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  • Answer to Gun Violence

    For roughly two centuries following the establishment of our extraordinary form of government --- a republic built upon constitutional conservatism --- we've never previously encountered such a breakdown of the basic & essential structures which define us as Americans; we've never before suffered such a collapse of our principles & values as that which has occurred over the past 40 or so years.  And it's we the citizenry that's become corrupted, not the imperishable gift which our founders bequeathed to us.

    For the prior 50 years I've handled & owned a variety of guns, and during this half century have never heard of or encountered any firearm(s) exhibiting violence without the participation of a human; i.e., we have no difficulty with these lifeless, inanimate objects which can be used or misused for right or wrong.  Instead, we have a people problem --- criminal activity by our fellow citizens or illegals among us; until these United States of America reestablishes the fundamental truths, beliefs & precepts which the architects of our constitution so brilliant codified, this country is in a precipitous & terminal decline.

  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    @amandajustice:  All of your observations are reasonably accurate & factual, yet this exerts no influence on the progressive hard left to whom an armed citizenry is a deterrence to their obsession with power & control.  Until the means to defend one's self & loved ones are completely removed, these enemies of the rights, freedoms & moral values established in our Declaration of Independence & Constitution cannot achieve their objective of a United Socialists of America.  No firearm is 'dangerous' except for one which is mishandled/misused, and this defines the unthinkable reality of a disarmed populace in our once great nation.
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    I omitted 'as an example of automobile violence' following "accident" in the above . . .
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    @robertp:  I'm pleased to have been of help; a 'simple search' would confirm innumerable truths to the hard left, but progressives have no interest because it clashes with their agenda.  I know that in the minds of the uninformed AR means automatic rifle, and for those who assert that "nobody needs an AR," remind them that the first 10 Amendments of our magnificent US Constitution are referred to as the Bill of Rights, not bill of needs. And if I can make a suggestion: we don't refer to an intoxicated driver involved in a vehicular accident so a firearm utilized in a crime (or misused in any fashion) isn't 'gun violence' but accurately is criminal violence, no matter what the weapon.
  • Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

    No constructive purpose would be served by "banning" the ArmaLite-15 type of arm; this is not an automatic, unusually deadly or 'military grade' weapon. It is, in fact, a less powerful caliber than that typically carried by deer hunters across the country, and no military in the world uses it as a combat rifle.  They may appear intimidating to most persons unfamiliar with firearms, but this illusion is largely the result of cosmetic features which appeal to the eye of many owners.