletproof"

    Thank you very much for posting this.  It's true that this is a common mistake.  I hope they keep working to improve Kevlar and hopefully one day, make a bomb-resistant material. Also, I hope that Kevlar expands to police hats and some kind of face protection for criminals who aren't messing around.
  • The Second Amendment on School Campuses

    rbower, while I agree that gun-free zone signs are basically just saying, "Shoot Here First", I think the real problem is lack of accountability and restrictions on punishment.  I don't think you should be able to beat your kids, but most parents have given up with all the restrictions.  They are afraid to punish their children, because if they punish "incorrectly", their kids may be taken away.  As a result, people grow up without a sense of right and wrong.  They end up learning from other sources, who may not always be right.  My mother didn't hit us; she made us sit in time-out.  I know many people are shaking their heads.  My mother put a twist on it.  We had to sit the whole 10 minutes or it started all over again.  This made us realize their are consequences for our actions.  We were also not allowed to get up until we told her WHY it was wrong.  This gave us a sense of responsibility and empathy.  Empathy, because we had to think of how we hurt others.
  • The Second Amendment on School Campuses

    I agree.  I think it should only be the students who don't carry firearms.  With the exception of college students. 
  • Do you think the argument is valid?

    I think that calling their argument invalid is kind of harsh.  Many people have been victims of gun violence themselves.  They are just desperate for it to stop.  However, I agree that law-abiding citizens are the only ones who will abide by the laws, and they are already using their guns properly.  The ones we have to watch out for are criminals (who will attack those they think are easy marks; this includes unarmed people) and idiots who have had too much to drink or are just plain stupid and mishandle guns.  I think that the only further steps that should be taken as far as gun control are making sure people who buy guns are educated in handling them (could be through courses or a family member) and background checks.  I can't really say they should be more extensive because I've never had one done.  I have never owned a gun.
  • Gun Control and Hunting

    I think it would impair but not destroy our ability to hunt.  People were hunting with spears and bows and arrows and swords before guns existed.  Some hillbilly (I do not use this word in a derogatory manner; many people call themselves this) cultures use traps and other methods.  Mainly, this is so that the sound of a guns doesn't scare off other animals, as guns are noisier when shot in the woods than in most other areas.  I think that hunting is a biological imperative.  I have no malice toward vegetarians (I even eat vegetarian meals at least two or three times a week); I just think that our bodies need meat, otherwise we wouldn't be able to digest it.  I try to not go overboard; I think our bodies need balance.  We are omnivores, not carnivores or herbivores.