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You know what I think is amazing?  All types of media cover shootings in one way or another and still people as a whole seem to learn nothing.  We have songs like "Jeremy" by Pearl Jam and Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks" and nothing seems to sink in.  People still bully and some of those who are bullied still kill. 


  • You would think that people would learn by now, but they never will. Bullies have been around since the beginning of time. There is always someone that wants to dominate over someone they look at as weaker than them. These days, bullies have graduated to a new species of bullies. They go for the kill these days. i do think that sometimes people are acting out of self defense when they finally strike back at their bullies. I don't think they should kill because they can't come back from that. They need to do something that can teach the bully a lesson and then they learn to not bully anymore. 
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    I agree bullies have and always be around and they do need to learn that bulling is not a answer to anything and only creates more problems.The people that get bullied need to learn to stand up for them self's some how but killing is never the answer unless the bully is a threat to there lives,and not because they get hit or pushed or when they get their feelings hurt.There is always a rational answer to everything when thought out carefully,and never the same answer to all situations,each may be different.
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    I know someone who is in the education field and we were talking the other day about the issue of bullying.  I know first hand how awful it can be myself because I was bullied all through school.  However, I never took such a measure as to get a gun to try to kill the tormentors but I will admit to contemplating suicide more then once.  Anyway, this individual and I were talking because she was witnessing some bullying going on at the school where she works.  We started to talk about the fact that maybe there should be a sort of class that kids are made to go to all through school about life skills and dealing with others.  The older the kid gets the more they learn in the class, bullying being one of the subject addressed and how being a bully isn't really something that makes you superior to the other person.  This was just an idea that we had and I thought it was a good one because kids could also learn about other things in life along with what is right and wrong.
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    I don't know if it would help or not but any steps in the right direction is worth trying.I guess I was lucky going through school I was always big for my age so no one messed with me,but I did help others that were bullied.I always tried to help the ones that were considered the under dogs.
  • I was also bullied in school.  Luckily, the bullies in my school were idiots.  They were in it for the glory, so there were always witnesses.  People in school liked me, even the bullies. (Yeah, good luck figuring that one out.)  They liked me as a person; they just thought I was an easy target because I was small and quiet.  I also attempted suicide because of this.  I was unsuccessful due to bad luck.  Or good luck, is another way to look at it.  I'd like to say thank you to rbower80.  We need more people like you.  I don't think you realize how much what you did was appreciated. 
  • This thread hits on the legitimate reason behind the majority of our school shooting incidents. Bullying is rampant in the school systems and yes, there was bullying even when I was in school 30 plus years ago but it was different. Less obvious and less targeted. I think that goes back to parents and school employees who are more vocal in their prejudices and hate. I would have never thought that a kid who was smaller in stature than me was a perfect target for my anger. I truly believe we have to mind the way we raise out children. Teach them to be decent human beings at home and they will be productive members of society. PS. TommiGunn31 suicide is never the answer. I'm glad that you were unsuccessful in your suicide attempt. That was good luck. Not bad luck. I enjoy reading your posts so your contribution here on earth is not done.

  • Thank you, CherylTorrie.  I agree that suicide isn't the answer.  When I was younger, I thought it was, but as I grew older, I realized that to some people I DID have some worth.  When you are eight, you don't really think like that.  I'm glad that you enjoy my posts.  I'm also glad that you comment on them, whether we have the same or opposing views, yours are very articulate and educated.  I like posts that explain points of view without attacking others.
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  • The vast majority of those shootings portrayed in media are false flags to try and scare the masses into wanting to give up their constitutional rights. And it's working.
  • I was definitely bullied in school too, but these days these kids have so many other forms of bullying that we didn't have before, and it can reach a way greater scale. The internet and social media sites makes it so that the insult can be something that can follow you your entire life. Sometimes these kids feel like if they don't kill their bullies, they are going to kill themselves, so it becomes a self defense issue. No, I never wanted to kill my bully, but I had a different experience than they did, and these kids are going too far these days.
  • I agree.  I have seen postings of bullying.  Some people will take pictures and videos of bullying and upload them instead of calling the police with their phone.  When I was younger, the majority of kids would stand around and watch or leave. Some would get a teacher.  When I was starting to get bullied, I just kind of let it happen and fumed inwardly.  As I got older, I started to do something about it.  Eventually, the bullies left me alone.  By the time, I got to high school, I was making bullies back off of picking on other kids.  Kids today don't help each other.  They look at bullying as if it were entertainment, until something tragic happens.  I have even seen things where the bus drivers and teachers do nothing to help.  Cyberbullying is even worse because there is no defense.  You can take it offline, but some remnants are still there throughout eternity. 
  • Exactly, I have seen videos on social media that shows teachers just standing around and not doing anything to help. I was outraged, but people can't do much these days for fear of a law suit. When are we going to learn that changing the laws so much from what they used to be, is always changing other parts of society too. Kids used to be able to pray in school, there was no shootings in the schools then. The teachers used to be able to discipline the children, and now the children are running all over the teachers. I mean changing this or that may seem like little harmless things, but it really changes so much more than that.
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    I agree bulling is a lot different today then what it was when I was in school 35 years or so ago.The kids also don't have the coping skills either,the schools just seem to let it happen now a days.I don't know if they don't know what to do,or if they are scared of the bullies to.It just seems like the more laws they make to supposedly to make the kids safer,it puts them in far more dangers.It leaves a lot of kids no where to turn for help,the laws seem to protect the criminal more then the victim.Just to  prove one of these issues where I live if someone breaks into my house and they hurt themselves they can sue me for medical bills.It might be a little of base but there are many of these kind of laws out there.The kids try and solve it in a way that they think makes them more powerful then the bully and that is where the gun comes in.
  • I laughed a little when I read your comment "If someone breaks into my house and they hurt themselves they can sue me".  Not because it's ridiculous.  Well, it IS ridiculous, but only because it's true.  When I read it, I though about the movie "Liar, Liar" with Jim Carrey.  It was mentioned in that movie, too.  His character's assistant was yelling at him and telling him how that happened to her friend.  It's ludicrous that a burglar (or worse) could come into your home and be protected by the law.  I remember hearing when I was younger that if someone came into your house, you could shoot him point blank in the face and the law was on your side.  That was better, but only if they came in for sinister purposes. 

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    It just seems like the criminal is protected more then the innocent in some cases.Who says crime doesn't pay it sure seems like it today sometimes.The media seems to make instant stars out of some criminals with all the publicity they get for doing wrong.
  • Not only does the media make stars out of criminals, so do some of the stars!  Look at how many celebrities have bee arrested.  Some of them get arrested for violent crimes.  All that happens is a slap on the wrist and some fine that they could pay with the change in their sofa cushions.  Then comes the media publicizing their crime.  Now crime looks glamorous. 
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    I think instead of just the publicity they get for doing the wrong they should be able to report the stiff penalty they got,but they can't because they didn't get one.Now what message are we sending to the public and to the criminals.We need law enforcement of the laws we have already and stiffer penalties.Instead of this Oh well they are misunderstood and let's give them another chance attitude.
  • Exactly, rbower.  Exactly. 
  • I'm totally gad someone finally got it. I've always been amazed at easily people get off crimes or commit the crime with little or no punishment. Crime, as you said, is now glamorous. People go to prison and it's like nothing at all. We never had to be launching public campaigns against bullying because it would only go so far and no more. It's all gone to the dogs now.
  • There are varying degrees to bullying, some of you perhaps were slightly bullied, still bad, but not as bad as when you are 9 years old, and nobody will help you, my parents did nothing to help me, teachers did nothing to stop my abuse.
    Once, my sister was playing around with an older guy, and I thought he was hurting her, he was not, I ran up to him and yelled; you leave my sister alone !
    I had not touched him, I was only 7 years old and he was at least 17, my sister was aproximately 13 years old, IIRC, and he shoved me, knocking me down, my dad then ran over and slapped Steve once and knocked him silly.
    Dad was arrested and it went to Court, I was there watching, the idea of Dad going to jail got me sick, I started to Cry and throw up violently, I ended up on the floor convulsing and vomiting continuously, I was told later the Judge got scared that I was going to die, seeing how scared I was of My Dad going to jail, the Judge dismissed the case so I could go to hospital and not worry about my father, "I will not be held responsible for any harm that may befall this boy, worried about his father !!! Case dismissed !!!!! " that was one time I did not mind getting sick.....

    There are bullies that systematically torture and sexually abuse others, and nobody stops this abuse, they say, boys will be boys, or ignore abuse patterns, is it any wonder some children commit suicide, or kill in retaliation ? because after a long history of systematic torture and abuse, even the other children aware and knew of the abuse and bullying, and did nothing about it, except to make fun of the abused, are also seen as the enemy, so when they retaliated, those children are included in the act of vengeance.

    At the height of my persecutions, I decided I could not continue to live that way, I lived in a six story building, and there was a pointed wrought iron fence and concrete at ground level, I figured it would do the trick, just as I was opening the window, a song by the Beatles came on the radio, "Let it be" that song helped me have the strength to perservere, it convinced me to be strong and survive.
    My best freind was also having it bad, we helped each other, she also had dysfunctional parents that fought constantly, her mother was an amputee and would often beat her husband with her artificial leg.
    We were a great comfort to each other knowing well the woes of abuse.
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    There is what we call The Broken Windows Theory. It states that if a house ( or any other thing or aspect of life) seems to be in perfect mantenance mode, even burglars would keep a safe distance because they would put the seriousness of the owner into account, in other words, think twice before breaking in. The converse is true with regard to poorly maintained or derelict buildings where burglars are tempted to enter and steal anything of value that might be lying there. If the society takes disorderliness and small crimes seriously, even more serious crimes would be forestalled. This should start from the cradle.
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    For me my opinion for this is bullies always be around we need to learn because bulling is not good and only creates more problems and its terible. people that get bullied need to learn to stand up for them self's There is always a rational answer to everything and when thought out carefully. never the same answer to all situations,each may be different. We need to make a plan to prevent this types of problem
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