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Gun Possesion

Does owning a gun and letting most of the people around you or in your neighborhood knows about it be in your advantage or the other way around? Especially knowing someone that can threaten the safety of yourself and your family. I am stuck in the middle of this. Would they be scared enough not to disturb or threaten you, or would they be more aggressive knowing that you own a gun, they might use the same against you too. 


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    Gun is used to protect your self or your family gun is very danger because in one click it kill people gun is have a good and bad effect but for your safety to prevent happen or to prevent use of gun you need to control your self to use it youcan go somewhere to bypass who people not good but if you are in danger it need to use for your safety but always remember gun always use in a good way because sometimes gun use in a bad way to bully people or to scared people by walking outside with gun many people used a gun without athorization people scared to report to the police its because if you report maybe your life is danger because many people use gun in a bad way.
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    @sha30 For a disabled or otherwise physically compromised person, you are just as in danger to a knife wielding attacker as you are to one that is armed with a gun when you are unarmed or armed with anything but a gun, but when both sides are armed with firearms they are roughly equal
  • ionion
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    In our country, if someone owning a gun, the neighborhoods will probably report it to the police.  because we not allowed to own a gun, unless there's some previous threat to your life, you need it to your business as protection. 
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    @ion which is insane, because you are treating law abiding citizens as criminals. Because I know in your country, citizens can own guns for simply target shooting or hunting
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