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Buying Guns Online

edited October 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
I just came across this site in my Internet travels.  It's called  I had no idea that you could buy guns online.  Is this legal? What is the protocol?


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    Yes you can,but it is not as easy as others make it sound.They still have to follow all laws as the gun shops you go to and buy guns.It actually takes longer and harder then buying from a shop.
  • Yes, exactly. You still have to have a license and all of the same things that you need if you go to the store. The difference is, now you have to wait for it to come in the mail. If people are able to wait for this time, why can't they wait for a more extensive background check.
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    You cannot purchase a firearm online from a state other than your own unless you purchase from a federally licensed dealer from the other state and the firearm is received by a federally licensed dealer in your state.  You could purchase online from a federally licensed dealer in your own state, but only if you pick it up in person..they cannot ship it to you.   You have to conform to all the federal guidelines, including filling out a 4473 and any background checks as well.

    This notion that anyone can purchase a firearm online and skirt federal laws is one of the big lies that politicians love to include in their rhetoric.

    That said, I remember when it was perfectly legal to purchase firearms via mail order, from anywhere, and have it sent right to your questions asked, no background checks, no muss, no fuss.  There was a lot less crime back then too.  It's almost like our problems have gotten WORSE as we've passed all these new gun control laws and regulations over the last 50 years. 
  • There is a Curio & Relic license, guns determined to be elidgable by BATFE as collectors items, these guns, like Soviet made Nagant revolver are nice inexpensive parts of history, or Soviet Makarov pistols or Nagant rifles, the list is huge, when you apply and recieve a C&R licence from BATFE the Federal Govenment, you csn purchase guns online and have them delivered to your door, this saves lots of money, as you eliminate the middle mans profit and transfer fees and save State sales tax, once you have a C&R license the BATFE considers this the equivalent of a background check, the C&R License is for the sole purpose of enhancement of a personal firearms collection, not to buy and sell guns regularly as a gun store does.

    Often a C&R firearm purchased online is way less expensive than at a local store, a C&R license costs $25 if I remember correctly, often the money saved in one or two purchases makes it worth while.
  • To get a C&R license, you go to the BATFE web site and order the application package online and sent to you free of charge.

    You then go to your local Sheriff's office or Chief law enforcement officer, they can help you with the fingerprint cards, and you need the CLEO to sign your application, once that is done you send in the application and fee, a postal money order is best.

    It takes a few months maybe less.
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    If there is such a site, then gun control ceases to make sense. But I suppose such an agency should have quite stringent controls as the system is open to abuse by illegal groups and criminals. I am also likely to wonder why someone should aspire to buy a gun online if he or she has nothing to hide. Another issue of concern is whether bullets are also available online? The issue of delivery is also tricky as well as ownership laws with regard to the laws of one's country.
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    That just seems like something that would need to be heavily regulated, and even then I would be very suspect of anything.  I am glad to hear the responses from @DoctorWho that seem to point to the steps that you have to go through in order to purchase them.  I am curious about how popular this is and I would interested to see some data.  I might just have to go and do a little research.
  • I mean, sure, people do it all the time. I see them for sale all the time on craigslist or my local swap n shop pages on FB. I personally would never purchase a gun from someone.. I would be buying from a gun shop, and getting it registered immediately. 
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    online you can buy easly some upgrade like here  with guns its more difficult
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