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Buying a Gun

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
I hear a lot of people are upset with deeper background checks.  Why? This isn't a dig; I am curious. What goes into the current background checks?  What do they research to see if you should carry a firearm?


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    I am a hunter and a gun owner and I have no problem with a background check and think it should be done and any mental problems that are known should be included in that check along with any violent criminal charges.That's fair to me and should be known before any one has a gun.We also have to have a State Police background check to get a F.O.I.D card witch is needed to have a gun or to hunt as it should be.
  • It's because they think the government is making this up so that it'll take much longer and be harder for people to get their firearms.
  • What difference does it make if you get the gun today or tomorrow? Is that really going to mess up your plans for the gun that much? If people learned to plan ahead, then this would not matter. What does a background check really do besides make sure that someone with a history of mental illness or crime does not get their hands on a gun?
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    You can't get a gun the same day you want to buy one.There is a waiting period and background check in my state any way,and no problem with it at all.
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    Anyone who is for background checks to purchase firearms must also logically be for background checks to post on internet forums, to write letters to the editor, to visit your local/county/state/federal representatives or offices, to buy a car, to fly on an airplane, to buy a chainsaw, to buy a knife, to buy a hammer, to buy food, to buy medicine or drugs, etc. etc. etc. 

    Indeed, you would have no problem submitting to a background check and metal detector to come to dinner at my house.

    Background check requirements mean that you and I are considered potential criminals and terrorists until proven otherwise, rather than as responsible, law-abiding citizens until our actions prove otherwise. 

    I'm sure the Germans thought that all of what Hilter and the Nazis were doing was for the good of the Fatherland and their safety and security...until it became painfully apparent that it wasn't.  
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    I won't argue it,I guess my rational thinking is different from yours.Everyone has the right to their opinion that's our freedom also.Just like I think I have the right to feel that the person next to me when hunting or target shooting they are not mentally ill or a convicted murder and have a gun because he didn't have to have a simple background check.
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    It's sad to see people so afraid and mistrusting of their fellow citizens.  It's why America is becoming just another third-world banana republic rather than the shining city on a hill and beacon of freedom we used to be.  

    Indeed, I guess we should all be afraid of our neighbors who might be criminals or mentally ill using knives, axes, chainsaws, hammers...and of course motor vehicles.  How do you manage to drive on the highways each day knowing that some of them may be murderers and crazy people because they didn't have a 'simple background check'?

  • Some people think it's just a scheme to take away our rights and to make it harder to get a gun because it'll take a lot longer to get your gun.
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    I think sense people are the problem and not guns,then where should our concerns be then?I think prevention is every ones concern and being concerned doesn't make you scared or mistrusting.We want to protect ourselves because we are concerned for our safety does that mean we are all scared and mistrusting of all people or just them that may do us harm.The last I checked there are no visible markings that says bad guy or good guy.
  • I say in order for you to purchase a gun you should definitely be required to have a license. As we all know people who have guns for show and tell are the ones that do illegal things with them. I think that it is also mandatory that all people have a clear background check before being issued a license.
  • I agree with background checks and licensing.  I disagree that people who have guns for show and tell are ones who are doing illegal things with them.  I know many people who appreciate guns and have a collection but never use them.  Some just like the look and feel of a gun.  I don't mean feel as in "i feel like a real man when I hold a gun".  I mean the texture and form of a gun.  You can like a gun for other reasons than killing. 
  • Chimo brought up some good points but many states already have background checks and waiting periods in place for gun purchases. My concern is that once the federal government gets involved it will become another Homeland Security fiasco where they don't have to abide by privacy laws that have already been established. I know some people want mental health backgrounds on people before they buy a gun, but really, has anyone read HIPAA? The federal government is already involved in creating a privacy mess for individuals. I pray that they are not able to add a psych eval to a gun purchase background check.

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    I think it should more at a state level not federal we don't need more federal control we have enough of that already for everything else.If they would just enforce the laws we have already it would help.In IL. where I live we already have a background check for guns and also have to have a F.O.I.D. card which is given by the state police,and without that you can't legally purchase or have a gun in your house without one.I think the registration is just something for they have someone to come back on if that gun gets used in a crime,even if it has been sold many times and if they don't register it,it will come back to original owner yet and then what for that owner that had nothing to do with that crime,to me that is the same as try to hold the manufacture responsible.
  • I'm not familiar with an F.O.I.D card.  Is that for the gun itself, kind of like a car registration?  As for the state level check, what if someone commits a crime in California, then tries to buy a gun in Maine?  How would they be aware that person shouldn't have a gun?  I don't think they should release details in a background check; it should just be a simple "no" to anyone not performing the check itself.  For instance, one department handles the gun checks in the government.  A gun shop owner sends a request and get the response of "so-and-so shouldn't have a gun".  The only people who should know the reasons are the person who performed the check and so-and-so. 
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    The F.O.I.D. card is a firearm owners identification card that is issued to you by the state police after they run your background and don't have any felonies or warrants that would disqualify you for owning or even being around a gun,if you have a felon in your house there can't be a gun in that house at all even if someone else in that house has a F.O.I.D. card.You have to show that to buy a gun or ammo and then if you buy through a FFL place then they do a background check on you again state and federal and yes that is a federal law for all states with the federal background check,state is done by state to state.Private sales they is no law for background checks,but you are required to ask to see a F.O.I.D. card.
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    I forgot to add Il. has some of the strictest gun laws,I think IL. was the last state to issue a CCW permits,and that has only been in the last year or so.
  • I agree. I think they should do background checks. Especially with how the world is today. If you have nothing to hide, it really shouldn't be a big deal. 
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     Chimo made the best point I've heard yet: We are considered potential criminals when we want to own a gun...and by whom...the government? I think the government is absolutely qualified to determine whether we the people are potential crooks, don't you? It seems like a case of pot calling kettle black to me. Anyway, the second amendment guarantees us the right to bear arms. That's all they need to know. I DO think it's a way for the anti-gun crowd to throw a monkey wrench into gun ownership.
  • Your post made me smile, jbbarn.  The part about the government not being qualified to determine whether a person is a criminal was so on the mark.  But, I think that (just like the Constitution) there needs to be set rules with background checks.  If you killed someone (not out of self-defense or during military service), you shouldn't own a gun.  If you have been caught mishandling a gun, you should have to take gun safety classes or lose your right to a gun.  Stuff like that.  If you are a law-abiding citizen, then you should have nothing to worry about.  I realize that a lot of people are against background checks because it is our right to have a gun.  I understand that, but at the same time, if you see someone pointing at things, like children or pets or your house with a loaded gun with the safety off, would you like that person to have a gun?
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    There is already a law that says if you are a felon you can't lawfully have gun or be around one.That is where it falls on the criminal part of the world if they get a gun or not,and the difference between a legal gun and a illegal gun.This one of the points we have tried to make,these kind of laws already exist,and if any legal gun owner sells them one,then they become a criminal if they would just enforce the laws we have.
  • I know that there are laws like that. I was just emphasizing my support for those particular laws and why we need them.  I realize that most gun owners are law-abiding.  I also realize that criminals will get guns any way they can.  I wasn't saying that we need to make those laws.  I was just trying to state my position. 
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    I was just pointing out that these kind of law exist already,nothing personal.I also be if someone sees a person misusing a gun it should be addressed and I do.Just because there is a law does not mean it will be followed by all.I think education and the law is everyone's responsibility.
  • I get it.  I don't take anything you say as a personal attack, rbower.  I just wanted to clarify. 
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    I appreciate that,sometimes I don't word things quit right and may be taken the wrong way by some and I apologize for that.When I state laws I am only saying for IL. where I live.We do need a certain amount of laws,that is what makes us a civilized nation,but they also need to be followed and enforced to do any good,and this is not being done.I have said before maybe if more states had the F.O.I.D. card I would help,I know I won't be popular for saying that,but it is nothing that is going to hurt a law abiding citizen or restrict them in any way,or violate.
  • I think it's all just embedded in our culture and history and change is hard to accept, especially if we perceive it to be affecting our survival. For so many years buying guns was easy for Americans. It's just really hard to imagine changing the process and making it more difficult to purchase a gun, with our minds already thinking about what will come next. The majority of Americans are downright great and awesome people. It's just the few gun toting stupid ones that's making our lives miserable with all these new considerations about control.
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    @Dasjdas2  Free societies consider their citizens to be sane, responsible and law-abiding until their actions prove otherwise.  This licensing crap is the mark of a totalitarian society where citizens are considered to be potential criminals, terrorists and nutcases until certified otherwise by government.

    Imagine trying to license people before allowing them to reproduce or eat or breath...requiring a license to obtain the means to defend themselves is just as silly and oppressive. 
  • It's not just about waiting, it's also about jumping through hoops.
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    If you think about it why should it be difficult for a law abiding to buy anything that is legal to have.This does nothing about the criminal intent or illegal guns.It is all being used to disarm the law abiding citizen community.There is to much going on in this country today for me to believe this is just about any gun control any more with the terrorism and what Obama has been doing and no I am not paranoid just realistic of what is happening around me.
  • When buying a gun you should have to go through all of the "hoops" that are not required. You should learn everything you can about owning and using a gun. You should also be prepared to shoot to kill. They tell you in every gun course, if you point that gun at someone or something, in the case of hunting, you must be prepared to kill. 
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    That is not the hoops we speak of,we all think being educated about having and owning a gun is the responsibility of the gun buyer/owner.I also believe if you are willing to point a gun at someone you must be willing to pull that trigger,but I also think you need to be smart and responsible enough to no when not to pull the trigger.
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