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Are you a pro or anti guns?

edited December 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 23
Are you against having guns exist or not? Justify your opinion.
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    You do realize that the world isn't made of blacks and whites? You don't have to belive in one absolute or another 
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    Anti gun is very hard to do this its because many crime if no gun becausea if people do a crime he cannot scared because no gun how to protect your self againt people not doing to you many positive and negative to do this i thinks its good if all people no gun only police have gun but its hard to do this because many people ha a gun without paper its because i think if people have a too much money its easy to a buy a gun without paper.
  • Maybe I'm in between.Because some people use guns to fight for self defense or to fight criminals.But Criminals or bad guys use guns for robberies,crimes and killings.
    There's a positive and negative effects of having a gun.Nowadays,The number of suicide, homicide, domestic violence is increasing.
  • Well based on what I observed, It's better without guns.Although there are the advantages and disadvantage with having one still majority of it is the negative effect of having yes I am anti gun.
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    This is one of those topics that require a deep breath and counting to ten before typing. To quote a philosophy professor I was fortunate enough to learn from, "They aren't unicorns. Existing or not is not in question." I truly think this sort of discussion and concept is contributing to the constant fight over guns. They exist. They will never be nonexistent. The genie doesn't go back into the lamp. This same basic truth also applies to nuclear weapons. Many consider them one of the world's greatest evils but there is no going back. The only question is how we deal with weapons of any kind. The only guarantee is their continued existence. 
  • Existence of the guns is a proof how our technology advances. I'm not against on it. But I'm firm on my stand that it sould not be available for a normal or private citizen. It should be exclusively made for soldiers or police.
  • There is an increase in gun-related deaths here in the Philippines, so as much as I want to believe there is still advantages in owning one, it inhibits me to stand on pro-gun propaganda. I also believe it should be exclusive on military forces, police officers, security guards whose job is to protect the humanity. I just hope gun ownership is associated with high responsibility to be extra careful in using it. I have read in articles about stray bullets that killed ordinary people, and that is an alarming thing. 
  • For me, it depends, I guess. Owning firearms should not be a right but a privilege. It should be strictly regulated wherein one should take drug and neuro-psychiatric tests, seminars and clearances before one could obtain it. An owner of a gun should be responsible enough to wield it to avoid untoward incidents that could cause the demise of innocent lives. That goes for both private individuals and those that requires it in their jobs.
  • I am Pro Gun, but the authorities should implement more strict rules to people who wants to own a gun so that we can avoid the gun going into the wrong people. And the authorities should also implement more police operation to go after those syndicates who is into business of gun smuggling.
  • I'm a progun supporter and I believe
    that everyone should have the means
    to defend themselves and protect
    their families from criminals and abuse.

    Everyone should have a gun, that's to
    level the battlefield. Yes we do have a
    police force, security cameras and
    everything, but when the actual need
    arises and your not prepared or you
    don't have any defense then it's over,
    You or your family gets assaulted or
    even killed then the police arrives...
    too late right ...your now dead or badly
    injured, damaged has been done and
    the police and the courts are in place
    to give justice....I think that is way to
    late don't have to be dead right.
    You must defend yourself at all cost.
    That's your right for self preservation.
    So everyone should have a gun and
    shoot perps that is only in defense.
  • Being a shooter/hunter residing in the United States, I absolutely & completely support & defend the right of the citizenry to have & to use firearms; this unique right is protected by our constitution, the solitary nation in the world which does so.  And the simple reason for this is to deter the emergence of an abusive central government, so in this country the existence of an armed military & law enforcement agencies coexisting with an unarmed public is unthinkable and would be intolerable.  Additionally, the primary function of police in the US isn't that of preventing crime, but rather to mop up & investigate after a crime has been committed; protecting one's self & family is essentially the responsibility of the family leader --- generally a husband/father.
  • Living in the Philippines where corruption is the norm, where even the President is telling people that everyone should have a gun in order to curb and suppress crime and the drug trade, where police officers are mostly corrupt. Well it's like this considering everything I said only an idiot will not buy a gun.
  • The world has been under constant change over the years, and it led to the development of several piece of technology which guns are one of them and in truth, once something like guns have been produced, there is no way possible to prevent people from having access to it and owning them.

    The truth of the matter is that guns as much as it's good, is bad as well when it falls into the wrong hands. The reason why there is so much terror attack today is as a result of guns falling into the wrong hands. If there is a way to stop this from happening, I believe guns wouldn't be seen to be such a bad thing.
  • That is a challenging question as previous posters have said.  I am absolutely pro gun.  However I am anti everyone owning a gun. 

    Guns have many useful uses even aside from self protection.  As a Canadian we don't even consider them for self protection because it really isn't allowed currently.  Guns are great for hunting, and for recreation, and collection.  I learned to shoot competitively in my teens.  I have fired many different types of guns and rifles.  With that I learned gun safety and responsibility.  That is a key component.  And I learned that you can kill people with guns.  That might be hard to believe that people don't think they do, but with all the violence we see on TV some people might actually believe people only get hurt. 

    In that same breath in my teens I saw gun violence.  Someone close to me who was mentally ill got their hands on a gun, that was kept safely, and shot someone else and killed themselves.  

    So I am unsure where the happy medium is.  

    Just my thoughts
  • ionion
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    I'm a pro gun. But right now, I think it's really hard to handle that.  Just because of some irresponsible gun owners, a lot of people right now think that all of the gun owners are irresponsible.  I think the gun owners right now need the proper seminar from the government. 
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      I was raised Anti gun and was  pretty much always Anti until I married my second wife at age 50 in 2005. She was a hunter and got me started hunting.  When all the Muslim terrorist stuff was happening I got my CCW permit and started training and carrying because I am a Jew. Now I am Pro gun and I am trying to understand the Antis point but can't. I thought that if there were more laws making it harder to get guns that less people would have gun and I would be safer. But this is not true because laws are not what criminals obey and will put me more in jeopardy because they will be the only ones with guns. That scares me more than guns themselves.
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    I forgot to mention what brought me to this Web site is to try to understand the anti point of view.
  • robertp:  your candidness is commendable!
  • robertp: the "anti point of view" is a large part of the progressive agenda to essentially eliminate the US Constitution and control ALL aspects of our lives - essentially communism. 
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    tangascootac: Thanks that helps but trying to understand the progressive agenda may be next on my list  of things to understand.
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    There is nothing wrong with guns, but there needs to be GUN CONTROL ... a mentally ill 18 year old should not be able to get an assault rifle...The NRA are a bunch of NINCOMPOOPS !!!
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    Pro gun here. Family taught responsible gun handling rules to all our children beginning as early as 5yo, Now I teach grandkids just like my grandfather taught me. Heritage of hunting, sport/competitive shooting, law enforcement, military, many documented defensive uses of various fire arms confirmed by several family members over decades, even in defense of neighbors and others. Firmly support NRA as the last/only true defenders of 2nd. Amendment. Cousin is NRA instructor, retired, who was training police departments range instructors and set up gun safety Eddy Eagle programs all over this country to help communities teach children about the hazards of guns. Also have 1st. person accounts from German citizens (married into our family) that were alive when the Nazi's came to power and destroyed Germany with Gun Confiscations programs which started as "Safety for Citizens" schemes and registrations. History tells the truth about government corruptions and tyrannical steps to control their people. IT WILL HAPPEN HERE IF WE LET IT.
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  • vguns:  'Gun control' is the progressive euphanism for complete abolishment of firearms ownership, possession & use in the US; this is the reason that the term 'assault weapon' has no meaning, because it's so vague that it can describe a literally infinite number of objects which are capable of injuring or killing another person.  And if you'd take some time to learn about the National Rifle Association of America, you'll discover that this organization is the foremost defender of one of our most precious freedoms --- the right to keep & bear with no intrusion by an overbearing federal government.  It's the original civil rights guardian in our country and a tireless promoter & teacher of firearms education & safety, working with citizens, law enforcement agencies & government to protect We the People.

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