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Why guns are created?

It will only result to death.


  • I have the same thought. Why create something that can end someones life.
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    Guns are used for target shooting, hunting, self defense, recreation, sport, and a variety of other purposes. They arent just used for murder

    @JBFernandez Pretty much everything made can end someones life, from an xbox remote to a pencil. 
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    I guess guns created because of war. They invented guns so they could defend their territory in easy way. Long way before, they're just using swords and other things that wouldn't usually get hurt by fighting. Using guns for easy target even in long range would help them win the fights. War is the main factor why they invented guns and until now it's the main source of armed forces.
  • Guns are created to kill or destroy. Even if you say guns are for protection, it is still made to shot something. I don't like how guns has been created, but I love guns for collection.
  • Actually guns are created to protect human beings from harm. But now a days, guns are the one that is used to harm people and not to protect people it is so sad to think that this is the reality. Imagine life without guns, it feel so safe right? It is hard to think that the thing that are invented to protect people are now the thing that is a danger for people. 
  • "Why are guns created?"   Are you asking 1) what led to the invention of firearms or 2) the reason they're currently produced.
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    Gun created i think to prevent crime but sometimes gun used to have a crime its because guns are have a positive and negative impact gun its good and safe if gun use in a good way but gun is bad if used in a bad way like to bully people because gun many kills life because of improper used of guns.
  • Guns are used nowadays to deter crime, for protection and defense, and as a sport. But it was really invented to kill people quickly in wars.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    I think gun created for war, to conquer.  They are creating and developing any kind of weapons just to conquer and win easily in a battle or war.  
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    Guns are created to defend ourselves and others but if goes to the wrong hand, it will just make a disaster like using it for a crime. We should make use of a gun to a good use not for a bad use because if you are responsible for handling a gunyou will have no problem but if you utilize it with reckless then you will find a consequence that will end you in jail.
  • I think that the main purpose of using gun is for protecting oneself and loved ones who are in danger. It should not be used to threaten others o to make yourself feel superior.
  • The true reason why humans created guns is very obvious, the main purpose of a gun is to kill people. Some may say gun is made to protects people. Yes that is true, guns is made to protect people by killing other people.
  • In my personal opinion, I believe its for the purpose of safety that guns were created. Although one would argue that it's for war purposes that it was created in the first place and that is absolutely true. In the olden days, nations looked for better ways to defeat their enemies in war and this led to guns invention.
  • The statement that "guns is made to protect people by killing other people" is factual only in a narrow sense; far more crimes are prevented/deterred by the intended victim merely producing/showing a firearm without a shot fired.  Additionally, guns of many types are used/enjoyed for a wide variety of sporting & recreational purposes.
  • Guns/firearms were invented/created to be offensive and not defensive. True, you need to mount a defense when someone else has bigger and better guns but the bigger and better guns came first. Gun powder was originally just for ceremonial or semi-religious purposes and it was imported from China into the rest of the world for warfare. Guns were created to "take" something from a rival, aggression. I am not a history expert but I think if you analyze the "history" of conflict and warfare you will find that the guy with the most potent weaponry is the one who "starts" the aggression and not the other way around.
  • They are use for the sake of war. Guns are invented to protect a certain belongings that is special. Like someones country in a war. They will do all their can to protect that country of them. To do that they need a weapon like guns. So guns are really made for war. But for today guns are use to protect someone's life just like your family.
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