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Indiscriminate firing during holiday season.

edited December 2017 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 23
What can you say about our fellow gun owners who use their guns to create some noise during this holiday season?
Merry christmas and Happy new year everyone!


  • Posts: 4
    I am a very strong second amendment supporter but I do not approve of such activities. Guns always have the potential for harm. There is no excuse at any time in any place to ever forget that. Indiscriminate firing to celebrate the New Year is irresponsible. Quite often people are drinking, they are partying, and they may not be as observant and careful as they are in daily life. It is a pointless risk. 
  • Posts: 4
    I strongly can always celebrate the holidays in a peaceful and joyful way. Why celebrate an event using something that potentially harmful?  Indiscriminate firing to celebrate is not something to be happy about, specially when putting someone in danger.
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