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Preventing Accidental Discharge

edited February 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 24
If you happened to have ever held a gun before or owned one, you would notice that all guns have a safety key which is turn on and off before making use of the gun. It's always in the best interest of the gun user to always put his or her gun safety on when the gun is not of any shooting use. This is the only way to avoid accidental discharge which if care is not taken might kill someone.

It's very much better to be on the prevention side than on the curing/treatment side. Always put your gun safety on.


  • Every gun owner knows to always lock and don't cock. Guns must always be on safety and must only be cocked or put into fire when there's a clear threat.
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  • Maybe the best way to avoid this is, do not carry your gun if you don't need to. But if you are carrying it, then you should always check if your gun is in safe mode or don't cocked your gun while carrying it
  • Yes, always putting the safety key on is important especially when you have children around. They might of it as a toy gun and use it not knowing what it really is. I k now someone who accidentally shot one of his family member because he forgot to put the safety key on.
  • I don't think 'not carrying a gun on you at all times' is the right answer. Besides, if you have to be told to not have your gun cocked, you prolly shouldn't own one.
  • If guns must be carried in my opinion, care should be taken not to have the safety off if there is no need to fire it. If it's just to scare off any protester or mob, the sight of the gun is enough for me because tension can lead to firing the gun into the crowd accidentally and probably injuring civilians or killing someone.
  • ionion
    Posts: 33
    Yeah, that's right, it's should always on the safety key on, to avoid some accident.  And that's the problem of the other gun owners, all they know is to fire their gun but don't know how to use some safety features. 
  • @ion This is why I'm of the opinion that anyone who owns a gun must put himself or herself up to gun shooting lessons class, and must pass over average grade before being allowed to carry a gun out to the public. There other day, I was reading an article whereby someone accidentally shot himself dead for nothing knowing the gun was no longer on safety.
  • Not all handguns have manual safeties. The four basic safety rules are.  A gun is always loaded.  Never point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.  Know your target and what is beyond it.  Never put your finger inside the trigger guard(on the trigger) until you are ready to fire.  If you follow these rules your gun is safe.  Handguns also have safeties so they won't fire accidently if dropped.
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