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Do Gun Bans Actually Work?

edited October 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 246
Does anyone know of any places where they banned guns and crime rates decreased?  I'm not anti-gun; I'm just pro-knowledge.  Do the crime rates stay the same?  On the other side, does anyone know of any places where they banned guns and the crime rates INcreased?
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    It is hard to really know because it depends on what statistics you try and go by,they all seem to be doctored one way or another.Do we really have any we can believe.The anti's can find them to support their side,and pro-gun can find them to support their side.For example we here how Australia has improved sense their new gun laws,but when I searched it I found that they only go by statistics put out by Canberra and they control the media and everything else.Is it true I don't know.
  • I think that's the problem with statistics.  It all depends on who and where they poll.  I'm not sure if any surveys are widespread.  And sometimes funding is the issue.  If they only get paid a small amount to do their research, they can't get very far. 
  • I don't know if gun bans actually work because all of the data is usually skewed to fit the agenda of whoever is doing the study. You can make anything sound good in your favor whichever way you want if you just change a few key words. That's why you have to be careful to do your own research before you jump to any conclusions.
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    It is clear to see without any statistics that gun free zones don't work.I would have to think though that bans would work about as good.You would be doing about the same thing,making more people targets for the bad guys.I know that view is not shared by all but maybe it should be.Then maybe we could think of some thing that would work,right now must are distracted by all the fighting over guns to think of any thing else.
  • I completely agree.  Most "gun-free" zones have no alternate defense.  They are leaving everyone in that area vulnerable instead of protecting them more, which is the (poorly thought out) idea behind them.  I only started this post because I was curious about those areas.  I wanted to see what the areas were so I could research them farther and see what their alternatives were.  I am not anti-gun.  However, I don't think that five-year-olds should be carrying, but I do think that they should be able to defend themselves.

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    To be honest I don't think a gun ban does work.  Why because as someone else has said you tell someone they can't have something and guess what that's the first thing they want.  Now I don't know if such zones are actually vulnerable due to a gun ban.  I would be curious to know this myself.  But although I am not anti-gun I am kind of anti-old west philosophy.  What I mean by this is, it seems as if some feel that we need to all be armed in order to take care of ourselves.  This is like going back to the old west where people had shoot outs in the streets, and no one was taken to jail because well that was just the way things were. In other words vigilante justice was acceptable.  I can't wrap my head around this sort of feeling.  I do think some places such as college campuses need more trained security who are indeed armed for situations such as the ones that have happened  and even in schools themselves.  I just am not an advocate of arming civilians to do this sort of thing. 
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    At least back in the old west days people were not known to shoot unarmed people because they got hung for it.Today the bad guys don't have no problem shooting someone that is unarmed.Gun bans do no good against the bad guys they could care less about the laws.That is why gun free zones are targeted so much,now how do you think it would be like if none of the good guys didn't have guns.It would be open season on everybody.Plain and simple every law abiding citizen deserves to be or have protection.The anti's don't seem to have that believe.
  • In the Old West, there were people shooting unarmed citizens.  No matter the time period, you will always have some people who like causing harm to others.  We will never stop this.  Cain killed Abel with a rock.  Prisoners kill each other with shivs. 
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    I should have put it happened less often back then,because if caught they would hang.Today the punishment for murder is not near as severe.There is no hesitation today though.I agree this will never stop as long as there is people this will continue and probably get worst.There seems to be less regret now a days, and also alot less respect for the law.
  • I agree.  As long as we give prisoners cable, I think we are coddling them.  I don't think we should deny people the basic rights of food, shelter, etc.  However, I don't think that denying child rapists and murderers cable falls under the inhumane treatment category.  There are some people who commit crimes just to get these perks because they can't afford them as law-abiding citizens and know they can get them in jail.  I think taking away some of this stuff that prisoners don't need to live may make jail less desirable and help cut down on some gun crimes.  I think it's sad and unbelievable that sentence even had to be written.

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    I agree,I think a lot of repeat offenders do it to go back to jail because the can't function in a free society where they have to earn a living.They don'y have the education or abilities or drive to earn a honest living,so they choose jail instead where everything is taken care for them.They get free medical, dental, and food,housing that's better then living on the streets like so many are.
  • Honestly I do not think a gun ban will change anything. Criminals will always find a way to break the law and have guns. So it is important that we are allowed to have guns to so that we can protect ourselves. I think that if we ban guns it will create a lot of problems. 
  • No they don't work and that's been proven. But when they're ALL banned, look what happened in the past. Does the holocaust and other major totalitarian murdering ring any bells?
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    I think a disarmed legal public would make a weak public at the mercy of any kind of wrong doers in the world.This seems to be what Obama wants.
  • I don't think that Obama wants us all weakened.  I believe that he wants to do something big and showy to get public opinion back on his side.  I think he wants to go out with the legacy of "I stopped the gun violence" and he just chose the wrong route.

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    I have seen instances in different countries where gun bans make no real difference on the ground. A ban is effective to the extent that its enforceable. The fact remains that if guns are banned, its only the legal component that is affected but the black market continues to thrive to fill the gap created by banning legalised guns. I have also come to the conclusion that some people possess an illegal gun or guns alongside the licensed ones.
  • The main issue with gun controle is that the people who abide by the law are the ones that will give up their arms, while the non law abiding citizens (criminals) dont care about gun laws, because they need them to comit acts of violence. While their is something to be said about freindly fire and property damages, I do beleive in conplete freedom of weapons, because if the government takes away our fire arms we are conpletely defencless to threats foreighn and dimestic. If we give up our 2nd amendment, it will be the first of many that we will be striped of. And for you anti-gun people out there I have two things to say. First thank you for reading through to the end, and secondly when the shit hits the fan, (whether it be as small as a comon theif thats willing to take your life for his next meal, or as large as the united states government striping us of our rights, who do you want standing next to you? A man standing there with a pen and a petition, or a man ready and willing to stand for your freedom and well being? I dont ask would you rather have a gun or not because if your not comfortable carying a gun i wouldnt ask you to, and i do hope that you wont ask me to not protect me and my family. "In times of peace prepare for war"-Art of War
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    There are plenty of countries in the international community where people can legally own guns, but their society just isn't raised pro-violence like here in America. Violence is now becoming our way of life on the citizen level, people are more willing to kill with ease if they feel the need to do so. 

    It's so messed up but no one is going to do anything about bettering gun control because that would take away a large sum of residual income for the government and you know how they like their money.
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    I agree gun band is most less crime and prevent life lost because people have gun that not un authorized is used gun for make a crime or holdup or to make bully other people its high because we have a gun but if gun ban may be less people or less in crime.
  • I think in general it will not work 100 percent but at least it will lessen. Involvement of gun or any firearms in various crime is significantly high in numbers especially in US. I think I agree with gun ban but with some reservation. It is actually a debatable topic which will take long time to discuss.
  • Personally I would say gun ban doesn't really work. Why? because gun ban sometimes are just strictly implemented to police officers, military personels and those who have licensed guns. So come to think of it, most of the time those who commit a crime doesn't necessarily have licensed guns which means gun ban will not be strictly implemented to them. We do not need gun ban, what we need is discipline among us.
  • I don't think gun bans have ever worked, nor ever will. the reason is simple, no matter how hard you try to ban something, someone somewhere is going to make a living off that ban and supply the demand. 

    People want what they can't have.
    I would however, limit the market availability of certain products, instead of an all out ban.
  • In my opinion, gun bans imposed by the government works. However, when I think about guns, I see guns as a business. Many businessman will be affected by gun bans. So whatever measure the government will make or imposed there are still individuals who will supply it since it is already there source of income.
  • Yes. Somehow it works, but not 100 percent. Because even there's a circulating law for gun banned some people is still sneaking their guns. Carrying it without permit or permission to carry.
  • In our country ban or not i don't see any difference. you'll still people killing each other in the news. Its quite alarming but most of the time there nothing that we can do.
  • Video shows gun control and murder rates around the world
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    It's gonna be the same, they will find another weapon just to do the crime if they want it.  And I think much better to die in a gun shot, rather than to let me say like samurai, or some sharp weapon. I don't want to feel any pain if I'm going to die. LOL.
  • In my country the government imposes gun ban during election period. I think it only works on responsible licensed gun owners. Those who don't have a license to own and possess and still bring their gun with them don't really give a damn about gun bans anyway.
  • Yes I think so because if the government set such policy at least people will be reminded for prohibiting bringing unlicensed gun to any places in the country. It will at least lessen the crime rate due to the gun ban implementation. It is mainly because they will be afraid to do so due to its corresponding punishment for those who will break the law. The attempt to bring guns that are not legally authorized would made to put them into a hot seat.
  • I think it works. Gun bans are strictly imposed and followed by a series of deployment of checkpoints. Police Officers, in my country, also take part in it by taping and signing the barrel of the gun. I think it lessens crime rate as long as it's duration lasts. It could be because of the strict checkpoints that are deployed everywhere.
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