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What gun control measures do you want to know more about?

edited December 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 47
There are a variety of gun control measures that are proposed, from assault weapon bans to universal background checks. Which specific ones do you all want to learn more about?


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    The only aspect of new gun control measures I want to learn is how to negate them and ensure they never see the light of day. I'm a Democrat for the most part and I always vote blue but I don't trust my own party with gun rights even slightly. If they try to implement some of their ideas on gun control I will leave the party and vote Republican. There are so many Democrats terrified of even the thought of a gun that they are not capable of rational thought on the matter. They truly can not be trusted to enact fair and useful gun control measures. 
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  • I'm more in support of running a background check as a gun measure before anyone can own a gun. This can help so much in preventing guns from falling into the wrong hands. Although the actual problem lies on those illegal arms dealers who are very resourceful in selling lethal assault rifles and big guns to potential terrorists. There is no running a background check would be able to stop such from taking place.

    The only way forward is to get the task force very active in clamping down on the activities of illegal arms dealers because they are ones that are empowering the terrorists and extremist by arming them with dangerous fire arms that are even superior to the guns used by the security officials.
  • Martinsx1: The NICS, National Instant Criminal Backround Check System, has been in effect since November, 1998.  ". . . lethal assault rifles and big guns . . .?"  An assault rifle is a strictly military weapon and almost impossible for a civilian to own, unless the buyer has at least $20,000 to spend and can pass the demanding requirements to obtain a Title II, Class 3 license; I don't know what you view as "big guns."  The federal ATF agency already exists to deal with illegal firearms, so all of your above suggestions are already met.

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