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What is the purpose of a semi automatic rifle?

firearm is a gun that after firing one round, automatically loads the next round from the magazine into the chamber ready to be fired only when the trigger is pressed again That is, a semi-automatic gun is one trigger pull equal one round fired. You have to pull the trigger again to fire another round.


  • The purpose is the same for all other firearms. Regardless of the way the firearm functions, they are all used for the same reasons, with exceptions of course. HUnting, target shooting and self-defense. Semi-autos are even used in war by some specialties.
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    They are necessary for certain types of hunting, as well as some target shooting competitions. even when they aren't needed for a specific type of hunting, they have fast followup shots to ensure a humane kill of the animal. They are also pretty good for self defense, only lacking in comparison to smaller fully automatic weapons
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