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After Las Vegas shooting, is it finally time to get rid of the guns?

edited October 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
I'm glad the Sandy Hook families are speaking out today about the Las Vegas massacre.  #PrayforVegas  I just don't understand why we allow all these guns in the country.  Other countries don't.  When is enough enough!  Saddened and heartbroken!!!


  • Maybe you do not realize it, but this nation was built on firearms.  Their possession is protected.

    Why do we allow courts that do not deliver justice?  These reporter and editors in 2006 are protesting because they were gagged by a california state court that was colluding with the county of santa barbara and the local newspaper to prevent the public from knowing about a lawsuit that was filed by myself and 3 grandmothers to try and compel the county to follow state heath and safety code 1370.4 which requires all municipalities who benefit form a state health care plan to work with the public to develop experimental treatments if there is a chance of death in 2 years.


    The details are here.

    Last year I tested the state attorney general kamala harris to see if she would act to develop effective mental health care to protect state citizens.  A local man used a knife to kill his two sons and his parents.  A local state court judge ordered atascadero state mental hospital doctors to provide a psychological evaluation.  This is the certified mail return to harris.


    Here is the full letter to her.  See exhibit 10

    This is the certified mail return to the two doctors assigned to the case.


    Here is the link to the letters to the doctors.

    Okay, now you have an idea of the collusion, and what really is a conspiracy to keep the SECRET THAT KEEPS ALL SECRETS.  It is about the human unconscious mind, and psychology is forbidden to explore it for a reason.  That keeps the secret.

    Okay, NOW, do you really think we ought to be giving up our guns or asking anybody to do that?   I hope not.  Instead let us stand for justice and liberty through the American constitution.  It is truly the only thing that can save us.  Our agreement on the most prime constitutional intent is what we need to create right now.  IT IS SIMPLE!

    We need to be asking EVERYONE if they agree and accept these two definitions of prime constitutional intent.

    1) We have the right to alter or abolish government destructive to unalienable rights.

    2) If the framers intended for Americans to alter or abolish then they intended that the ultimate PURPOSE of free speech be for Americans use to enable the unity under law in order to alter or abolish government destructive to unalienable rights.

    After we are in agreement in a majority, this legal =, constitutional process is there for us thanks to the sacrifices of millions of American soldiers.

    An audio presentation that has other aspects we should be aware of.
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  • Not totally, guns have good reason too and it is to protect humans from crime and guns should not be used for violence and crimes. I think the government should just have a gun control and search for illegal gun possessions and confiscate it.
  • I'm not sure. There's a lot of other problems that can be linked to these repeated mass shootings in the United States like lack of adequate mental health care, toxic gun culture, media focus and "glamorization" of mass shooters, etc. It's not simple.
  • For me, I strongly agree with the idea of getting rid of guns.Imagine a world with no guns I think the people are safer and crimes are lesser.
  • I think we have to be realistic.Manufacturing and selling of guns make some people and countries a lot of money. These people now have power.Of course, they are not going to cut off their nose to spite their face.Guns will always be available.As long as they are available they will always end up in 'wrong' hands. People must also have arms to defend themselves, sadly. Look at the Texas church massacre in the Us which happened at the begging of this month, where at least 20 people were killed. Innocent church folk were just attending a church service. Would things have been different if the church had arms or some of the congregants?Getting rid of guns is a pipe dream! Instead, they should be embraced for your own protection.
  • Posts: 47
    @jaymish @argel241 You want to have armed men break into my house and take tens of thousands of dollars of my personal property for what reason exactly? I am not a criminal, I do not deserve to be treated this way. 
  • You are right! No innocents people deserve to be treated and experienced that way.You know why these bad guys are presumptuous to do such horrible things is because they are fully armed but if not, I don't think they can do that.
  • Posts: 47
    @argel241 how do you do that without treating innocents like me this way
  • You can't debate gun regulation with a group whose core beliefs are expressed in a veiled threat, or maybe not so veiled - to paraphrase - disagree with me and you either have to kill me or I will kill you. Or, how can you debate the issue with this group, they have all the guns. That seems to be how the NRA and its supporters hold onto their outdated and senseless beliefs, a vicious circle - we've got the guns and if we don't hold onto them, or get even more, we can't hold onto our guns and get even more.

    At some time there is going to be a tipping point, an event so horrendous that even NRA supporters will have to admit is too much, even if it is only to them selves in desperate silence; then one by one the scales may change until a rational balance is achieved. Exactly what that will entail is impossible to define at the moment, but at some point in time it will happen. So sad that so many innocent lives had to be sacrificed just so human beings can own a machine that was invented and "improved" over time to kill as many people, in the shortest amount of time, as possible.
  • I feel like the whole "pro/anti gun" argument is doomed to forever be fought. On the one extreme you have die hard gun owners who, for whatever reason, live and die by the second amendment. Whether they believe they need their guns to protect against the government, or other people robbing them, or that having everyday citizens bearing arms is going to prevent or control mass shootings, there is no way that they are going to give up their right to bare arms. But on the other extreme there are the militant anti-gun brigade, who's only argument is that guns are bad, and they must go. There are, of course, millions of people who sit between these two extremes as sensible gun owners, hobbyists or hunters, that can rationally see both sides of the argument, but unfortunately they are the ones with the quietest voices in the media, which is fast becoming an echo chamber of sentiments from both sides, fighting in circles with no end in sight. 

    Personally I can see the merit in both sides cases. The right to bear arms is an integral part of the US constitution that, as a Brit, I don't understand at all, but I can fully recognise the desire to uphold the second amendment. However, the second amendment was written back when guns were half as effective and took ten times longer to load. Surely this warrants a change in the way the second amendment is written? After all, the word amendment means to adapt, so why isn't this a possibility? I can also see the merit in the argument that if guns were outlawed, then only the criminals would have them. This is a concept that has been proven, just look at drug problems the world over. We all know that just because something is illegal, doesn't mean that thing just disappears, it just becomes part of the black market, traded using organised crime. 

    Of course, the counter argument to all of these points is that stringent background checks should be carried out when purchasing a gun, to ensure that they don't end up in the hands of someone who may be mentally unstable, or inexperienced. Keep it all legal and we shouldn't have a problem, right? Register those guns, and that way we can all bear arms legally and safely. 

    Except that both the Las Vegas shooter and Nikolas Cruz were doing just that. Their guns were obtained legally, and both were law abiding citizens until their horrific actions. So where do we go from here? Back to the echo chamber...
  • Guns ownership and circulation in the society has been a major cause of these shootings we are experiencing today in gun violence. For the fact that lots of guns are changing hands without proper checks makes these weapons of mass destruction to fall into the wrong hands, which puts them in the frame of mind to commit acts of violence to innocent civilians. Guns ownership should be made a very difficult thing to get because it's seems as the root cause of this problem.
  • thinkagain: try putting your screen name into practice --- think again, and again, and again ad finatum,                                   because your opinions & viewpoints are unsupportable by any unbiased examination of fact.

    hetzky: you made some perceptive observations in the initial paragraph, yet in the following paragraph you've                  reiterated the oft-submitted faulty reasoning that the 2nd A is somehow obsolete because of subsequent              advancements in firearms technology.  But, that argument's not valid, because a virtually infinite number
                 of characteristics which were current in the late 18th century have been greatly altered without rendering
                 the essential concepts in need of modernization.  And registration provides a central government with                  to many opportunities for abuse, as witness the Third Reich, Communist China, Stalin's Russia. etc.
  • I think we need to get rid of crimes and war before we can seriously think about getting rid of guns.
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