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Why is gun culture so strong in the US?

edited August 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 8
I understand the basic reason why guns are an inherent part of the American culture. The constitution secured the right to bear firearms in a time of revolution, and once that was over, the United States was an enormous country that required westward movement into dangerous territories filled with largely-unfriendly Native Americans. The love of guns has never really gone away since those days. 

Nevertheless, I'd like to hear why people think guns are still such an important part of the culture. Is it a safety issue? Do people enjoy the thrill of owning a firearm? Is it still strictly for self-defence? Do economics play a bigger role than we might think? Let's hear some opinions.


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    I don't believe any of those reasons have as much bearing as the politics behInd it all. There's still a great deal of Americans clinging to this anti-government sentiment, opposing many things that make sense on a safety level. All in an attempt at rebellion, while still technically following the law.
  • This is probably my most used argument. But... if you take the guns away from good people, there's nothing but bad guys with guns left.

    Also, in rural areas, you have to be able to protect you crops and farm animals from coyotes, deer, possums, racoons, and so forth. You can't expect them to respect the words "pretty please".

    And, in rural areas again, we live 30 minutes from the nearest town. The roads aren't exactly safe for speeding down, either. If a threat comes on to my property I can call 911 all day long, instead of having a gun. That way the cops can take my corpse away before it stinks up the entire house. By the time they got here thats all that'll be left of the fight..
  • SLTE, the United States didn't just throw in the Second Amendment because of the times it was in, it was due to reasons that the Founders expressed if you read their letters and explanations.  It was due to the principle that we are not subjects with others responsible for our safety and freedom - we are the bosses.  The balance of power is to remain with the People, not a Government.  That means we are responsible for our own safety and freedom, and therefore, have a fundamental right to the tools that allow for that.
  • Very astute observation and interpretations of the founding fathers.  Ideally, they had a guideline of how they wanted to the country to operate.  Now if the American people were actually operating on a clear minded perception on life, then I think most of the ideology would be intact.  But leave it to human beings and those that like to twist the freedoms and liberties that were bestowed upon and try to find loopholes to hit their end game and for self serving reasons.  

    Guns don't kill people.  Stupid people with guns kill people.  Especially big groups of stupid people are the worst ones.  Not only does a gun ease their insecurities, but when these people get together, they empower one another to the point where they believe they are unstoppable and untouchable.
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  • I think an inherent distrust of the government is another reason we don't want to give up our guns. Everyone in office is getting dirtier by the day. They have even convinced people to give up several rights by calling it "smartphone technology". A retina scan, or thumb print to open you phone?
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    Well yea, there's that....But, No one forced us into it, we allowed ourselves to be driven with the rest of the herd into the cool new gadget with that new "security feature". I would love to trust my government and I would love to trust my neighbors, but I don't own a gun to protect myself from either of them. The right to have one does not guarantee a positive outcome for my family. All it does is give me the opportunity to shoot first, not necessarily last. I prefer to weigh the consequences when it comes to my safety, and as a personal preference there are just better ways to defend myself, some of which include basic common sense.
  • I think a large part of why guns are such a part of culture is pop culture.  Almost all of the big action movies have explosions and gun fights.  A lot of people think that a gun in your hand signifies toughness.


  • The rural argument is pretty compelling. I've lived in the country, small towns and metropolises. There is a completely different feel to those environments, and different safety concerns as well. I've seen the need for a firearm in the country as well as seen the concerns in having armed individuals in densly populated environments. Considering the geographic divide of the political parties, it is pretty clear to me how the gun control debate divvied up the politics.
  • Have you ever heard of a false flag? If you don't know what that is, please do some research. That is why gun culture is so strong in the US. Mainstream media is paid to push the propaganda so the masses will be brainwashed into believing whatever they tell them to believe. Look how men in control in the past have taken guns away and then look what happened to the people in that country.

  •  I think one of the reason why the use of guns are inherent culture in america because young, adults and people in different walks of life they can afford to buy guns. they can easily acquire guns and use it intentionally and unintentionally.  
  • I think the way people feel about guns has been passed down from generation to generation. I know that this is true of my family anyway. All the men in my family go hunting every year. If you don't go on the hunt, you are not considered a man. It's a rite of passage. Because of this, they all have guns. I grew up with guns all of my life. My dad made sure I knew how to shoot by the time I could go out with the men (I never did, but I was his only child, and I'm a girl so...). He taught me everything I needed to know to be safe. He did the same thing with my mother, and he'll probably do the same thing with my children. It's not going to go away because it's one of our rights as Americans.
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    Guns have always been a part of my life,I to live in the country,even my closest neighbor lives more that a 1/4 mile away.I have always been a hunter,target shooter,and a protector.I have used warning shots(in the air) more than once in my life time,luckily no more that that and hope I never have to.I will be damn if I allow someone come harm me or mine and property.That is why they gave us the right to bear arm's and protect ourself's,the law can't be every where at once and they new that even back then.If you don't want to protect your self that's fine but don't get mad at the ones that are willing to do so.
  • Movies do not usually convince me, but watch the Movie " Fear" about a young mans obsession with a teenaged girl, and how he terrorised her unarmed family.
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    America's gun culture refuses to die because of interpersonal mistrust and the fear of the unknown. There is also an element of deficient trust in the ability of the security services to deliver. People are becoming more and more paranoid and this is the case with those police officers who have been captured pumping a seemingly harmless offender with multiple sounds of ammunition. The other issue is the overuse of the claim to personal rights in almost everything to our collective detriment.
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    Once a person owns a gun, I think it contributes to the feeling of overall personal security they perceive. 

    A gun can make an otherwise powerless person feel stronger, more in control. When that person has been bullied, or experiencing mental health issues, that feeling of power can influence them to take action they would never attempt without a weapon.

    I think when the founders of this country included the right to bear arms, they were protesting the fact that Britain was so stringent on its gun ownership laws, and this made people feel powerless. 

    I don't believe that the writers of the Constitution could have ever foreseen what we experience today. I wonder if there was any way they could have kept it from happening anyway....
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    Allowing just about anyone who wants one to purchase and own a gun is asking for trouble. I understand why people feel like they need a gun to protect themselves and their families but when you think about why they are so afraid (because everyone else has guns too) it just doesn't make any sense. I think when you start reading about the deaths that have occured because of children being able to access the fire arms that are in a household you really have to question the sanity of letting everyone have a gun.
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    Gun culture is strong in the US due to theculture of freedom and self determination of the individual. Its an aspect of democracy and symbolic of the fact that ultimately in a democracy, power lies with the electorate who have strength in numbers. Its also an offshoot of the American civil war in which citizens in principle have a right to defend themselves. I can't also disregard the issue of mutual deterrence with regard to runaway crime.
  • guyguy
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    Guns are a big industry, and we love guns so much because we have access to them. We use them for fun, and a many other things. The people know what guns are capable of, but just like anything else we attach ourselves to, guns fall in that same category. 

    Just about anyone can go purchase guns, and even in other countries where the public doesn't have access to just about any type ogf gun they want, over time that would change. 

    When something gets exposed to society, we will accept and embrace it, or we will dismiss it. This is a country of violence due to less regulations, it's natural and won't change until we regulate.
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    I think there are many benefits to guns beside hunting.  I bought my first handgun out of fear because of terrorist, crime and living very rurally.  It has been a godsend to me.  Because I want to be proficient with it I started practicing with it and getting in better shape physically.  That led to IDPA competitive pistol shooting  which I love.   We create defencive shooting scenario where we have to move fast and shoot.  It has changed my life.  I am sure every gun owner has a story why they have guns and this is what makes them special to me.  I am not unsympathetic to people who have had bad experiences with people with guns and I hope they can get over their sorrows. I think once they do they will realize it wasn't the gun that did this.
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