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I'm Sorry

I didn't mean to scare everyone off.I will let you have your forum back and stay with the other forums I am on.


  • Who did you scare off?  I don't understand.
  • Same? I don't think you really did anything but debate, that's all we've been doing here, too...
  • I like you, please don't leave....
  • This is a good forum with no bad manners.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    why? what did you do? i'm not aware, This forum is really great. I learn a lot from the opinion of the other members, and they are friendly also.
  • Can you please at least elaborate what you mean for us to understand?
  • Posts: 44
    What or why you sorry you can free to share your ideas in this forum to make move forward your ideas is help alot to anyone lets share and gud luck.
  • What do you mean by saying I'm sorry? Are you shutting down this forum or are you living from this forum?
  • This thread leaves me numb because I seriously don't understand what the writer is referring to. Did you hurt anyone or the forum? I would appreciate it if you explain yourself well for more clarity.

  • Posts: 66
    I wasn't here so don't blame me.;)
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