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What do you think needs to be done to cut down on gun violence?

edited March 2021 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 10
I am just curious as to what others might say to this question. Everyone has their own opinion, and thats fine. I just want to see what YOU think would work in the long run.
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    Well that is certainly a question that a lot of people are scrambling around trying to come up with some answers for, but it is certainly not easy.  I would have to think that somewhere the whole background check process has to be strengthened, and we just have to get these automatic weapons off the streets (we do not need those for self defense).  Just my opinion.
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    We need to get rid of all guns that are not 10 round pistols, and a 12 gauge shot gun. The people in the cities don't need to collect guns, guns should be for the army only. 

    Things like that should be kept in places where it's more safe. I want a government that sees that. Many other countries know this. They create strict gun laws because they don't want their citizens dying via guns. Lesser guns means lesser gun violence. 
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    The solution lies in what is called the Broken Windows Theory. If you root out the other lesser forms of violence by criminalising them, even criminals will find it abnormal to embrace gun crime. Major crimes are products of minor crimes which seen insignificant but open doors to bigger or more serious crimes. This strategy should be embraced when kids are young so as to leave a psychological imprint in their minds. Controlling the number of bullets is more important than even the control of guns.
  • The solution is real simple.
    Make parents be parents and teach their kids properly.

    When parents don't care
    the kids run around like animals

    Animals can become vicious when they are not properly control.

    The whole thing boils down to correct control

    My son has been raised around loaded Firearms nearly his whole life

    Having been taught respect was a big factor in him understanding that respecting his father's wishes to respect the power and capability of a gun was foremost to his upbringing.

    He is now 18 and starting college to become a lawyer

    I believe that he was raised with a good grasp on how to raise children properly.
  • I conpletely agree that automatic firearms are conpletely unessisary (for evereyday life), however do you realy want to be on the wrong end of a gun being held by a soldier, and have to ask him if you can run home real fast and get your full auto? The reason i ask is because if we give up our 2nd amendment it will only be the first of many. And i personaly wont stand for it (if or when the day comes). "In times of peace prepare for war" - Art of War
  • guyguy
    Posts: 25
    I'd like to see people go threw gun training as a requirement, and also have our students in school be taught the value of life for the future of society. If people knew the value of life, then they might not be so willing to take it. 

    Also I would have background checks, and also mental checks, as well as many other things put in place to prevent random killings.
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    Other synergies should be explored to but down on gun violence. For one, other preemptive methods should be explored to make sure that there is less violence by integrating life skills in the curriculum. Other forms of self defense like kickboxing should be explored. Ultimately, the best strategy is deterrence without weapons.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    times three tax payment for the gun owners.  And I think they should start studying about the gun in school, and the guy there is right.  more moral lesson subject and teach them the value of life. 
  • The only way to stop guns violence is to limit how it's circulated, make the means of ownership to be a very difficult one and subject anyone who wants one to be subjected to full background checks and evaluation in order to discover if such person is violence proned or have any history with one. And should anything worrying be found with regards to that person, a gun shouldn't be given to that person.
  • edited February 2018 Posts: 4
    First step, send a loud and clear message that speaks to NRA supporters! Here's chart of the companies you should ban until they cut their ties with the NRA!
  • ion: are you suggesting that firearms owners in our country, US citizens exersizing a constitutionally-protected
           right, should be taxed at a rate three times the norm, for the 'privelege' of utilizing their right?

    hope1001: you're only one of millions who, thanks to the message of the progressive hard left, gullibly believes                     that the National Rifle Association, is somehow an enemy of law & order in this great nation.

  • I think if we could find a way to get guns out of criminals hands nobody would have a need to carry a gun except for hunting but then we would have to find a way to stop poachers.
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  • I would be nice to have an AR if someone is shooting at me.  It happens.
  • It will only make it harder for us to protect ourselves from criminals with guns.
  • tangascootac: the point of this forum is to offer thoughts on how to decrease gun violence. Do you have anything whatsoever to offer in that regard?
  • robertp: 

    In 2014 there were only 224 justifiable (defense) homicides involving a private citizen using a firearm... same year, there were 7,670 criminal (offense) gun homicides (source)

    In other words, the odds of you successfully protecting yourself with a gun is practically nill. By definition an aggressor always draws on you first and has the upper hand. 

    The best defense strategy is to make guns unaccessible to aggressors, as they have done in Sweden, Japan, Australia, England, etc. Real world examples that have successfully all but removed gun violence from their society. 
  • I wonder how many of those criminal homicides were against people with guns on them. It is odd that that was not included in the study.  I think article is biased.  I can draw and put a 2 bullets on target in less than 3 seconds.  I will take my chances with a gun rather then no chance at all.
  • edited March 2018 Posts: 66
    After much more thought on this topic I have come to the realization that if I could not escape a violent attack with a gun I would attack it. We are taught to fire until the threat is neutralized.  I am not saying there is not a way to stop violence before it happens but every circumstance has a different solution and I can not imagine every circumstance.  I assume the question assumes we are in a violent situation.
  • hope1001:  I understand "the point of this forum," and an extremely significant point to be made is that because firearms are unable to act on their own, the purposefully misleading term 'gun violence' is, in reality, 'criminal violence.'  Therefore, essentially all of the blame being applied to firearms by progressive (freedom-hating hard left} dogma is a massively concerted effort to eliminate one of our most precious freedoms --- the right of self defense --- because Americans with firearms effectively protect themselves and/or others on at least several hundred thousand occasions annually.

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    @hope1001 That is a very misleading statistic. Defensive gun use doesn’t have to include homicide. There are actually on average between 500,000 and 2 million times per year, rarely in homicides.
  • "We need to get rid of all guns that are not 10 round pistols, and a 12 gauge shot gun. The people in the cities don't need to collect guns, guns should be for the army only. "

    That would be a clear violation of the 2A.
  • Remove all gun control laws. That way I can defend myself. They are CRIMINALS they don't follow laws. Laws do not affect them, the only affect the people following them. Therefore you are not restricting criminals, only law abiding citizens. If you want to take my guns, come get them. I dare you.
  • That's because they aren't homicides if the victim defends themself.
  • What about changing the consequences for people who commit crimes with guns?
  • People in the USA dont fear punishment because our justice system is too slow, too weak, too protective of the obviously guilty murderers.
  • If criminals knew that certain harsh, swift punishment was a risk of committing gun crimes, they would think twice before ending up in the middle of town square lying on a guilotine. Any thoughts my fellow Americans?
  • There are many reasons one becomes violent. 

    Conditioning (think military training to kill enemies)
    Education (learning about other people and other subjects)
    Lack of empathy (can be mental illness or taught)
    And several other reasons...

    You cannot reduce violence without teaching people at a young age to be empathetic to others and life in general. The tool/ weapon used is irrelevant. What is relevant is that we as a society have cheapened the life of others and the pain that others feel. Our young people are bombarded by violence and it becomes everyday occurrence and when you do that people are just things, not people.

    There is no one solution, its a systemic issue that has many causes... there is no one thig you can do to reduce violence.
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