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Reason why you should carry a gun

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 27
Men feel the need to carry guns to make them safer.But I doubt it if it really makes you safer or you just putting your life at risk? I know a  few who become arrogant when holding a gun.Sometimes the carry guns to scare people or to threaten them.Even the policemen having a freedom of carrying firearms, they sometimes used it to take advantage of the civilian people.A lot of crimes are rising nowadays and carrying a gun sometimes can increase the crime.


  • Carrying a gun makes you safe. But you don't need to show it to others unless you are in danger. When you are carrying guns, you are also carrying a lot of responsibilities.
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    No, there's no reason why you need to carry a gun, unless you are an officer (a police,military,security personnel). Bringing a gun everywhere will just scare people, tendency you'll just end up in jail.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think the permit to carry should need to implement and be strict to that law.  there's no need to bring the gun right now, what's the purpose of bringing that, Or I think much better to have shooting season also, where some high profile inmates will allow to run in the forest and hunt by people who just wants to use their gun. 
  • Whatever we do in life should be as a result of the way we react to things that happen in life. Guns are not legalized in Nigeria, but I don't think it is something wrong to handle guns as long as we have safety tips on how we should do handle guns. Using guns to harass people is not the way to go about it for it will still put the lives of those invloved at risk. This is the reason it is important to have gun education at schools for better handling of it.
  • The common reason for becoming a gun owner is safety. But I think we need to have stronger laws with the permission to carry a firearm. Here in the Philippines, we have very serious issues with loose firearms and all of those loose firearms are used in different crimes. Because of this criminality issues, I myself would prefer having a licensed firearm at my home and but I always remember what my grandfather told me when I was young that guns are made to protect people and not to endanger innocent lives.
  • Maybe a gun can make you feel safe, but that doesn't mean you are actually safe. Sometimes a gun that you carry for your safety, can be the same gun that can hurt you. A kidnapper can use it for getting you or your kids, a thieve can get it for stealing or killing, a very arrogant person can get it to showoff and shoot someone, and the list is long. Guns are not a toy, they are weapons, they kill others, please show some respect and be responsible of your actions.
  • For me, the only reason to carry a gun is when criminality is on the loose. I agree with some opinions here that carrying a gun will only put you in trouble. There are so many cases here of fatal shooting that was caused by a traffic altercation. Can you imagine a very minor argument that can turn bloody because one or both parties are carrying a gun.
  • Personally, I can't see any important reason to carry a gun. I wouldn't want to be near someone carrying a gun. A gun can end a life and I don't see why anyone should be comfortable with killing.

  • Carrying guns comes with its price, if not for anyone you have scuffle with, it would be for yourself as well. I remember one quote that goes this way, " A bullet is forever". This means that once that shot is made, the impact it makes is forever.

    Guns would offer you some sense of security and protection but it would also place you in tense situation of being on edge. The only way I would encourage carrying guns around is if you found yourself in a crisis and violent environment. Anything other than this, I would say it's wise to leave gun carrying to the law enforcement personnel.
  • As much as citizens have the right to bear arms, owing to the new gun laws, I do not think it is necessary to. Guns are the same as fire, a loyal servant but a very brutal master. They serve to offer security but with the obvious perks, also come with immense pride. A person carrying around a gun is not afraid of anything and sometimes it is easy for them to forget they are not above the law.

    I believe that only the officers tasked with enforcing the law should have the right to bear arms. They should also be accountable for the use of said guns, and a system of checks should be implemented. They should be encouraged not to fire and try to solve issues amicably. The only time shooting should be allowed is when fighting terrorists and when diplomacy has failed Any officer who violates this rule should be stripped off of his rank and arms and in severe cases should be carted off to jail.

  • Self protection of course, just make sure that you will not abuse the power of it, and as much as possible hide it in public. Who knows there's criminal out there that could get your gun and use it for more worst.
  • Before carrying a gun we have to make sure that we have legal consent otherwise we can get imprisoned for such illegal possession. We have to have a license first and we have to use it responsibly. For me the reason why an individual should have a gun is for protection and also for self-defence. 
  • The main reason why we have to keep a gun is for our own safety, to protect ourself. That must be the only reason. Nothing more nothing less. The person who will keeps the gun must be examine and train. Just the basics and safety reminders. Not all people must keep it.
  • Coming from a country where the crime rate is high, I think you should absolutely carry a gun. I have been carjacked before and I was completely helpless. The criminal has complete control over you and you have no fighting chance. That is no way to live in my opinion.You walk around completely petrified.Guys we need to face facts crime is real and we need to protect our selves.Look at all the attacks this year in America and Europe?

    In my opinion, if criminals knew that most people carried guns, this would reduce or stop this kind of crime.
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    For me people carry gun to protect him self againts not good people to protect their lifes in holdaper or people that make not good into your life gun is used for safe but remember carry gun is good if you used in a good way but in the real worl gun is used to make people more arrogant and sometimes it is used to make people bullying or to scared poor people. Because more of rich people have a gun its abuse because its used in not good way but gun is safe and good if gun used for good reason or i a proper way but if it is used in a bad way its terrible and many lifes loss becasue of not proper or not used in a good way
  • I'm sorry to hear your story.But do you think if only you have a gun that time, are you hundred percent sure you can fight back from those attackers or at least save your life.In my country also there is a very high rate of crime and those attackers once they knew that you have the chance to fight back they will immediately kill you without hesitation because they will think you as a threat.Yes, you are right, crime is real and scary because it is increasing day by day.Be safe always brother!
  • In my opinion, owning and carrying a gun can be both safe and dangerous because in the end everything will just depend on the person who is actually carrying the gun.

    However, carrying a gun will always be a plus in the danger side because like what you said some people became arrogant because of it which is not a good thing.

    As I watched a documentary video about criminal minds, it cannot be denied that what they said could actually make sense. Once a person starts to feel power in their own hands, like the kind of power they have never felt before, it is very addictive and very hard to control. And like what those criminals said, you tend to lose your sanity at any moment. It's just the same as those people who were able to stand in a very high position like "President," "Lieutenant," and other high authoritative positions. It just gets into your head, and you cannot easily control that.

    So as what I have understood on how such criminal explained, it was more like that if the feeling was very new and powerful it could immediately get into us unknowingly but if a person is used to feel such power there wouldn't be a problem at all.

    So, actually if a person holds a gun it would all now depend on his psychological and mental capabilities on whether or not he would let such feeling and power devour him wholly.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    safer to what? if the law was really stricted about the firearms or guns, we don't need to carry a gun to protect our self to others. If the law not tolerate the people to carry the guns, or the permit to carry was really for the people who has reasonable explanation and not to the simple answer that to protect my self, I think we don't have a problem about that guns. we're not living during the wild wild west era right now!
  • The main reason why you should carry a gun is to protect yourself and also to protect your loved ones. Carrying a gun just to show that you're a cool dude doesn't really make you cool, it makes you more dumb and by that you're gonna get yourself killed.
  • That is exactly my point! We don't really need a gun for protection.What is needed is a strict law to implement gun control.
  • If all people have that kind of thinking, then there will be no issues about firearms at all.If only everybody knows the limitations and proper discipline then we don't need to argue about how safe or dangerous a gun to carry.
  • I think the main reason is security purposes since nobody knows what might gonna happen in every minute of your life. But I think it should only be used in case of emergency such as using it for a self defense when someone is trying to kill you. But as long as possible it should be avoided since it can take life in an instant. Aside from that guns are a very dangerous and destructive equipment made by humans to kill or to threatened someone.
  • A firearm is nothing more than a tool. Just like plumbers uses wrenches, and carpenters use hammers a firearm has purposes. 

    As a 35+ year cop, I can honestly say I carried a firearm every day of my adult life for the last 38+ years. And I have never done it for any other reason than to have the tool with me should I need it to protect myself, my family or others from an armed attacker. You see I have learned that there is really only one way to stop an armed attack, and that is an armed response. That is why we cops carry firearms to begin with.

    We have fire extinguishers in our schools, our businesses and a lot of our homes. Why? In case of a fire of course. We have learned that if a fire breaks out and you can catch it early, you stand a good chance of putting it out with a handy fire extinguisher. The same reasoning works for firearms. 

    We carry and have firearms for hunting (I put non-GMO, non-genetically altered, wild fed meats on the table with them), target shooting (which is fun and a skill that you can improve and enhance with practice like any other skill), and of course for protection. As LEO's we carry firearms openly so that it not only is easy to access and faster than concealed, but it acts as a crime deterrent. Bad guys have a tendency not to commit a crime when a cop is standing right there (although it does happen).

    As for guns being dangerous, they really are no more dangerous than a chainsaw or any other tool that can hurt or kill you. If you simply learn the very basic safety rules of firearms and follow them, you will NEVER have an unintentional discharge and NEVER hurt someone unintentionally. They are very simple to follow and EVERY unintentional shooting can be linked back to violating one of the 4 rules. 

    1. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded, regardless of whether they are or not!
    2. Never point a firearm at anything unless you are willing to kill or destroy it!
    3. Always identify your target and what is beyond it!
    4. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot
    So the reason you should carry a firearm is the same reason that us LEO's do, for protection from the possibility of an armed attacker. And that reasoning applies to schools, movie theaters, and other places. If we have fire extinguishers in our classrooms, and armed teacher or staff member can act as the protection form the other threats.

    Oh and the last reason? Because it's a Constitutional Right that "shall not be infringed". Pretty clear language if you ask me.
    Thanked by 2tangascootac robertp
  • Discipline and knowing your responsibility is a big factor in owning, much more carrying a gun. Different people reacts to different situations so i think you should know yourself that much to decide if you need to carry your weapon. I know that a gun provides great protection for someone's self, family or anyone that needed protection, but knowing that you own a gun does not mean that you will instantly use it when you feel something or a situation is not going in your favor. Your gun is your responsibility, you can carry it but you should know how and when to use it.
  • Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. Carrying a gun can help protect us from those “people”. I fully support our right as Americans to carry firearms. But I also believe we should be properly trained, and I also believe that training should be at the discretion of each individual. Taking guns away from Americans, (ANY GUNS in ANY WAY) will in NO WAY make us safer or make your community safer. It only puts more power into the hands of a government that already has you in a submissive trance-like state. Stop handing them our rights on a silver platter. I, for one, would like to keep the few we have left l.
  • Verry well said.Again I can say if only people have self-discipline I think there will be no issue about gun control no debates no need to argue and no worries about having or carrying firearms.IF ONLY.But the truth is that most people interested in owning a gun to use in evil ways.
  • Posts: 47
    @argel241 there are about 100 million gun owners in the US and less than 10000 firearm homicides a year. less than 1/10000 isn't most
  • We carry a gun for protection from bad people. Especially when you are a business man, and a lot of people know how you make money fast. There are some that would attempt to take your money. You should carry a gun for protection.
  • The reason of course why we should carry a gun is for protection. Unfortunately, it is not allowed in our place nowadays because of the Martial Law. We are on this situation until December 31, 2018. Yes, it is a year more to wait.
  • I think i will carry a gun for self defense.But some people who's carrying a gun while drunk will cause trouble.I remember when i went to my friends house.While we were drinking,His cousin join us for a drink.After a few hours he was totaly drunk.Oh man,I can't forget that night.When he played the gun in his hand.He pointed out his gone,as if he wanted to shoot somebody.I asked my friend what his job was.She told me that he was a security guard.Can security guards legally carry firearms off duty?
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