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What Scares You Most about Guns?

edited November 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
I have seen many arguments about guns, both pro and con.  I was wondering, whether you love or hate them, what scares you about them?  Is it them falling into the wrong hands, misfiring, etc? 


  • I only fear them in the wrong hands. I have been around guns my whole life. My dad and the men in my family hunt. My dad has guns everywhere though. I've never really been afraid of them. I do worry about misfiring too. This has happened to a friend of mine, and he wound up putting someone in the hospital. The problem is still guns in the wrong hands even with that issue though.
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    The only reason to fear guns is them being in the wrong hands.Otherwise in the right hands they can be a very useful tool,accidents can happen with any tool that's no reason to fear them just respect them.
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    I don't have irrational fears of inanimate objects.  
  • What scares me the most about guns is lack of education. The possibility that some child somewhere is going to pick up a gun he finds in his parents room and shoot another child because of lack of education is terrifying.
    That is what keeps me up at night when I think about guns. Everyone is to scared to talk about it, let's focus on gun safety and education.
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    That is my fear with guns pretty much that it will end up in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, we find out that it's the wrong kind of person who is actually buying the gun. In other words we have had those who were not mentally sound buying a gun. Which is why I have to support background checks even if others don't because I think this could be one way to insure that guns don't end up in the wrong hands. This is why I also feel that when parents bring a gun into their home they teach their kids that its not a toy but dangerous weapon, so the kid doesn't get ideas about it.
  • What scares me is a gun accidentally going off. And of course a gun that ends up in the wrong hands. But no one knows it's the wrong hands until it's too late usually. It's just scary that someone would shoot random people for whatever reason in their head. But other than that I think guns are good to have. 
  • Guns don't scare me. Sounds simplistic I know but there is nothing scary about a properly maintained gun. People on the other hand do scare me sometimes. That's why I'm a gun owner. I was a victim of a violent crime at a very young age. That person had a gun and used it to make me do something that I wouldn't normally do. The gun didn't come in to the store I was working at and scare me into giving it all the money in the register. The person holding the gun to my face did. I compare fear of guns to fear of ovens. Both a gun and an oven can hurt you if used improperly.
  • I agree.  However, things so age.  A gas oven could explode.  Things do happen.  I'm not saying to be afraid of guns.  This thread is things that scare you REGARDING guns.  I'm not saying to fear guns themselves, or ovens.  I'm saying things happen with items. I'm afraid of guns falling into the wrong hands.  That is me saying I feat the person, not the gun itself. 
  • The only thing that scares me about them is when the wrong person has them, that's it. Otherwise, regular law abiding citizens should be able to own them for protection or hunting.
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    I think most that are scared of guns are the ones taught by the media and anti groups,they have no respect of them or understanding of guns.I would say their hands would be the wrong hands,because respect and understanding guns is what makes them useful tools.People often fear things they don't understand,and then hate things they are scared of.I am sorry if I got a little off base here,I just thought it was worth mentioning the false fears also.
  • Nope, not off-base at all.  False fears are just as valid as legitimate ones.  I started this post so that everyone would chime in and hopefully dissuade many fears that come along with guns.  Someone posts their fear; someone else helps them understand and remove the fear.  I think we have to stop fears in this country, that is what terrorism is, using fear against someone else. 
  • My biggest fear of guns is how easy they can be accessed by people who should not have them in the first place. I believe people have a right to have guns in a legal way and I know many gun owners who protect themselves and family and property with their guns and I have never felt fear being around them. I worry about people intent on doing harm and how easy they can go to a corner store and get the guns and ammo and end up destroying the lives of good and decent people.
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    I do know that we are not going to make it harder for the criminals and people that shouldn't have guns by making it harder for the law abiding citizens from getting them.I mean sure I can buy a gun anytime I want too if I can afford it and well it should be that way.I have had my own guns over 40 some years and never done anything wrong with them or anything that would change the fact that I am trust worthy with a gun.I don't think anyone has the right to try and change that and that is what they are trying to do with these new gun control laws.If you want to change the criminal communities then that is where you need to make the changes, not with the law abiding communities.I am not trying to disagree with anyone or start a argument.I am just trying to shift the blame where it belongs, if we can do that then I think people's fear wouldn't be so high, because right now so many have fears of anyone having a gun and this is wrong.
  • You are absolutely correct, rbower.  To blame guns for people using them improperly (what a mild term for what has been happening) is to take responsibility away from those users.  I still think the only laws we need to make are for harsher punishments to those who desecrate the names of good gun owners.
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    I'm not really scared of guns I'm just not comfortable holding one, I never have been.  So, I could never see myself using one.  I don't fault anyone who does own them, I even have a friend who does.  But for me I just don't feel comfortable because I know these can be deadly weapons in the wrong hands.  I even don't feel completely comfortable around certain kinds of knives for that matter.  Kitchen ones I can deal with but other kinds don't want to be near them.
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    I don't hold anything against the one's that don't like guns or don't feel comfortable with them, that is a freedom of choice.I just want the same respect in return, no matter what we do there will always be the ones that can get them that shouldn't have them, that is just the way life is.There is no way to make life completely safe no matter what you try and take away.The only way to even reduce it is to enforce the laws we have and stop making excuses for the criminals not to be punished the way they should be.
  • Nothing should scare anyone about guns. They should eb scared of the person holding the weapon. 
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    Why would I have emotions either way concerning an inanimate object?  Change the subject to cars or chain saws or hammers or bicycles and you see how silly such a notion is.  
  • There are many arguments about guns and what they are responsible for. My view is that guns are the reason people lose their lives but the people behind the gun is really at fault. My main concern about guns is that the innocent always die and I am afraid that one day it will be a family member again. I do not like guns at all.
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    Guns are a tool like any other tool when it is not used properly it can be deadly and this how people are judging them and forget about all the good purposes they have been used to save lives and give this country the freedoms we have. It is sad when any one dies for any unforseen reason but other objects don't get the blame the person does so why should a gun be any different.
  • Dasjas, I am so very sorry to hear that you lost a family member to gun violence.  I lost two family members in one day due to a murder-suicide.  However, I know that it was because the younger of the two brothers was being bullied by the older brother (ironically, the same one who shot at me when I was young).  He just couldn't take it anymore.  I do not blame the accessibility of guns; I blame the older brother, who caused such an environment of hostility that his younger brother was angry and killed both his older brother and himself. 
  • You know what scares me the most about guns? Not being able to have access to them anymore because people who don't have any common sense want to ban them. Otherwise there is nothing to fear from a gun. A gun is an inanimate object which on its own can do no harm to anyone! 
  • I think people are misunderstanding this thread.  It's not about being afraid of guns; it's about expressing why you think guns should be banned.  Everyone talks about owning guns as a "fear response".  Well, so is wanting them banned.  ally79, I don't want guns banned.  If you notice, my avatar is a firearm.  This is about finding out the fear motivation behind banning guns, so we can help put people's mind at ease. 

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    There is no reason to ban guns now or ever,most fear is caused by the unknown,and ignorance of something,and misunderstanding,and teaching of something.The gun itself is nothing to fear after all it is just a tool like any other,if you don't know how to use it right or in the right way then don't touch.I have said it many times teaching and learning or lack of is a scary thing for a lot of people.Like they say a brain is a terrible to waste.
  • But that is exactly my point.  THERE SHOULD BE NO FEAR OF A GUN ITSELF.  What I was trying to get at to people who want to ban guns is that guns are inanimate objects.  I wanted to find out their fears and help put them at ease.  I wanted to find a middle ground for people.  I wanted to open up a dialogue, so that people could open their ears.  I don't understand why people took this post as "guns are bad.  Ban guns.  Guns are scary."  I even mentioned a few examples to clarify my meaning.  It is what scares you ABOUT guns, relating to guns, not the guns themselves.  I was hoping that the few people who answer that guns themselves scare them could be brought into a productive, educational discussion; not be attacked and basically called idiots.  I was hoping that people could open their hearts and minds: on both sides.

  • My biggest fear of guns is that they are designed to kill. They tell you in any gun training course, if you point that gun at someone you should be prepared to kill. If you purchase a gun for hunting purposes only that is okay, but do realize that you are still using it to kill. When people purchase guns to protect themselves and their family they have to be prepared to shoot to kill and that is what scares me the most. If you have a gun and are prepared to use it during a robbery, for example, it makes you a target. When a robber sees that gun they will use their own when they may not have had that person not made themselves a target.
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    This seems to be the opinion of many which is fine everyone is entitled to their opinion and believes it doesn't make it right but that is their right.This is not meant to be any kind of attack or insult but just my believe and opinion.If someone comes to rob you they have already initiated the gun threat not the victim and have already decided to use it before they even knew if you had a gun or not and I am not willing to bet my life on them going to use it or not.Guns are not the scary thing here it is the robber and your gun is at best hopefully a equalizer of the situation.If someone wants to discuss this subject intelligently I will be glad to partake.
  • There is a common misconception that you brought up bmovie...I carry every time I leave the house but if I was to encounter a robbery situation I wouldn't use my gun to save you or anyone else. I carry for the protection of MYSELF and MY FAMILY. In all likelihood said gunman would never know that I was also armed. I wouldn't pull my weapon unless I or my family were being directly threatened, and I assure you I am well aware that they are designed to kill. 
  • Guns are non-living things but when a person holds it he feels empowered it is like Thor with his Hammer, The thunder god is formidable even without a weapon but carrying a weapon will boost your morale. The gun has an effect on the weilder or owner if he is not emotionally stable then he will be an irrresponsible user. Guns don't kill on their own it is the person who shoots and kills. How to choose a worthy individual to handle a firearm is something society and the government should clearly define. 
  • I agree with Juan.
    With a gun comes that sense of power. We happen to be a very, very ego and power driven country. The feeling of that power in our hands can be what makes or breaks us, and can decide what we do with it. It should definitely be something we have more control of, at least to the extent to know it's harder for the wrong people to get. 
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