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America has way too many guns; get rid of the guns!!!

edited November 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
America has way too many guns; get rid of the guns!!!

Look at other countries like Great Britain and Switzerland.  They don't allow citizens to carry guns.  There's just no need for it.  When the great thinkers that established our country wrote the right to own guns into the constitution, they were worried about "big brother" aka Great Britain collection taxes unjustly.  If they knew what was going on today in our country they would surely modify the law! 


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    If America got rid of all our nuclear weapons, do you think everyone else will? If our whole population were disarmed, do you think that everyone else would lay down their guns? Is our government incorruptible? What is the difference between a fact and a belief? Is a belief an opinion? Is an opinion, or a belief,not like a theory in scientific method? Is a fact something that has been proven and a belief something that has not? Where is any proof, or evidence, that the founding fathers would have changed the second amendment into gun control? Who is an armed government answerable to, an unarmed population? If I say that you're naive, is it a true statement, based on the evidence?
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  • 1.Here is my input, if we got rid of our guns, it would make it much easier for another country to invade.


    2. Crime would increase (look at Chicago).


    3. Criminals would still get their hands on guns through Mexico.


    4. Death rate would increase


    5. America would not be America anymore


    6. My opinion: I love guns, I collect and shoot them, I spent time in the military too. And there is no way will I give up my right to bear arms.


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  • haha, this whole argument could easily be summed up by one picture: image

    Ain't this the truth? :)

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  • We don't have enough guns or ammo. We can shoot every China man dead with our last bullet and they will still keep coming. Sorry if that is harsh but it is the truth.
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  • Get rid of all American weapons and everyone else will? Is there 5 year old a on here? We would get invaded by another super power. USA rules the world no other country. We take what we want or they die media is all controlled liars. Why did it take so long for the USA to invade the Nazis? Our spies found out there plans to come up though South America. Hitler wanted to rule the world! Oh no! That's our job the USA. Not had a president with a pair since Harry Truman and it took the stubborn ass Japanese 2 atomic weapons to finally get a clue. The world is ugly and I have seen it first hand. Always has always will and there is nothing that can be done to change human kind. We are killers. I hate to say it but facts are facts.

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  • I agree with you Ghost. More good guys with guns we can take out more bad guys. Hey it could be fun my baby sister 19 years old I am 39 was murdered by a mad man. I had to go to the crime scene and scrape her blood brains and bone frags off her personal items so our mother didn't flip the hell out more than she already has. I already suffer from PTS and a severe anxiety order. But I am very strong minded. So let a bad guy make my day. Will take pleasure in saving a life even if it means taking one. Lol
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  • Sorry you have no idea of why the second amendment is or the fact that Switzerland has one of the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. Why on earth would they think that a different country would collect taxes from us? After all we had just defeated them in our revolutionary war. I suggest you educate your self before demonstrating your lack of understanding on the subject again.
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    Where I live we aren't allowed to carry guns without going through a big bureaucracy first, which is what discourages a lot of people to buy guns in the first place if they know they're going to spend countless time to actually get to use their gun to defend themselves. I'm personally in this particular camp. 
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    As an Australian I'm probably already disliked by the pro-gun supporters, but as a firearms owner for the past 35 years I also have a relevant perspective Americans should at least listen to. When the great gun buy-back began here in 1996 I was dead against it & protested loudly. Admittedly, I had no semi-automatic weapons anyway, but I resented the government's heavy handed actions. That was almost 20 years ago & I have had a long time not only to think about it, but to observe the way Aust. society has changed. Please note that in most other subjects I'm pro-American - indeed, if I didn't care about America I wouldn't be writing this comment - but I care enough about Americans to face their wrath when I tell them they are making a sincere mistake. But isn't that what friends do - look out for each other? I've heard all the pro & con arguments for gun control & have no intention of addressing them all except to say that I have seen from first hand experience what a positive difference gun control has made in Aust. Please don't believe the fabricated statistics the NRA has concocted about non-firearm violence being out of control in Australia, I can assure you this in NOT the case & I refer interested persons to the Australian Bureau of Statistics to check this for themselves. I don't believe Americans & Australians are so vastly different that we can't learn from each other - after all you adopted an Aust. style Medicare. Lastly, never forget that your 2nd Amendment is just that - an amendment & you have changed your Constitution before & you can change it again.
  • The solution to gun control lies in the center, between complete elimination of firearms, and the deregulation of firearms. What the U.S. needs is careful regulation. Making the sale of firearms illegal opens the path for criminal organizations to control gun distribution, and deregulating firearm sale would give anyone access to firearms, even those incapable of handling a firearm. I feel the problem with the U.S. is the culture, rather than widespread gun ownership. I believe that even if firearms were banned, the homicide rate would barely quiver, but this is all speculation, and until the U.S. makes any real changes, these are all unknowns.
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    With proper registration of weapons along with the types of background checks keeping almost a quarter of our citizens unemployed, we could truly reign in the violence. Psychological checks as well and even checking our most ptsd affected population could also cut back on gun violence.
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    I live out in the country. I'm 30 minutes from the nearest town. That town is 10 minutes from the nearest police station and hospital. We don't get police out here. We don't have time to get to a hospital if something happens. Without my guns my family is at risk of getting attacked by wild animals.My chickens, dogs, and cat would be at risk from coyotes, foxes, raccoons, and anything else that decided to wander up. If I can't keep the deer out of my garden I have no vegetables to put up, or eat. I also have no deer meat in my freezer.

    If someone comes up to my house and is a threat, I don't have 45 minutes to wait for the police to show up. I'll give them my wallet and the keys to my truck before I would resort to violence. But the moment they look like they are about to hurt me or my family? We have a saying around here, "If my dogs don't get you, the .45 will". Guns aren't optional out here. And in the city, if you disarm the people, you're only disarming the peopple who obey the laws anyway. Otherwise they wouldn't be handing their guns over. Then what do you have? You have a bunch of criminals with no guns, and no law abiding citizen to protect you. The people who legally carry the guns aren't the ones you need to worry about. Obviously. Because they're law adiding.
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    The founding fathers of the country and the constitution had never dreamed of how guns have advanced.  Back in the day it was a single loading rifle that took several minutes to load.  I'm sure that's what they had in the back of their minds that every citizen could have in their house for protection and hunting.  Never in their wildest dreams were they thinking of the assault rifles we have now.

    I think it's too late to get rid of guns now.  If we tell everyone to lay them down, you really think everyone will them down.  What's not to stop people to get them by illegal means from Mexico?

    It's too late to change that.  We just have to press on and control what's out there.
  • There's some talk about Founding Fathers here I'd like to comment on, as well as some comments about the Constitution.  I did the research.  In ALL of the documents I read showing comments by the Founders on this subject made it very clear that they thought it perfectly natural that law abiding citizens have the right to bear arms because they had the right to effective self-defense.  As for the Second Amendment, "militia" just meant ordinary people with the right to organize and maintain,

    Remember, if the People are the shop keepers and not to be subjects, then the bosses get to be armed. 
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    I have pondered this so many times! I'm really curious, (not being sarcastic, either), do you believe the bad guys who commit the terrible violence with guns are going to hand them over? I really don't see any suggestion of a solution to the bad guys having guns. The only half of a solution anyone can come up with is: take the guns away from the good people who don't murder anyone else.
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    Bad guys with guns in hand will always be there. I can't think of a way to make everyone a law abiding citizen. That concerns me as does those who own guns and the ease with which they are available. Perhaps we should think about that last point. 
  • I am patriotic, served in the Air Force, CCW permit, Beretta Nano carrying American Citizen. My father retired from the California Highway Patrol and when I was growing up I was always around firearms and weapons. I went shooting with my father every few weeks. Even I shudder to think about all the guns that are in America. I am not even sure how this issue should be handled - I am not sure anyone knows really. The only thing that I do believe is that if guns are regulated / laws are made, people that don't obey they law will be able to get and use illegal firearms anyway.
  • @Unny How easily people can get their hands on a gun goes back to the same issue as before... bad guys can go out and buy a gun with no registration  and no background check. Thats even more reason for citizens to have the right to protect them and their's
  • It shows how our government has failed to protect us. If we are secure, then why need guns. This has made it easier for children to access guns that are owned by their parents. The law must change if we expect to have a better future. Lately everybody is living in fear since there have been so many killings. The government must stop issuing licences for gun ownership.
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    It won't all happen at once, there must be small changes that can be agreed upon universally first. The nature of violent crimes require access to weapons that we can use to protect ourselves, but maybe only to wound and not to kill. I think that is the sticking point for many here in this forum, we need to be able to survive each other at both ends of the spectrum before we can purposefully phase deadly artillery out completely.
  • I don't think that getting rid of guns is the solution to violence.  While I just appreciate the beauty of guns, I personally don't own one for protection.  I don't see the practicality of it.  That being said, anyone can use anything as a weapon if properly motivated.  They don't allow guns in our prisons; doesn't stop people from getting killed in there.  Same logic applies.
  • I live in the middle of nowhere. Last night I heard my 3 dogs going absolutely nuts, growling, barking and snarling. I got my husband up and he went to check it out. It was really dark and they were on the back of the property where the grass will come up to a grown man's waist. He fired the .45 over the shed to scare off whatever was out there. When all 3 of my girls came back inside, one had a bloody mouth, one had a bloody foot and eye, and the third was covered in someone else's saliva. These 3 dogs are pit bulls. The big ones... the smallest weighing in at 60 lbs, and the largest at about twice that. What kind of an animal could take on these 3 dogs, and live to run away from a gun shot??? What if we didn't have the gun to break up the fight? What if it made it to our door? Guns are very necessary, no matter where someone lives. They are our last line of self defense, and without them a lot more people would have been killed.
  • They were put into our constitution for a good reason. Don't let yourself get brainwashed. We have a right to protect ourselves. Wake up from the ignorance of these false flags being conducted by the government.
  • They are not going to get rid of all of the guns. It is our constitutional right to bare arms. It is absolutely not the guns, it is the people with the guns that we need to be focused on.
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    It is a pipe dream if you think banning guns will stop the violent gun crimes.The anti's can't seem to understand not everybody with a gun has a criminal intent in mind.They think having a gun makes you one of the bad guys.It is our right to protect them self's and if they don't want to then that is there choice.I am not trying to tell them to go buy a gun and protect them self's.It is my choice to protect me and mine.If you want to remove the bad and illegal guns have at it go take them from the bad guys,the police surely won't they are scared of the gangs and such.Even in the town I live near too if they get a call about gang trouble they go to the other side of town,now who is there to protect you but yourself.
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    Changing laws and regulations of legal gun owners will have no affect on illegal guns and criminals and their intent.Having a stricter background check would help on maybe lowering the change of the wrong type of person from getting a gun,like the ones with a history of mental illness,felony records of any type of violent crimes,and also anyone that has been arrested for any gang related activities.I am all for that.I also believe when someone has any of these troubles after having a legal gun should lose that  privledge,it is that way in IL. already I'm not sure how many other states are that way but should be.In IL. they do carry it a bit to far,but it is based on the right idea.There should be a happy medium.
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    America had more guns per capita between 1776 and 1968 than it does why is it that during that time frame we had less violent crime, people rarely felt the need to lock their doors, felt safe walking at night and could buy/sell firearms as easily as buying candy?   Obviously it's not the number of firearms that have caused the change...and considering that since 1968 we have passed more and more gun laws and regulations, gun laws obviously don't prevent gun violence.  

    identify and treat root causes, not inanimate objects and symptoms. 
  • I have to wonder why you would think America has way too many guns and suggest that we just get rid of them. Seems like a very simplistic thought. I guess a new law should be implemented that says American citizens can no longer own guns so you should take them to the nearest disposal center for scrap value and all of the criminals immediately line up with the guns they have stolen and perpetuated crimes with. That just tickles me. I for one am not giving up my guns until I see that.  

  • I am sorry but I completely disagree. We need our guns to protect ourselves. If we get rid of our guns are the criminals going to get rid of theirs? Drugs are illegal but people still do it right. I think that it is important to have guns to protect our families. What happens when someone invades your home with a weapon, your going to wish you had a gun to protect yourself. This is just my opinion though. I feel strongely on allowing guns so that I know my family is safe.
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