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Fingerprinted access guns

Would you prefer the guns that are recently innovated that they only fire if the user is the one who is the owner of the gun?


  • This feature seems nice but there are definitely going to be lapses in its usage. Unless it's solely for home use or private ownership, it's cool but if it's military based operation guns, it's not advisable because should the fingerprint feature fail in combat, that's the death of the army personnel.

    Also injuries at the battle field might damage the coded finger of the user to the gun, thereby rendering the firing arm useless as no other person would be able to use it. But generally, the idea of fingerprint in guns looks great, I would get one should get an opportunity to.
  • I believe that this would only be used in home and private scenarios as recently mentioned it would just not be practical in military use. I do however strongly think this is a good idea for guns sold to the public for at home and for protection. 
  • This is a nice invention as it is going to limit cases of crimes we have around and that will help to figure out those that owns those guns should in case a crime was committed using them. I don't really know much how that type of gun is going to be used by security agencies considering the dangers they face on a daily basis. However, I like the idea of having a fingerprinted gun.
  • I think this would be the ideal solution to guns in the wrong hands. So many people get access to guns illegally by criminals or terrorists. Some guns used to commit crimes are stolen.A gun should be made for a particular person straight from the factory. It would also be a good idea if they were a database that notified the police, immediately a gun had been used. This would allow them to track criminals. I.e a gun can be used and can be linked to a crime committed in a certain area.
  • Posts: 44
    I tnink this idea is good in other way we have a negative and positve effect but if this idea is learn and study more i thinks its a good idea if the pingerprint is used more accurate or used in other way like put pingerprint in home and private ownership but in police we need to put a finger print monthly cheking or mean once a month to prevent other people used or sell a gun in a bad way if finished 1 month os need to put fingerprint or other wise its not runing if fail in a finger print update the owner i thinks its a good idea once a month to prevent sell or buying a gun of unknown people.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Well it's a good idea, how ever, the people still not sure about the mind condition of the owner.  What if the owner is still not responsible enough and use the gun in something terrible.  
  • Posts: 47
    I clean my guns with carburetor cleaner. This crap dissolves plastic. If any of it gets on that mechanism, it will permanently be disabled. Felons know this also
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