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Should gun safety be taught in Schools?

edited February 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 234
I think it would be a good thing because many kids are not taught at all or improperly at home or by others.I think they should be taught a unbiased gun safety class and should include K-12 at different levels to match the ages.I also think all parents should be on board with the program so the kids can ask questions at home they may have but also be unbiased about it or it will fail.I mean no glamouring or hate of guns,just education about them and what to do if they come across one somewhere.


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    YES!  It used to be.  I was even on a shooting club when I was in school.

    Hiding guns from kids and keeping them ignorant of the basics of firearms safety only ensures that accidents will happen.  I have to wonder about the motives of people who want to ensure kids are kept ignorant and vulnerable. 
  • I agree with that.  Even if the kids won't be handling the guns themselves (depending on their ages and the parents' permission), they should still be taught about guns.  They need to realize that they are a huge responsibility and they aren't toys.  Look at how many grade school children get ahold of their parents' or other family members' guns.  They should know upfront how to treat them.
  • I think it should be taught in school. If people want the argument that it is a right of the American public to be able to have guns, we should ensure that they know how to safely use and handle them. It is important to think about the consequences of our actions. Therefore, if we are going to say that they can buy a gun, then we need to teach them.
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    I find it interesting with the ones against guns and complain of all the innocent kids being killed by them, but yet will fight against any education of guns to the children I have found out with my research.I don't understand why they fight for so many counterproductive things.They want people to be responsible but they don't want it to taught or learned, makes no sense to me.
  • It's because those people are practicing the "Ostrich Theory".  If I still my head in the sand and ignore it, the problem will resolve itself.  That is not going to happen.  Guns have been invented.  They have been part of the world for a very long time.  We still talk and have knowledge of Greek gods and goddesses.  They have not been worshipped for a very long time.  It is better to find a solution to a problem than to try and pretend it doesn't exist.  You are not irresponsible if you tell your children about guns.  It is the exact opposite.  You are taking matters into your own hands, rather than letting them hear about it from a fellow student who may not have all of the knowledge that you can impart to your little one. 
  • I think that's a good idea when kids get to an older age at least. Because then if they ever needed to use a gun for protection they would already know how. But it could get flipped around to the other side of the argument as well. 
  • Yeah.  Every fact seems to have two sides to debate.  But even if the child never picks up a gun, it's good to know everything about one, in case you are in a situation that demands that kind of knowledge.
  • I absolutely think that gun safety should be taught at schools to kids of all ages on an age appropriate level. I think that it would be wonderful if the schools had shooting clubs like they used to. I know that kids can participate in ROTC at the high school level but what about the younger kids? As some of the others have mentioned, you don't have to own a gun to know how to safely handle one. My four and 6 year old know age appropriate gun safety and are quick to tell others if they are doing something improperly!
  • ally79, I am so happy to hear that!  So many people just focus on keeping guns away from children as opposed to explaining how to handle them.  Bravo!
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    I agree ally79 if we could get the whole country to understand this it would be a better and safer country.They have the right to know the whole of a subject not just part.I think to many parents think they are protecting their children by keeping the part of life from them that they don't agree with and it is hurting more then helping.
  • While I agree that it should be taught in schools, I think it's the kind of thing that scares people. People don't want their children around certain things for their OWN morals, guns being one of them. Then some accident happens where a child finds a gun and mishandles it, and instead of inspiring them to let them teach the safety, they just become more afraid of it. It's a rough transition.
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    I'm not sure gun control should be taught in school or not; maybe such a class could be an elective. Some parents might prefer to teach their children themselves or want to simply find another venue for doing so. I do, however, agree that in our current climate of gun violence, we should indeed teach everyone how to properly handle a firearm, not just our kids. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to defend themselves against armed others.
  • Or maybe they could do it as just a segment? Like in older days(i'm sure they still do it now, but it's been a while since I've been in school) when you would have to get a permission slip and a special presentation would come into the classroom(not an assembly, assembly is too big and kids won't pay attention). That way, the parents can choose, and they still have the option of it without taking other classes out of the way to make room as an elective. 
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    I think it's actually a good idea to teach a kid what a gun is.  In other words show them the gun and tell them that this isn't a toy, it's a weapon.  I have mentioned more than once here a situation that I know of where a kid actually took a gun to school thinking it was cool and was showing it to his friends.  When the boys father was called he acted like nothing was wrong with the situation although the gun was loaded and the kid was ready to fire at a waste basket in the boy restroom.  Bottom line here for me is if parents won't take the time to teach their kids even though they have the guns, than maybe a school should. Kids don't need to be taught how to use them but they should be taught that these aren't something to fool around with. 
  • I'm agreeing with you here, which is why I think it should be a small presentation/class. It doesn't take long to talk about the basics of guns and handling and teaching them what it is, rather than teaching them how to actually use it. It's still a rough thing to get parents to agree too, however. Most of them are going to be worried that they're being taught how to use it or afraid that they're kids will want to use them. 
  • Yes! I think that is a very smart idea.  Kids are taught that guns are evil weapons and they should never go near one these days.  Those same kids still may get their hands on one as they get older and they may want to experiment and not know what to do with it.  By teaching about gun safety,  child will know what to expect before they ever get into this situation.
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    Gun safety should be taught at purchase, not every child will come in contact with a gun. just like religion is a personal thing, so is the decision to own a gun in a house where there is even the tiniest possibility that a child will get their hands on it. This is not the job of the already overworked teachers. Children go to school to learn academics, gun safety is a life lesson, and thus the parents job not the educators.
  • That's why I said as an elective. It doesn't have to be forced, that would be a little far. But the parents can opt in for their children to be taught how to handle a gun. Just because their parents don't own a gun doesn't mean they won't ever come into contact with one.
  • I think this should be taught in schools. Sometimes, as a parent, my children tend to ignore things I am trying to tell them for safety because I am "mom". If there are police officers teaching this in the schools, there is no Doug my children would be more opt to listen to them.
  • When I was a child, 9 years old, we visited family in another part of the World, very primitive, no electricity in many homes, out-houses, I learned on my own to take 10 cents of my candy money, and buy a penny box of matches, and some candles and keep them in my shirt pocket, I realized how important fire was !! And I realized fire could burn me.

    I also realized that if I was hungry, I could go outside, kill a chicken and clean it and cook it and eat it, a few years later, and I learned to ride a horse, a machete, a shotgun, and even a revolver....

    In an age now where most people have microwave ovens, and other convienences kids do not grow up on farms or even have a need for matches or know what a gun is.
  • that was, ride a horse, use a machete etc.. no edit funtion ?
  • I personally feel as if the young generation(at a certain age, of course) should be aware on how to use a gun. Oblivion can be dangerous in some ways. It'd be good that the younger generation learned about guns, their affects, and how they're used the right way.
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    It depends what you mean about "gun safety".  I saw a video online of a police officer teaching kids "gun safety" - what he was doing was teaching kids how to hold the gun, where to put their finger on the trigger, and how to aim it away from themselves. In my opinion, that is not teaching gun safety, but it is teaching kids how to USE a gun. Insanity. 

    When I hear the word "safety", I think they would be teaching kids to stay away from guns, never touch a gun, call an adult if they come across a gun, that guns kill, that more people are killed mishandling guns or in domestic violence situations gone bad than those "intruders" the guns were originally bought for... etc. etc. That is teaching gun safety. 
  • What about drugs ? illegal drugs kill lots of children, most children get either prescription drugs at home in the family medicine chest, or from another child at school, or cocaine & heroin from Sally the precocious child next door, it is not popular to mention those innocents deaths because they are NOT gun related deaths !

    Do you know how many times I pronounced the time of that death of a child dead from drugs and hanging as medical ? many times too many to count !!!!
    Death from guns ? ZERO !
    But that is OK, no guns involved in a death is OK, illegal drugs are banned anyway, so is leaving them unlocked so anyone can get them, so is birth control, kids still dies from AIDS at a young age, because birth control even condoms don't work if you do not use them or they fall off during sex !
  • Bette; you sadly live in a fools paradise, there is no easy fix as you like to believe, I have lived long enough to know it better, and after over 900 years, I rather feel a bot more qualified than you.....
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    Well I am also 900 years old, and have the experience of living elsewhere, where guns are illegal, and I never had to worry about any of this. I have lived over 25 years of my life outside of this country in Europe and Canada and trust me, there is no gun violence there like there is here. You can argue what you want, and think I am wrong, that's fine. But I know from life experience in societies with strict gun control that I am right. 

  • Those places with low crime would still be low even if there was no gun control, Japan has a major crime syndicate, the Yakuza, yet the average Japanese person loves to be lae abiding and honorable, I understand human nature, "What is bred in the bone, does not soon depart from the flesh..."

    No, there is no correlation or cause and effect or even a casual relationship between strict gun control and low crime rates.
    Homogenous societies tend to be uniform in most aspects of life, almost constants.

    The U.S. is too diverse and has a great divide that spawned these problems long before gun control became a part of the equation.
  • Gun classes don't have a place in public schools outside of colleges or high schools. Kids in elementary and middle schools don't have a practical use for learning about guns. It's too early in their lives to need to ever use one. I think gun safety could have a place in high schools as long as students weren't learning hands-on, or at least with ammunition. I think guns are a pretty mature matter and should be taught to such audiences. I can appreciate the safety aspect, but many younger kids probably wouldn't absorb that kind of message if they were exposed to firearms firsthand.
  • I think gun safety courses should be given in school as long as it is in high school when students are actually mature enough to know how dangerous it is to be careless with a gun. I don't feel it is safe to allow a child younger than high school age to have access to a gun. We as parents are responsible for keeping our children safe and that needs to include keeping guns out of the reach of younger children.
  • But waiting til high school I personally think is too late. In the 80s, when I was in 3rd grade, one of my classmates brought his dad's loaded hand gun to school in his backpack. Back then, it wasn't a big deal and his dad was called and he went home for the day. No teacher or staff member came in to explain what happened or why it was or wasn't wrong. Kids are shooting each other everyday here. And siblings are accidentally getting a hold of parents guns and shooting each other. I think that they need to be taught as soon as possible about the safety of guns. I think kids are very capable of absorbing the proper uses of gun safety.
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