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I love Jimmy Kimmel! Here he speaks out about gun violence after the mass shooting in Las Vegas

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
Jimmy Kimmel speaks out about gun violence after the mass shooting in Las Vegas (I couldn't agree with him more!):



  • Thank you for sharing the video. I like that he challenges Triumph to do something about gun violence. It's so sad that innocent people had to be killed. I also totally agree with him.

    I also hope something can be down about the gun violence that happened recently in my country because of elections and reelection.

    For those who would like to read Jimmy Kimmel's speach instead [URL][/URL]
  • Mass killings are really sad. Politicians seem to be the same all over the world. All they want is to make money.The age of servant leadership is over. I like that Jimmy Kimmel names them and shames them if what he is saying is true, they are despicable.Good question Jimmy why does anyone need a gun that can take out that many people? These are serious questions that the leadership in the Us and many countries must answer. We all must stop being ambivalent and fight for what is right, especially the middle class.
  • Posts: 44
    Thanks for this video but kills inocent people is verry terrible used of guns is bad if the gun used in a good way many people kilss because of gun and sometimes its used to bully people because many unauthorized people used of guns and its used in a bad way no anybody tell because scared what possible happen in their life.
  • Come take my guns then. I want to see you personally come to my door and attempt. People like you just need to move out of America. That will fix it.
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