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Buying an unlicensed gun

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 10
This is not common here but not a rarity either. Unlicensed guns are 50% cheaper that's why many are tempted to buy. However, the risk of getting  caught is there and the consequences are heavy when caught. You can go to jail for obtaining a loose gun that may have been used in a crime. But for me, I would stick to the legal transaction to avoid stepping on the law. And if I cannot afford the licensed gun then I should not buy a gun.


  • This is one of the reasons why there has been increased crime lately. The selling and buying of unlicensed guns by those that are looking to avoid spending lots of money and also to avoid having their names on record for possessing a particular gun.

    Most unlicensed guns are illegally smuggled by gun dealers. I can agree that they sell sophisticated guns but it's not worth going to jail over. People should learn to work within the confines of the law in getting a gun.
  • It's quite risky for anyone to buy an unlicensed gun at any point in time. I understand that it might be cheaper, but if there is no finance to get the licenced one, then it is of no use buying the unlicensed for risk such as being arrested by security agencies and other unknown risks are involved. In Nigeria, guns are not rampant for it is mainly used by security agencies like the police.
  • If you buy a gun, it means you are supporting those illegal gun makers. It is very risky to buy a second hand gun or a licensed gun because you don't know the history of that gun, it is possible that the second hand gun that you can buy in public is used in a crime and if that gun is tracked by the police you can be in prison because you will be already judged as the primary suspect, they will question you if that gun belongs to you and if you say that you just buy it maybe they will not believe in you. Because a police mindset is that "A suspect will never admit the crime that they've done.
  • Buying an unlicensed gun has been already a trend in the different parts of the world. We cannot deny the fact that it is why other people tend to buy unlicensed gun is for them to save money since it is much cheaper compare to the licensed one. Another thing is that they often buy the unlicensed gun mainly because the process of achieving a license gun is so expensive. You have a lot of payments to do and it really takes time to be approved. A lot of paper or documents that are needed to comply with the  strict requirements. On the other hand, people who buy unlicensed gun didn't mind the risk of buying such illegal fire arms that might lead to some problems later on, They are just thinking of the benefits that it will  give to them in in the meantime.
  • Exactly! How I wish all people will think on that way.But sad to say despite all the consequences, they still risk buying an unlicensed gun without thinking the negative outcome.
  • Buying unlicensed gun is unacceptable. Different countries might have different policies and laws against gun but one thing is for sure, it is unlicensed. Everything, without license, means you are not allowed or permitted to use it or to do it. When you do not have driving license, police are allowed to catch you and put you in jail for not having driving license. When you do not have civil engineer license, you are not permitted to do some civil engineering related works. My request, please abide simple rules.
  • Posts: 44
    Buy and sell of un authorized gun is more terible because the incident and the crime is more increase because of that not authorized people buy not autnorized gun and its used in a bad way or bullying because if you have a gun you more arrogant becasue you thinking you is in the high because you have a gun to protect to your self and an authorized gun its used more on holdaper and people make not doing godd because of this gun.gun and high caliber of guns is not allowed if youare not autorized it is used only in militar or police but in normal or use for private its restricted or private company beacause its cost more incident because its more powerful its more dangerous and powerful that is why only an authorized person should have guns
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Well I think the person who going to buy the unlicensed gun is probably is not for their own protection, They might use that to something that unnecessary things.  I'm not saying that all of them, but well if you are responsible enough and know the consequence of buying the unlicensed gun, you probably not going to do that.  
  • Better not to buy it at all. Because as long as there's someone who is patronizing illegal arms, the production of unlicensed gun will continue and might ended up on the hands of criminals.
  • Posts: 47
    There is no liscense to buy a gun in america
  • We all know that unlicensed gun is illegal and it may have been used by criminals. Any process that is “under the table” should not be tolerated, because sooner or later, it will come up not in a way you want it to be.
  • Posts: 47
    @trendjing No, there is no liscensing for guns in america
  • @GunNut So the state should implement one by now. A lot of bystanders, worst are children, become victims of irresponsible use of guns.
  • Posts: 47
    @trendjing What difference does it make if a someone is shot by a liscensed gun or an unlicensed gun? They are just as dead either way
  • It is not good to own an unlicensed gun. It is prohibited by law here. If a person is caught for that matter, he will be charged of Illegal Handling of Firearms. The penalty is not bailable. So, a person will stay for a lifetime in jail. 
  • Buying an unlicensed gun is not an advisable option to take. You are only getting into trouble if you are doing this kind of activity. Aside from being illegal, the penalty for it is bit higher and very dangerous in the sense that you really don't know on where the gun comes from. It may had been used for illegal activities that might put you into a serious problem.
  • Folks you know there is no such thing as a "licensed" gun right? Federal Laws do not require the "licensing" of any firearm. In fact it is illegal in most states to have a gun registration of any kind. Very few states have a"registration" or "licensing" of firearms. 

    It is even legal to make your own firearms and they need not have a serial number on them. You cannot sell them, but you can legally make and keep them. Some call these incorrectly "ghost guns". By Federal Law perfectly legal.

    This is a good list of court cases on Firearms and Firearms ownership to help:

  • Posts: 47
    @DownRangewithCW You actually can sell guns you made that dont have serial numbers on them. You cant sell them at a level the ATF considers "commercial", but it is alright to sell an AR you made from an 80% kit from time to time
  • The Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA)  permits an unlicensed individual to make a firearm for personal use, but  not  for sale or distribution. Specifically - If an individual wants to manufacture and sell firearms, he or she is required to obtain a license, and mark each firearm manufactured in accordance with 27 CFR 478.92. [18 U.S.C. 923(i), 26 U.S.C. 5822]
  • Posts: 47
    @DownRangewithCW You cant make the firearm for sale, but you can make a firearm for personal use then sell it. 

  • Buying unlicense gun is not a good idea.Only criminals or bad guys will buy unlicense gun.How can you carry a gun without a license?
  • Posts: 6
    Buying unlicensed gun has a huge risk to take with it. And it definitely going to take you into a trouble as it is basically against the law. If you are really need a gun,then I think you should have it in a proper way and be responsible for having it.
  • Terrorist and criminals are the number 1 customers for this kind of gun. Just imagine an undocumented guns would fell into the hands of this terrorist and criminals. So much possibility for a havoc or chaos.
  • I think government should do everything of it's power to stop the proliferation of unlicensed gun specially at the black market or even eliminate the black market itself. For me, that is one way of preventing guns from ending up in the wrong hand.
  • Half of my guns aren't licensed
    It's the stash I've buried somewhere,
    in case of an emergency situation,
    Like a war or alien invasion or something.
    You use guns to address danger
    and life threatening events. You
    don't think if it's licensed or not in
    the face of danger right.
    To put it bluntly use the licensed
    ones for regular days and use
    the unlicensed ones in extraordinary
  • That our society is suffering today is as a result of unlicensed guns changing hands in our streets lately. Crime increase is growing by the day and it does not seem to go down and its all as a result of illegal arms dealers selling unlicensed guns to most youths and potential terrorists and extremists, who in turn uses these guns to commit all sorts of crimes in the world today. If they activities to illegal arms dealers can be clamped down in 100%, then the issue of having an unlicensed gun in the possession of anyone would be put to an end.
  • It does presents a problem, we don't want those guns being bought by terrorists and psychos. But there will always be corrupt governments and illegal arms traders filling up the black market with all sorts of weapons.
  • Posts: 5
    Buying an unlicensed gun should be avoided because you will always be caught and penalize from having a gun without license. And if you do not prevent in having an unlicensed gunyou should responsibly in handling it and make sure you use it for a good reason like protection for yourself from danger and not use for a crime related incidents.
  • I would also recommend buying a licensed gun rather that those which are unlicensed. There are many risk associated with buying unlicensed firearms such as the penalty when caught by authority and the consequences for example the person might not be able to buy any form of firearms again. Another is the risk of being  suspected or blamed for a crime because it was not properly reviewed and the person might actually go to jail.
  • All commercially made firearms are assigned a serial # by the manufacturer, but there's no Federal requirement for a gun buyer or user to be licensed.  However, all dealers who buy & sell must possess a Federal Firearms License (FFL).

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