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The Second Amendment Once Again

edited June 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1
It seems to me that many people just do not understand the Second Amendment,especially President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Either these people do not understand the 2nd Amendment, or they just don't care what it says, or they are just against it.  Let us write it out:

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

First, let's take note of a couple of things: 1. There is no mention of the use of guns for hunting.  2. There is no mention of the use of guns for self- defence.
There is nothing wrong with using guns for hunting, nor for self-defence.  What the 2nd Amendment is saying, is that there is only one group of people who can, and must secure a free state, and that is the people of the United States of America.  The 2nd Amendment does not say that the United States Government shall secure a free state, in fact, the formers of our constitution miss-trusted government, that is why they wrote the constitution.  The people should, if they know what is good for them, form "A well regulated Militia".  And who will regulate this militia?  Since the militia is composed of the people, it is the people then who will do the regulating.  

No free state in this world is completely safe from hostile take over, that is why we need guns.  Muskets will not secure a free state, only modern weapons will secure a free state, that means assault rifles!  But how do we keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them?  This is hard to do unless we identify those who are killing us.  We can do this by asking this question and answering it: 1. Are Muslims killing Americans?  Answer: yes.  Solution: Kick the Muslims of the United States.  Problem solved.

But people like Obama say "that's not who we are".  Well, who are we?  Are we people who let other people kill us?  Is that who we are?  When our leaders become more interested in letting in people who kill us than saving American lives, we are, as you might suspect, in trouble.

The history of Islam is not one of peace.


  • Posts: 9
    here is the reality of all this gun control nonsense .. this is the truth .. this is what Americans think and want ..... also pay close attention to the adfly link videos in the description .. The world is not blind ...
  • Posts: 24
    Well I certainly appreciate the holistic approach to the subject.  In general, seeing something longer than a paragraph is nice, and I know that there is a lot more to it.  You could take a whole class on the topic, and now that I think about, I am sure that there are classes like it in law schools.  It is always interesting to go back and view the term in perspective.  Interesting stuff, and thanks for sharing.
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    I agree with all of you on this subject, some politicians do not understand some of the principles that this very country was founded under. The right to bare arms is not a privilege, it is a right. The government taking guns away from regular, law abiding citizens is not going to solve problems such as robbery and murder. If the government takes guns away from the people there will still be criminals who will break the law to obtain them in order to assist themselves in their crimes, and that will leave regular people like us defenseless. We need guns in order to defend ourselves and that is a right that we have that some countries don't. We need to stand up and protect this right of ours whenever the need arises.
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