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Experts warn against connecting mental illness and mass shootings

edited November 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 16
Kevin Neal’s family knew he was mentally ill, but they never thought he would kill five people and attack an elementary school in rural northern California. But Neal committed both those acts on Tuesday, and it has left his family asking some very difficult questions.

"We got, 'I can't take it anymore’ a thousand times — like when do you know if it's real?" asked Sheridan Orr, Neal’s sister.

Orr said her brother had made ... Read more:


  • I'ts true, most of the suspects in mass shooting have a big problem and hurting or killing someone is their way to release their anger which is definitely wrong. The government should pass a law where all of the gun owners should report to the police and have a seminar regarding to perfect discipline when using a gun every month. So in that way the police can monitor if the gun owners is still capable to use a gun.
  • Posts: 7
    That's scary. I think gun owners should have an updated psychiatric report at least 3 times a year, and not just every time they renew the permit. That way maybe they could monitor the owners capability of handling such dangerous item.
  • We know that the PURPOSE of free speech is abridged when newspapers collude with local government, state and federal courts on the highest levels that refuse to recognize, follow and uphold laws.  Instead they  GAG 17 reporters and editors to prevent them from even talking about a lawsuit filed by three grandmothers and myself to attempt to get federal courts to compel counties to follow state laws after 8 suits in state courts are met with continual injustice and deprivation of rights in an effort reaching back to 1998 to create EFFECTIVE mental health care


    The case was about compelling to follow state heath and safety code 1370.4 which requires municipalities that benefit from a state health care plan to work with the public to develop experimental treatments is there is a chance of loss of life in 2 years without it.

    The treatment proposed treated the unconscious mind directly.  The unconscious mind controls humans for the most part.

    Psychology currently has no treatment direct to the unconscious mind.  They drug people and people do not like it.

    Guns can sit around for years loaded, safety off, and they won't hurt anyone.  Not that that is not wise to do, but it is a fact.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think the family should take all the responsibility for that.  Because of lack of knowledge or information about the situation of their family members.  They already knew that their siblings has a problem or mental illness but still, they ignored it.  I think the gun owners needs the psychiatric test every month or every renewal of their liscense.  
  • Mental illness is a serious and tragic issue.I think it should be taken seriously. Of course, it's also not advisable to target people because of it or to patronize them. From the little I can remember of mass shootings I think nearly all of them are committed by people who are mentally ill, in some form.I think anyone who kills innocent people for nothing is mentally ill. That, in my opinion, includes all the terrorist groups.
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