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Parents of young children and Guns

edited November 2015 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 39
I am sad to see another child has been injured by their parent's gun. If you haven't seen it, another child found his parents gun in their car and shot himself with it. I have mixed emotions about the penalty for this. I think the parents should be penalized because it may send a message to other careless parents but I ache for them. To have a child injured by your own carelessness must be devastating. It reminds me of parents who accidently leave their children in a hot car. They didn't intend harm in most cases and they have already paid the price of injuring or losing their child but if they are not punished what kind of message are we sending? Do you think the parents should be arrested and charged with neglect or carelessness or something even harsher?


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    It is a hard thing to make a decision on,but I am one that believes if someone is negligent and someone gets hurt they should be held accountable.If you own a gun there is responsibility that goes with it and one of them is to make sure that no one gets hurt without purpose,whether it be a child or anyone else.If a loaded gun is left in a car that is left unattended then it should be locked so this sort of thing doesn't happen.I don't know what age this child was and it does matter, on what kind of neglect it would be,or number of neglects  there were made.
  • Thank you rbower80. I believe in accountability too. It's just sad that some gun owning parent's don't have a better understanding of the consequences of leaving a loaded gun where their children can handle it. Children only know what we teach them and even then they are curious. I remember one time asking my Mom if the burner on the stove was hot when it was red and she said "yes when the burner is on, it is red, and hot, don't touch it" but I was still curious and I touched the hot burner with the palm of my hand. Kids are will be kids. I wouldn't consider my Mom negligent because she warned me and I was too quick to stop but danger was there even if I was too silly to know.
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    I think there is a big difference between accidents and neglect, accidents will always happen no matter what that is just part of life.I think neglect is something that shouldn't happen if people were just responsible.Maybe if they would enforce that more people would think about what they are doing more,it won't stop it though there is no cure for stupidity.
  • I understand where you are coming from.  As a parent, I know that there are situations that arise where a child can be put in danger because of something I may not have thought through.  However, leaving a loaded gun in a car where a child could get to it is dangerous.  I understand that they may have thought it was safer than leaving it in the house where the child was more likely to find it, but still.  There does need to be consequences.  I haven't seen the story, so I don't know how  badly injured the child was. 
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    I am not saying they shouldn't be held accountable because they should, neglect needs to be addressed.I am saying a accident is not the same as neglect,and to me this was neglect.
  • I know.  That was meant for CherylTorrie.  As a mother, I can't even allow myself to imagine the pain of losing or causing a severe injury to my child.  It takes a lot to make me cry, but anything happening to a child is one of the triggers.  I agree that it was negligent.  Gun owners need to be careful.  I know most are, but ALL need to be, especially those with children.
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    It would be one of the toughest things to handle because young kids are so precious and innocent.That's why I hate hearing about a parent doing this sort of thing.I think safety and common sense is so important
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    I think parents of young kids do bear a certain amount of responsibility as gun owners.  First of all when the kid is very young make sure that gun is properly locked up where that kid can't get a hold of it.  When the child gets older explain to them what a gun is, and tell them this isn't by any means a toy.  In other words they are not allowed to touch it.  Gun owners who have kids have an extra responsibility of ensuring those kids stay safe with a gun in the house.  
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    The biggest share of us gun owners realize this and practice that safety very well, but for some reason a few idiots that don't,  makes such a reflection on the rest of us. This is were a big problem lies to judge us all for a few, and this seems to viewed by so many and all of a sudden all gun owners are at fault.
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    If people would educate their kids about firearms, rather than hiding them away and pretending they don't exist, we'd have much fewer kids having accidents with firearms.  My dad was a cop and started teaching me when I was like 4 years old...I knew his service revolver was in his top dresser drawer and I knew where the key to his gun cabinet was...but I never dared touch them without his supervision because I knew that if I wanted to go shooting, all I had to do was ask.  There was no mystery, there was no notion that I could "rebel" by getting into his guns, because I was educated.  In junior high and high school we had shooting teams too...part of which required a gun safety course and hunter's safety courses.  I started teaching my kids when they were kindergarten age and have done the same with my grandkids.  

    Ignorance leads to accidents and bad stuff happening...don't raise ignorant kids. 
  • I am a mother and believe that the fact of something belonging to a parent harming their own kid is a heart ache. If a parent think it is necessary to have a gun they should consider keeping it locked away from their kids. I have seen many incidents were the kid would take the gun and flash it around to friends like it was a piece of art. A parent is meant to protect their kids and should do everything possible to not be the one to hurt them.
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    I agree parents are suppose to protect their kids and 98% of gun owners do that, but we get the bad wrap of the other 2% of careless idiots that don't. I think this wrong for people to continue to do that. If we were all careless like that there would be a lot more incidents. I believe we need to continue to educate people of that and about guns in general. I also think we need to continue to educate the kids too instead of teaching them that they are only for evil, because this is not true at all. They have saved a lot of lives also when used properly, through time I would say guns have done more good then bad for our country, but you don't ever hear about that just the bad that bad people do with them.
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    @Dasjdas2  if you raise your kids properly, they won't be flashing it around to friends.  As I said, i have a firearm within plain sight and easy access in my home...neither my kids nor my grandkids have ever touched it without my supervision, let alone flashed it around.  The kids that flash them around are usually the kids of parents who hide their guns away AND never bother to give their kids a proper education in firearms safety.  They are your children, your primary job is to teach them how to survive in the world, not to hide the world from them.  
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    I agree with this, you can't keep your children protected and safe by not educating them of the world around them. If them type kids come across a gun sometime and they know nothing about it then they become a danger to themselves and others around them.Even if you don't have a gun in your home doesn't mean one of their friends won't have one at their home.I think ignorance has cost a lot of lives, that could have been prevented.I have meant a lot of people that won't even talk about a gun they think it is taboo or something.
  • We are in charge of educating and protecting our children. Not being aware of their curiosity or their questions is as dangerous as letting them think your gun is a your toy. A loaded gun in plain site is an extreme example of "it will never happen to me". Just because they know they shouldn't touch it doesn't mean they won't.
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    The firearm I keep in plain sight is inoperable...but I am the only one who knows it is inoperable.  It's a learning tool, not an invitation to an accident.
  • I would like to say something as parent.  It's not always an act of rebellion that makes a kid grab a firearm; it can also be admiration.  "I want to be like Mommy or Daddy."  I completely agree that education is important, but so is keeping the gun out of reach.  I grew up with guns in a locked cabinet.  I saw them and I was told what they are what they can do.  Granted, I had a little advance education when I was shot at, but still.  You don't have to keep them ignorant to keep them safe.
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    I agree kids are curious that is just more of a reason to educate them about the gun.I don't think they are as curious about something the know something about and never make a gun a easy access for them in the first place but don't make them scared of them either it is a fine line and depends on each child and circumstance.
  • I don't know if it's required in all states, but I know in my state, it is required to take and pass a gun safety course before you can even register to own a gun. Now, I understand that that isn't going to stop everyone from just ignoring it once they get it, but I think it will help at least a little bit.
  • This is where smart guns would come in handy. A gun that can only be activated by fingerprints would bring this type of crime down to zero if it were a law. It doesn't infrige on anyone's gun rights either, so why haven't gun companies or law makers actually prioritized the use and creating of these types of firearms instead?
  • Using fingerprints would be a hassle for things like gun ranges, though, and quite frankly, would take too long to scan if you were in a dire situation that required you to pull out your gun really quickly. Not to mention, there's always a way around everything, and I'm sure it wouldn't demolish all the crime this way. 
  • II am a parent of two little ones age 2 and 4. I own a hand gun because my husband works 12 hour night shift. I don't feel safe being home alone with my kids without having protection for them and myself. My gin is kept in a custom built shelf in the top of my closet and the safety is always on. My kids have always been told that guns kill and are for safety. I have never let my kids own a water gun or any other toy pistols. Reason being is that most kids point at other kids with them, or if they cant release the trigger they gave it towards them to get a better grip.
  • That's a good point. Or they look at it down the barrel because they think it's broken or something, and that's when accidents happen. That's why keeping control and  keeping them informed can do wonders.
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    "coolyfrostcoolyfrost posted ;

    " This is where smart guns would come in handy.
    A gun that can only be activated by fingerprints would bring this type of crime down to zero if it were a law.
    It doesn't infrige on anyone's gun rights either, so why haven't gun companies or law makers actually prioritized the use and creating of these types of firearms instead? "

    That is not true, gun makers have tried many security schemes to prevent anyone not the owner of the gun from firing it, the first was a magnetic lock controlled by a ring worn on the owners finger.
    Truth is those devices place too much burden on the gun owner and they are unreliable, ever have an OS fail and tie up your phone / laptop computer / tablet ??
    Your gun is busy please try again later ?
    This smart gun technology is being pushed by people that do not understand guns and are proposing a solution to a non existant problem, the true solution is to not leave guns unattended, hence I cringe at the term " Truck Gun" or "home defense guns" because many people are lazy and leave a gun on a shelf or under a bed where anyone can get to them.

    A better way is to educate children about guns as with the Eddy Eagle program, and lock up guns when not in a holster.
  • I am a mother of a 3 year old little boy. I also have 2 guns in my home. While it is heartbreaking to hear of a child getting shot with a parents gun in my opinion we need to stop and ask how much did the parents know about guns and were the guns locked away. It is so stupid that some parents are not responsible enough to keep the guns locked away out of children's reach. Also in my opinion the guns should be locked away seperately from the bullets.
  • If you lock the guns in a safe of some kind, a floor safe for instance, that should suffice for both guns and ammo.
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    The only thing I can say about this is that if a parent knows that they are not safety conscious should store their guns in a dismantled state. In fact, this should be the default protocol for gun owners. By this, I mean that the magazines containing the bullets should be kept separately to avert accidents. At the end of the day, caution has never lost to a carefree attitude.
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    Keeping the gun with the bullets loaded is a recipe for disaster even when there are no children around. Add to this the fact that children are in their experimental stage and expecting them to restrict their fingers to toy guns is not realistic in this era where violence is glorified in movies and in the myriads of television programs playing in different channels. More disturbing is the fact that when children are warned against something, over time, they develop the curiosity to try the forbidden with drastic consequences when you toss guns into the equation.
  • Losing your child is already a lifetime punishment to a parent even you spent a lifetime in prison is not enough to ease the pain and regrets.I don't think of any punishment heavier than this.But since any crime committed by anyone have a corresponding penalty in the law, so he/she must pay for it.
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    It wasn't the fathers intention to hurt his child. But it is his duty to secure those things that's not appropriate for display. Kids are kids, curious, they will touch everything that's new to their sight. I hope it will give lesson to those who are possessing a gun that they should keep it safe, not in a place where children are playing, nor can be reach ny the kids.
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