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Protect 2A Rights and Advance Society In One Move

edited October 2016 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 29
This will be the MOST direct and common sense, out of the box solution to the compromises to our 2nd amendment rights ever proposed.

It goes to the heart of the matter.

People kill people not guns.

Therefore effective mental health care is an absolute for any society with free access to weapons. Stay in your seat! This is NOT recommending background checks on mental health.

This is stating that all of societies mental health care is ineffective. In order to be comprehensive we must bring in medias psychological manipulations over generations regarding guns. Now corporate entertainment media shows their role in conditioning to change the role of guns in human life.

All that is strict common sense that shows state citizens, exactly who has created the problems that government says it will solve by restricting guns.

Very few know what is next.

Human behavior is controlled by the human unconscious mind. Accordingly, only treatment direct to the unconscious mind can easily effect behaviors. But that doesn't exist.


Government and special interests abuse the unconscious mind to create secrecy and enhance control. They do not want psychology in a position to expose any secrets. Therefore psychology is unofficially barred from working direct with the unconscious mind.

The default is numerous psychopathic people who do not need guns to kill.

They would never mind you don't know some of the abuses are very likely directly used to create mass murder that media will use to whip up a frenzy of gun fear motivating some voters to vote for gun control. Ever heard MKuktra? It's real.

Okay, one move. Anyone who cares about their 2A rights IMMEDIATELY get active against governmental violations of state law which of followed would create psychological treatment direct to the unconscious mind.

See this scan of a letter from the senior director of a county mental health department.

The doctors who wanted to give me the states reply in writing were stopped by county supervisors.

Once mental health care works, all those people trying to solve mental problems with guns will redirect themselves because they do have a survival instinct as well as a desire to be free and happy.

Medicine does have a couple of effective methods.

Alright, so maybe your ability to commit to protecting gun rights is not all that robust and unconditional, an maybe you do not relish the thought of trying to explain to people how we are all controlled by our unconscious so to be safer and healthier we need to develop mental health care that world directly with the unconscious mind.

Are you one of those gun rights people that thinks you can protect the 2nd amendment with a gun?

If so, or if not, you need to know that the 1st amendment can protect gun rights better than anything.

The purpose of freedom of speech is to protect unalienable rights just like a firearm. And, next to that the purpose of free speech is logically to protect the right to bear arms.

But a more direct purpose of free speech is to enable the unity EFFECTIVE to alter or abolish government destructive to unalienable rights.

With the above logic, we've defined that free speech has a purpose NOT written down, not enumerated. Therefore, invoking the 9th amendment to see that the purpose of free speech is enumerated through an Article V convention, is, in itself proper preparation for Article V because then state Citizens can prepare to assure that all amendments have constitutional intent just like Article V states they must.

This approach secures gun rights by defending and enforcing the entire constitution.

You can read about the legal due process Citizens can lawfully impose upon state legislations here.

Not a quick fix, a permanent fix.

It fixes the people through education upon the most prime constitutional intent. Here is how the people begin their education and unity upon constitutional intent.

[b]Do you as a Citizen of one the states of the United States of America, understand, agree and accept then DECLARE it is constitutional intent that the framers of the founding documents intended for us to alter or abolish government destructive to our unalienable rights?

Do you as a Citizen of one the states of the United States of America, understand, agree, accept then DECLARE it is constitutional intent that the ultimate purpose of free speech be to enable the unity adequate to effectively alter or abolish?[/b]

If we passionately push that for 5 years, a completely new movement will arise. It will protect all rights using the constitution.



  • Posts: 75
    You cannot hide behind the fact that people kill and not guns. People designed those guns in the first place. And what are they designed for anyway? I think gun ownership should not be restricted solely on the issue of mental health. Some of the most gory crimes ever committed are by people whose mental faculties are perfect. Committing gun crime is a conscious decision for most culprits, its premeditated and often arises from hate. Gun ownership should be restricted to ownership on a temporary basis in shooting ranges as a sport.
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