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The San Bernardino shooting further proves we need to get rid of the guns.

edited April 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
I realize guns don't kill people, people with guns, or other lethal weapons, kill people.  But we've proven as a nation that we don't deserve to have guns in our society.  They're too lethal and they get into the wrong hands.  The San Bernardino mass shooting is just another tragedy in a long list.

Our forefathers included the bill in the constitution because at the time they wanted states to be able to have militias to guard against abuse and unfair taxes from the federal government.  If they knew what has happened in our society as a result I know they would change the constitution!


  • So let's ban all guns and make them illegal. The only ones who will be able to get there hands on weapons are criminals. Cocaine is illegal does not mean people can't get it. Also the only thing that stops a gun is another gun. If someone broke into your home with a gun the police would show up but since they have guns wouldn't it make that bad?
  • I say that if you want a gun ban, it should be a complete gun ban.  If you want to take guns out of the hands of citizens, take them out of the hands of the police, the secret service, etc.  No one on American soil should have guns if there is a gun ban.  I'm sorry, but the comment about the forefathers offends me a bit.  It is disrespectful to assume the men who made the laws would take them away for that.  Would all of this shooting and murder hurt them?  Of course, but the reason for the gun laws were so that they could protect their homes and not be taken over by a corrupt government.  That is what law-abiding gun owners want them for as well.
  • You are sadly deceived. This is what the government wants you to think. It's all a big play and people like ou are falling for it.
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    We hear this every time  something like this happens and they try and say it is a good reason to ban or further control guns and it couldn't be further from the truth.I think it just proves that we need more protection from these type of people and incidents, that includes by the law abiding,law enforcement and our Government.We need to stop leaving our citizens without the protection they deserve.The police and government can't seem to do it own their own, and that is where our forefathers were concerned and knew we should have the right to protect ourselves.The times we live in it is more important then ever for us law abiding citizens need to be armed, not only from our government but criminals too.Look at the way Government is today they can't hardly protect us from other Governments let alone from the criminals and others.This is not to mention the type of President we have now and what all he is up to,we need to protect ourselves more then ever.
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     I agree with anyone and everyone who understands the 2nd. amendment. It was written in order to assure us the right to protect ourselves, not only from lone criminals, but the elected ones as well. I would like to ask Julie_M one question: How would a gun ban have prevented the San Bernardino massacre? These loonies had an "IED factory" set up in their home! It wouldn't have mattered if they had legal or illegal guns, or no guns at all! Their mission was to kill as many of us as they could. A gun ban is like a restraining order, as good as the paper it's written on! Anyway, the bottom line is that no one has a right to tell Americans that we can't protect ourselves, not the U.N., not anyone!
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    Your not going to stop terrorism either with gun bans or more laws and who made them legal citizens in order to buy guns here in the first place it wasn't me.Start at the beginning not the end.
  • San Bernadino actually proves why gun control doesn't work. California has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, the firearms used were legally purchased, and vetted through background checks. None of those things prevented a mass shooting from taking place. Gun bans just make those of us who would defend ourselves more vulnerable. 
  • "You are sadly deceived. This is what the government wants you to think. It's all a big play and people like ou are falling for it."

    Harpazzo, what do you mean I'm being deceived?  What am I "falling for"?  If I'm being accused of being gullible, I would like to know about what.

  •  I think he's trying to say that by saying everyone should get their guns taken away in a full ban, that the government wants to basically do that- but only make you think that they got rid of the guns in the justice system as well. 
  • Julie_M and anyone else that loves a gun ban can always move to a Country that has gun bans and gun control, those Countries still have violent crime, people are brutalized even in Countries like England with cameras everywhere, and diminishing freedom.
  • The only way this would possibly work is to do a full on ban of every gun in the universe. So until we have one world government, who has tons of time and tax dollars to make this happen guns are still going to be out there. Even if that ever happened people would just find a new weapon to kill others.
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    You should not have guns. It really is that simple. I'm from the UK and we are not allowed guns here, the police can have guns and that's just fine, they rarely have to use them because there aren't an entire population of gun carriers to contend with. You should not have the right to own a gun, whether you want it for protection, target practice or hunting, it makes no difference. Human beings are irresponsible and unpredictable. It doesn't matter what you feel about it, you shouldn't be allowed guns.
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    I like the boysmom04's idea--one world government--can we put THAT to the vote? 

    It's true, though, as long as there is cruelty in the world, in the heart of any man, they will always find a way to hurt others. We need something that would get rid of cruelty and greed, and then there would not be a need for guns or weapons of any kind.

    Call me a dreamer, but isn't that REALLY what we all want? Just to have enough for our families and to live in peace?

    How does having a gun accomplish that?
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    I think guns are too widespread in the US now to just outright ban them (though I think that would be ideal). In other countries such as the UK, where guns are illegal and even the police don't carry them, you may hear of the occasional shooting, but it's very rare. However the UK didn't have this free ownership of guns to begin with, so they were never allowed to become widespread.

    Now that they are so common in the US, it really would be irresponsible to ban them. Something has to be done about it, just not that.
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    here is the reality of all this gun control nonsense .. this is the truth .. this is what Americans think and want ..... also pay close attention to the adfly link videos in the description .. The world is not blind ...
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    Tellingly, ask anyone of there gun ownership proponents what would be their reaction if they find themselves being a direct target of gun crime. At that particular moment, they would swear that gun control is not an option but a necessity. The issue here is that we don't case as long as it happens to others not to us or those close to us. It is crass lack of empathy or sympathy.
  • According to the FBI UCR and the CDC, of the 34000 gun related deaths: 65% are suicides and of the remaing 80% of those ate gang-related. So if we could stop suicides and gang violence, the gun deathss would drop 90% or more.
  • In the San Bernardino case it was terrorism.  More concealed carry would have deterred them.  Your use of that incident actually works against the notion of removing guns.  Terrorist religious fanatacisim is a form of mental illness.  Our government has the illness and many Americans do too.

    It is not at all what you think it is. Long ago the truth of the issue was hidden from the people. That is why people and books were burned, but you don't know that.

    There is a factor that is major which needs consideration which has to do with the fundamental workings of the human mind. 

    Mental health care.  It is dismally inadequate.  Which is why mass killings are as common as they are.  And, domestic violence is as it is.

    I have a thread started about it here.

    The reason you do not know about this is because media, courts and local governments as well as the state are colluding to keep the public ignorant.  Yep. a conspiracy, and its big.  Here is what happened when I filed a suit against my county in federal court and gave a copy to a news reporter who had shown courage relating to drug issues.

    What happened is she was fired.  Sixteen other reporters and editors joined her and they were all gagged by the California State Superior Court.  The same court that had been depriving me of justice since 1997.

    What's the conspiracy about?  Its about keeping the ultimate methods of secrecy, secret.  What is unconscious is BETTER than secret.  Effective mental health care MUST address the unconscious mind directly because that is where the disorder really is.

    Here is a page which is fairly recent that supports this position.'s_New/post/is-your-unconscious-mind-running-your-life-part-1/

  • With 33,000 gun deaths a year, most of them shootings at home, there is just one inescapable conclusion: A home with a gun is more dangerous than one without one. The idea that you are going to be able to successfully defend yourself against a stranger is proven to be just an NRA fantasy. It rarely happens. Instead, you are far, far more likely to ultimately be shot with your own weapon. We need to face facts, folks. 

  • Julie_M , the fact that courts, government and media are colluding to deprive us of effective mental health care dispenses with the reasonableness of your suggested action.  Especially when it is not consistent with the constitution.

    Do you know how much suffering Americans go through because we do not have effective mental health care?  Leave the gun issue out.  Just consider that.

    The deprivation of effective mental health care and manipulation of media are done to create justification for violation of the constitution and bans on arms.  Do you still want to ignore the constitution and non feasance by government and academia in control of the development of effective mental health care?
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    The only people that the gun laws effect is the ones that obey the law. There will always be guns out there on the street so why take the ability for everyone else to protect themselves away. People have been shooting other people since the gun was invented. The only difference is that there are more of them now. How about teaching your children that killing is a bad thing and that there are actually consequences for doing it. It is the people and will always be the people.
  • In my country, purchasing a gun is easy but getting a license for using it is not at all easy. The procedure requires fulfillment of multiple formalities and holds very strict scrutiny requirements. This helps to keep a check on guns overuse. I do not say that guns are not used illegally, but incidences of mass shooting do not happen. If the Government of every country makes and stringently follows strict rules for guns possession and use things can be controlled to a great extent.
  • Then come take it, see what happens.
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