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Licensed gun owner should help the police to stop those people who don't use their gun responsibly.

If we can't actually stop using of guns why we dont just help the police to stop those criminals or those person who uses their gun just to kill people. The solution to stop a gun is to use another gun. do you agree with this?


  • Do you mean by reporting people who illegally own or use firearms or are you advocating for some kind of vigilante justice? The former might be okay, but the latter sounds like a recipe for disaster and more violence.
  • Actually there've been several cases where a responsible armed person was able to confront a shooter or threatener-to-shoot. That scenario became a cliche of unlikely scenes on the "Bonanza" TV show, but it has worked in real life.

    I'm new here, so, fair disclosure: my Blogspot, which is mostly about books, used to be sponsored by a Gun & Pawn shop and used to re-report those stories as they came in. I don't re-report each one any more, but yes, they are still coming in. 

    They're particularly heartwarming when the successful private enforcer of nonviolence is elderly or disabled, which has happened at least once a year since I've been following these reports. They've actually spawned a bumper sticker with a geriatric veteran saying "Warning: I'm too old to run, so I'll just have to shoot you."
  • Yes by reporting it, but if the licensed gun owner saw a people who's life is in danger he or she should step forward to save the person, especially if the police is still don't arrive at the scene I think its the time that he or she should now make a move to save the life of that person. still, the first thing that we should do is to call the police. I am against of gun violence but if Pulling the trigger is the only way to save someones life you should do it. Everyone is our responsibility, so we should always step forward in every scenarios like that. But then again, YOU CANT TALK PEACE AND HAVE A GUN.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think it's bad idea, were not a cowboys anymore from the wild wild west or something, we can't use our own gun to fire someone even if our reason is the person is criminals.  That responsibilities is for some police officers. all we can do is to call the police, unless the criminals is inside our house or our territory. 
  • Posts: 47
    I target shoot on my own property. I am a normal individual, not law enforcement
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