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How would the world will be without guns?

Ever wonder what it's like to live in a world that are free from guns?


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    we would be in the 1200s in every single way imaginable. The only way for guns to not exist is to have the technology not exist that allowed their creation. 
  • I think it will be safer, we don't have to worry about stray bullets every new year. For your information here in my country many people get injured or died because of stray bullets. Those not Irresponsible gun owners fire over the sky not thinking that it can hit and take some body life. 
  • I see the world more safer without guns. Guns are so harmful. It can kill a single person in just few minutes or even in seconds. We can use sword instead.
  • I think the world would be nicer than before. Murder and other forms of crimes will be lessened. Suicidal rate will decrease too. Hot tempered people will just hit their enemies with their fists. The injuries will be slighter than hitting with the bullets. 
  • A safer and more live worthy place will emerge. Guns is the root of anger that has intent to kill. Once a person has a gun, their confidence in a fight is boost. Because at the back of their mind they know that it can help them anytime. No wonder that there are rage that ended up into shooting. How I wish guns was never been invented.
  • There can be no accurate answer for the question, because firearms were first utilized at least eight centuries past, so to project how this 21st century might look without them is virtually impossible.
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    @lildaisuke You would be at risk from polio, the plague, small pox, cholera, the flu, leprosy, so on and so forth. The only way for guns to not exist is to not have the technology for them to exist, and that requires us to be stuck in the 12th century.

    @JBFernandez How are guns the root of anger that has the intent to kill? People have murdered for millennia before firearms existed, and most murders today still occur without firearms. Not to mention people are going to be more willing to kill others if they know the other person will not be able to adequately defend themselves, and people need guns for a variety of reasons, including pest control.
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    I think it is worth it if all people in this world will be cooperate to each other but its verry hard because many people not doing good i thinks its because of the crisis other people not doing good to have a lot of money and the gun use to do this i think no imposible if all people cooperate but how people do that if scared because if you tell to the authority that this group is have a gun and ilegal doing maybe your life is in danger thats why many people scared to do this because now its hard to have a better life if no gun because many people not cooperate to do this.
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    @sha30 it is irrelevant if people cooperate with eachother if farmers arent getting sufficient crop yields to feed everyone, because pests are rampant
  • I think the world without guns would look much like the world of today. We still have crime and war. Violence doesn't come because of guns.Crime and violence comes out in the minds of bad people.I think they will use other weapons like dagger,Bow and arrow,Stone axe,Just like the caveman people hehe.Violence existed without guns.Terrorism existed a hundred years ago.So I think as long as there's a bad people or crimanal in this world.Our world today will be the same with or without guns.
  • Without gun does not mean the world will be safe.It is not the gun that is dangerous but the people.people harm people.But without guns crimes will be less
  • So guns is the only solution for the rampant existence of pest? That's a lame reasoning. Guns is somehow a help. But it should not be available for a normal citizen ownership. It should be made exclusively for soldiers and police.
  • Crimes are not all related to guns, there are other cause of it. I cannot guarantee a safe world, because in reality, I do not think we could ever get rid of it. Technology is fast rising, so you would expect that advancement in gun industry will also rise. But if in a fantasy world, if we actually got rid of it, I would expect lesser crimes but there is still issues in security. 
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    I feel more safer if guns doesn't exist because there is zero probability that I gonna die of having a gun shot. And I feel more fair enough when you had a fight with anybody because knowingly nobody has a gun and you can fight with knife or long metal rods and can quickly run. But I think guns will continue to exist worldwide but I hope policemen can only have it one day and that policemen is not also a crook.
  • I think crime would just be a little less to no difference. Guns are just weapons and people could still use any tool to create violence. Also, I'd imagine killings would be more brutal without guns. People would use axes or baseball bats or swords and I could not bear to picture the state of the victims of this savagery. Besides, people are smart and would invent of other things to replace guns.
  • No guns ? Then we'll be using knives
  • No guns ? Then we'll be using the
    next best thing, knives and swords.
    And there would be a lot of Martial
    Arts fights and all kinds of weapons.
    I think it woud be like going back to
    the 15th century. It'll be fun though
  • The world without gun or deadly weapon? The world will be peaceful and we can now stay up late at night outside our home without thinking that we can possibly killed using a gun or hit by a stray bullets. Imagine the world without a gun, so peaceful right?
  • There has been senseless killing ever since the earliest historical records; and a long time before guns existed; so just eliminating guns would not make any difference in the amount of killings, just the way it happened.
    People also die from car wrecks more than ever die from being shot; but you never hear anyone saying that it is the car’s fault and we should ban all vehicles.
    Banning guns is just as ridiculous !
    The danger with a gun depends on who is using it, and for what purpose, just the same as it is with a vehicle. Most car accidents are caused by poor driving, and most of those are from drunk drivers. Driving while intoxicated has been illegal for years; but that has not even begun to stop people from driving when they are drunk, and banning guns completely would still not stop killing.
  • Well, there was a world without guns before guns came into existence and it was still man's quest for war and dominance that led to pushing for guns invention and now we have these guns in existence today. So therefore, technically the world was still the same thing back then and it's still the now.
  • Posts: 66
    We would have to find other ways to defend our selves or commit crimes.  They could be worse or better but they would probably kill and murder depending whos hands they were in.
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