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Why Own an Automatic?

I have seen some articles about gun laws that are saying people shouldn't be able to carry AK and such.  Why would people be carrying these?  I understand wanting to have a handgun or something in your purse (whether or not you use it) so you can feel more secure.  I can understand having guns for hunting.  I just don't understand why people are fighting so hard to have military grade weapons. 


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    It is mainly for shooting ranges or just target practice and should be the only reasons it should be allowed for.They enjoy being able to waist ammo,that's fine if you can afford it I guess.I don't own one and never will,I can't afford it.The criminals want them for the same reason they want any gun to feel the power and control over some one and yes to kill.You have to remember this is not the reasons normal gun owners want any kind of gun for,even though many have the idea that is the only purpose of a gun is to kill someone with.Theres that labeling problem again.
  • Both of my weapons are automatic, I own both a rifle and a pistol. The pistol is obviously for self defense, which all self defense weapons are automatic. No one using a weapon for self defense wants to kill anyone until they absolutely have to. The rifle because I mainly use it to shot predators or rodents that are on my property. Like, if a coyote gets a hold of of my animals or something, it usually takes more than a few shots quickly for me to get it... Especially at night.

    Fully automatic weapons are legal but very expensive to own, there are a lot of extra taxes a person must pay and they're very closely monitored. If a fully automatic weapon was used for a crime, it was an illegally owned gun. Semi-automatic guns are very routine for self defense
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    I have to agree with you, it's disturbing to me that these type of guns are even available to the public.  For me these types of guns should only be used by military or specialized officers such as SWAT teams.  For me if there were a gun ban this should be what should be ban from public use.  I have no issue with someone owning a hand gun if they are taking proper care of it, especially with kids in the house, such as keeping it locked up or hidden. I have no issue with hunting rifles again the individual takes the proper precautions when having it.  But these have issue with there is no reason for someone to have an automatic machine gun for public use, other then launching some horrible senseless attack like the ones we hear about now way too often.  Also keep in mind when I talk of an automatic I am referring to those that have the large catalogs that put almost twenty round of ammunition into the gun that can go off in less then a minute, in other words the machine gun types that again I don't feel should be accessible to the public.  
  • I wasn't trying to label.  I was just asking "why?".  My questions are never intended to be loaded or judgmental. I am honestly trying to see other points of view.  These are things that I don't understand but would like to.

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    FYI, fully automatic firearms have been strictly regulated since the National Firearms Act of 1934.

    That said...if I am a law-abiding, responsible citizen, what threat am I if I own any type of firearm?

    I subscribe to the notion that in a free society we are all considered to be responsible and law-abiding until our actions prove otherwise.  Others seem to think that we are all potential criminals and terrorists until we prove otherwise and are certified as such by some government authority.  This, I contend, is not the mark of a free society, but rather that of a totalitarian society.

    Yes, a free society is not always the safest or the most orderly, but it's still better than the safe orderly life of a slave or serf.  Indeed, sheep and cattle have a nice, safe, orderly existence...protected by armed men...yet they still sometimes fall victim to coyotes and wolves.   Freedom is not pretty, but it is better than the alternative. 
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    Again Tommigun not referring to you just alot of people in general they like to label things.I guess I need to watch the way I write things here.I guess I am coming across the wrong way on things,sorry.I also apoligize to anyone else that has taken me the wrong way.The type of gun,I don't think should be the real issue as much as is it being used for the right reasons.As they say different strokes for different folks.This just simply means it may not be for some any others have a good reason for it.
  • I wasn't accusing you.  I was just trying letting others who may read it know that it wasn't a label.  Your comment just made me think of the fact that I hadn't let people know in the original post that I don't label, I just ask questions.  As for Chimo, I wasn't saying you were a threat, merely wondering why people want to own autos, being that I am not a gun enthusiast.
  • I'm not sure but I think people should still be able to own them if they want to. What if a massive shootout breaks out and you only have enough rounds for a couple shots? Or you could take out the person or people with your multiple rounds and save the day.
  • I understand the right for a handgun or even rifle for hunting, but I cannot see the need for military grade weaponry.This has made the country a much more dangerous place since people have decided that this is something that they want to have in their possessions now. I just can't justify it.
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    I think they are like any other gun,they are only dangerous when in the wrong hands.That brings us right back to people and not guns.That's like saying one brand is more dangerous then another brand.Just because I don't use them doesn't mean someone else shouldn't.
  • There are people that should NOT be allowed to walk the streets in any fashion armed or unarmed, when I was very young, 9 years old, I was abused by teenaged boys, 18 and older, they did not have guns, they only had to slap or punch me, and then do whatever they wanted to me, they had no guns, no weapons of any kind, and neither did I, I was weak and scared and could not defend myself, and often did not try to fight or defend myself.

    To make it worse, I was always told not to fight, and I took this to mean I should just let these boys abuse me, it took many years to find out I did not deserve this abuse, that nobody should be abused that way.
  • If you do not understand people or guns, then gun bans look great, if you do understand guns and people, then you realize that there are many guns already out there, legally owned machine guns, they meet every year and shoot tons of ammo and have barbeques and lots of fun, other people live scared of the shadows and guns and living.

    I am not going to live scared of life, I tried that as a little boy and I am not going back to being that scared defenseless little boy letting others have their way with me whenever they felt like it, almost owning me.
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    @DoctorWho I am so sorry for your story, no one should ever be subjected to what you were. Very painful. I am so very sorry. 

    Some people are f-----d. It is sad. And it is not right. People like this should be legally punished, so it is clear this is unacceptable. You were a victim. When you live in places where laws aren't enforced and people aren't punished, the lines between right and wrong get muddled, and there is uncertainty on the correct way to act, push for power and fight, or stay back and be "good". It's confusing and unfair. 

    Nobody deserves what happened to you. You have a right to be angry.
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    Its all about the heightened sense of insecurity occasioned by rampant gun ownership. When everyone else seems to own a gun, there is an increased sense of vulnerability and people have no option but to look for more lethal weapons. This is a dangerous dynamic and its in the back of the mind of most gun owners with automatic weapons in spite of claims to the contrary.
  • Owning guns is one thing. Owning a gun that can kill so many people is uncalled for. Somone mentioned owning an automatic to shoot rodents. They are other less dangerous guns used to neutralize animals in game packs for that. There is actually no excuse to own an automatic.They shouldn't be sold to anyone. In my opinion this is where your right to defend yourself ends.
  • The founding fathers of this country included the right to bear arms into our constitution because they had just fought a long war of independence from an oppressive government. An armed populace is the best defense against tyranny. The theory was to keep the population armed with equal weapons to protect them from any aggressors, foreign OR domestic.

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    For me i think authomatic gun is good only for military or police i thinks is good but if in normal people that need an authorized gun may be its good give only not authomatic gun.
    Gun is used to bullying other people to scared sometimes it is used for the good but guns many kills life thats why carrying automatic guns and walk outside is terrible because many people scared because guns used in a bad way we have good and bad of using of gun.
  • Automatic gun is good for self defense and also when you love participating a gun shooting competition. Also I do believe that automatic guns are not more likely to get jammed. So in case that there is a threat you can shoot smoothly without a problem. Automatic guns are always the best for me. 
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    AKs are great for hog hunting. They shoot a bullet that is powerful enough to humanely kill the animal, while still carying spares for the rest of the pack. Not to mention that the gun and ammo is cheap, which means that it is easy to practice on
  • ionion
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    Yeah you're right, I think it's not necessary for a normal citizen to have a high power gun. Because their only reason to have gun is for protection.  I think a simple gun, or rifle is enough for them.  
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    @ion a bolt action hunting rifle is going to be more powerful than an automatic gun. the most common caliber for submachine guns (9x19 parabellum) is about 1/11th as powerful as a common elk round (300 win mag)

    And then if the only reason for people to have guns is for protection (which is far from true), there is nothing better for protection than a sub machine gun. It has a good sight radius, great stopping power, it is very maneuverable, and has very fast followup shots. It is about the best personal defense weapon out there

    Also, mechanically an open bolt sub machine gun is very simple.
  • I think automatic guns are probably effective and a must have gun to all people who are protecting themselves but people want to own some high military grade weapons are kinda disturbing to me. Like why would they even wanted to own one?, to protect themselves or for them to look more even cooler, a handgun or pistol itself is already good but why?.
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    @gelotolologist Military grade means it was made crapily by the lowest bidder, which still charges a 300-1000% markup over what the price should be. High military grade weapons is an oxymoron. 

    And I really cant think of a major pistol on the market that hasn't been adopted by at least 1 military, from glocks to 1911s to browning high powers
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    I think there is so much crime in this country (US)  because people are afraid or don't want to report crimes to police.  If you are trying to be a responsible citizen and report a criminal there is a good chance the criminal  will take revenge.  Most criminals are cowards so they will try to bring as many friends with them as they can.  If there are four or five of them your best chance of survival would be with an automatic weapon that you have trained to use.  Or you could not report the crime in the first place.
  • There are relatively very few automatic firearms in private hands throughout the US, and they're essentially never involved in criminal activity.  A functional automatic manufactured prior to May,1986 will require probably at least $20,000 minimum to acquire, and the federal Title II tax stamp necessary for purchase of an NFA (National Firearms Act) weapon is rather expensive --- $200.  Plus, the in-depth background investigation of a potential buyer is extensive, frequently requiring months to complete for approval by the US Attorney General.  For these reasons, I don't know why the question "Why Own an Automatic?" is even included in this forum.
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    Automatics(hold the trigger for repeated fire) are hard to obtain by regular citizens and are for military. Semi- automatics(pull trigger for each bullet fire) are hand pistols, rifles, and the big scary AR's or the like(AR is not military grade). So you can technically do just as much damage with an extended clip pistol as a AR up close. So be careful with what you're asking. "BAN SEMI-Automatics!" well that's all guns readily available. I own alot of guns and each has a everyday purpose- il explain. I grew up in the city where both sides of my family had/have different types of guns. We had shotguns behind the front door and pistols under mattresses when I was a kid. I knew they were there but I knew how powerful guns were and was taught to handle them. I had a healthy fear and still do. Now my husband's sides are the same way except now I'm in the country and we have hog/other predator problems. So we have different guns to take down a hog or deer(or multi if you happen upon a heard) plus AR's also have the range to hunt at a safe distance. I can shoot a hog 10 times with a AR and it not go down unless I get it in the head. We can get money for each dead hog we shoot from our city and I know some people make a living doing this. I know alot of people who rely on hunting and gardens to feed their family's. I carry a pistol for safety and my husband keeps one in his truck. City folk may not have a need for these guns unless they fear a tyrannical government (which is one of the reasons the second amendment was created) we as citizens are the second line of defense if our military or government falls or takes over. Do you want to be in a corner with you're kids scared? Or do you at least want a chance to protect them? Whether it's a robber or invasion? Nothing's impossible! Cops have guns but they are just people too who make mistakes everyday and also take at least 15 minutes to get to you if you do call 911. A guy saved a church in Texas by shooting a armed man (with his AR but idk why he had it in church,Mabey he was going hunting after and didn't want it stolen from car so nobody could cause a murder with it) but the cops shot him instead cus while he had the actual attempted murderer at gunpoint. I personally know a school that some teachers do conceal carry(illegally) but I know these teachers and they will stop a shooter and sacrifice their life for these kids. My son will go to that school and I am happy and comfortable knowing that there is defense for my son in the school.
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