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Limiting gun production

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 26
For me, limiting gun production is one of the best ways to stop gun violence all over the world. Remember, you can't talk peace and have a gun.


  • It might help somewhat, but I'd still be concerned about how to make sure guns stay out of the hands of dangerous people. I'm not sure fewer guns alone would guarantee this. Would it be in conjunction with some kind of registry?
  • For sure this will help, because there wouldn't be an excessive number of guns. Also, that can increase their price because demand will exceed the stock. But unfortunately, that doesn't avoid that crazy or mental unstable people, have access to them. So, on one way we can help by limiting the production, but I guess the other part is to be sure who are the ones handling the guns.
  • Yes, you all get me right. banning of guns is really a serious issue. I always wondering, what will be the best way to rid of all the gun involved crime the number one solution that I think is that the Government should limit the gun production, second is that the gun stores should never sell to those people who dont have a positive background in fact the people who wants to buy gun should pass the background check. Again I will tell all of you that YOU CANT TALK PEACE AND HAVE A GUN. LET US ALL UNITE.
  • "Where did you get that?" Agnes breathed. 

    "Killed a copper," Ippo snarled as, keeping the gun toward her head, he sliced off another of her fingertips. "Or rather, poor suicidal Gustavia Mortensen did, according to a fingerprint scan," he said cheerfully, and Agnes realized he didn't intend to release her before more innocent people were dead...
  • You have a point.Limiting gun production must be implemented.For me, the persons who only need guns are those who have related to their jobs like police officers, soldiers because their jobs are to maintain peace and order in one place.And civilians should not be given the rights to have guns.
  • I do not think so. I think it is difficult. It is a business. Some countries do not have factory for guns. They are just relying on some suppliers from other contries. On the other hand, I think that limiting gun production will not lower the crime rate. We should look at the main causes of the problem. Why are killings rampant? It might be poverty, illegal drugs, etc.. We should solve the root casues and guns will be set aside.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Actually there's no need of the production right now, because I think the guns circulating in america is enough to have 2 guns every american citizen.  I think they need to increase the tax of permit and permit to carry, and also the psychological test, and more seminar to know how to use gun properly!
  • Posts: 47
    Guns last hundreds of years if properly taken care of. The most recent gun I bought was made by the Imperial German government for use in WWI. The one before that was made my me in my own garage. Limiting production really just stops the production of low cost hunting rifles, and long range precision rifles, which are the main guns produced now a days. Neither of these weapons are used in crime in a meaningful manner, so there is no reason to have this restriction 

    @ion Psych tests are unavailable to the general public, expensive, unreliable, and are biased. even one of these is a just reason as to why we should not require them, but 4 makes it a stupid idea to even propose. There is also no reason to increase taxes on them, as that just prohibits poor people from owning them, and there is no evidence showing that gun owners need to know how to use a gun properly
  • Limiting gun production may be the solution for world peace. However, we should also take into consideration that there are also many rebels who chose not to abide rules. We cannot underestimate their ability to produce high-tech, modern guns, because somebody or may be another nation is funding them. What will be the government’s stand on that? Of course, they will do something to eradicate them. And by doing so, the government should be equipped with and have enough guns of their own.
  • Knives can do just as much damage to humanity just as a gun does, should we limit its production too? Well maybe and maybe not, but there are surely over a hundred of things that cause so much violence. Guns I think is just a more popular way of committing one. As to talking about peace and having a gun, here's what I think, We can't talk peace and be full of shit, both parties have to be sincere about achieving that peace we ever dreamed of.
  • Posts: 47
    @trendjing "Modern" guns are really from the 40s, 50s, and 60s most of the time. AK47s, M16s, M14s, G3s, and so on and so forth. Making these guns on a semi industrial scale doesnt take annother nation to fund you, you just need about 10k in machining equipment
  • Limiting gun production might be able to help lessen the increasing crime rates in the world. Although bad elements can still find ways to acquire a gun at least it would give them a hard time before acquiring such guns since the supply has already been reduced.
  • Posts: 44
    Yes im agree liming of production of gun is the 1 that need to do to prevent more people have a non authorized gun less gun less people have a gun w no paper because sometimes if people pay more money its easy to have a gun even not authorized but if gun less to create its less people to have a gun.
  • Posts: 47
    @junrose123 @sha30 The main guns produced today are high end precision rifles and cheap hunting rifles, neither of which are used in crimes. The guns used in crimes are crappy semi automatic pistols, normally at least a couple decades old. Limiting gun production does not affect the guns used in crimes, it only affects law abiding hunters and target shooters
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