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Unharmful Guns.

Guns, when we guns, what comes to our mind first? Of course "dangerous". Guns are designed and develop to destroy, a person who possesses a gun looks scary, dangerous and powerful. Even the countries that create more guns and other related merchandize are look powerful and scary. But is it possible to create an unharmful gun? A gun that can't kill, a gun that can only teach someone lesson but can't kill, can hurt but can't kill? Is it possible? Maybe if its possible, maybe we can live peacefully, there will be no war, there will be no misfiring, there well be no danger. If only it's possible.


  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    You're right, guns actually is a good best friend, if they know how to handle it.  They should know how to handle their gun, and don't let the gun control them.  I think by being irresponsible  is the only problem, the law should be strict to the people who going to ask for license. or much better to have a gun ban.
  • So far, I know about plastic ball guns, those are the ones that were used in Spain, during the last riot on Catalunya. However, they weren't safe at all, because those hit the people, don't kill them, but they can cause wounds. A possible option could be water guns with limited strength, those can repel people, but don't kill them.
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    Oh you mean like stun Gun? Or those rubber bullet Gun? :) those are some alternatives that you can substitute on a real gun. It is less dangerous but can still inflict pain to a targeted person.
  • You are right a person who possesses a gun looks scary, dangerous and powerful that is why only an authorized person should have guns like policemen because their role is to keep the area peaceful and free from anyone with bad intentions.
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    Gun is a deadly weapon sometimes it is used for not good reason too many people died in that weapon even sometimes good man died because of man cannot use for right reason its use for personal portitude or sometimes it used to bully other people because its richman its easy to approve the gun but gun is good if you use in the right way not in a bad way because all of the things in this world is have a good and bad side effect if not use for good reason for me its ok to used rubber bullets to prevent abusing of the gun and used in a proper way thats all.
  • Harmful guns I think are those guns that are so powerful with a high caliber, these guns must be strictly regulated since most of these harmful guns are the one that are being used by these lawless elements who wants to make a great number of casualties just like in what happen to Las Vegas shooting incident where in many innocent civilians were killed by these harmful guns that was tolerated to be distributed to a certain individual who is not even a military personnel. How come that they can acquire such powerful guns in an instant.The shooting incident had been able to be stop if only these harmful guns had been strictly regulated by the government with the help also by this  private companies that sell guns to the public.
  • The first thing that comes to my mind when we talk about "unharmful" guns is non-lethal weaponry. These are often used as crowd/riot control tactic weapons. Loaded with rubber bullets, they could easily take down an offender without fatal damage. I haven't heard of a news stating that someone died from being shot by a rubber bullet, but a gun is always a gun. There will always be a margin of error even if it is categorized as non-lethal/unharmful. If by chance a person is shot in the head and caused him to lose balance and drop head first into the pavement, killing him due to the fall, it will still point out that it started because of a gun. No matter how a gun is labelled, harmless/non-lethal, we should always observe caution before we pull the trigger.
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    High caliber guns are needed to hunt. You cannot humanely kill a elk without a relatively powerful rifle

    Not to mention that the vegas shooter used a low caliber weapon in his shooting. That caliber (.22) is illegal to hunt deer, let alone elk, where I live because it is too under powered
  • Guns can only be harmful if you used it on a "harmful" way, like guns are what we actually need in terms protecting ourselves and also the people around us but there are kinds of people that also used it on a bad or dangerous way. So, I think the term "unharmful" or "harmful" guns would just usually depends on the people or the person who owns it.
  • For me, there is no unharmful guns. Even if its just a toy or a hobby gun,  as long as it shoots you and you get hurt. it is harmful.
  • Would that do any help? I mean, would it stop a criminal from killing you? If so, then that would be great but if not then your life is in peril.
  • Sha30: What?
  • It appears that many, if not the majority, of posts on this site are originating in countries where the nominal language is something other than English; this, of course, is understandable except that a large number of messages are very difficult, if not impossible, to comprehend, because (1) the writer employed English while not very familiar with this language, or (2) the message was written in the poster's own language and subsequently translated into frequently incoherent English.  Either way this is a handicap to a correct interpretation of the meaning and, regrettably, I have no simple solution for a fix.

  • I seriously doubt if there is anything thing like unharmful guns, unless it's not guns for active combat duty. If not all guns are harmful, even when it's plastic bullets that are used, it still hurts when it hits someone. Care should be taken on how guns are used, it should never be abused for any reason because it has the power to danger one's life and cause lots of damages. I have actually been shot at once but luckily for me, the bullet missed my legs and hit a car beside me in school cult violence. It's one of my most crazy experiences with guns, I would never forget that day in my entire life.
  • As far as I know there is no gun is un harmful. Because every gun is actually a direct threat all of us. Guns are built to harm people negatively and positively.
  • I think that all of guns are dangerous because it is built to protect and harm a particular person.  Guns are made in order to conquer or to protect individual and it's not safe. Guns can take lives and brings a destruction to any things or person. I don't agree that there are guns that is not harmful because all of guns are the same, they are " harmful" in any matter. I agree that it can protect you from criminals and other source of hatred but it will spare your entire life after killing or taking a life of a person. It's better to not involved in any gun crimes and put away that gun thing in order to live peaceful. We've all heard so many suicidal case and guns are used. Many helpless children and women, raped and killed by a gun. This will prove that guns are so dangerous and so risky to have.
  • Posts: 66
    Contrary to what most people here think of when they think of unharmful guns, I think of Air Soft.guns (  I have never tried one but they seem like a lot of fun and practice ( probably not the kind of lesson khai27 was referring to).  Just like anything else they are subjective.  They can be dangerous in the wrong hands and could take out an eye.  They are not thought of as protection by most people.  
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