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Poll: Should America Ban AR-15s?

edited October 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 8
AR-15s are in the news again after the recent massacre and tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Should America ban AR-15s?  Take our poll.
AR-15 Poll
  1. Should America Ban AR-15s?20 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No


  • No matter what type of gun it is as long as it can fire bullet, it is still dangerous. I think what the government should do is prohibited civilians from owning a gun.
  • Americans need to stand up for justice so they can see effective mental health care developed.

    Humans are basically controlled by their unconscious mind.

    But psychology nor psychiatry treats the unconscious, so it is ineffective, and people know it.  So they never go for treatment no matter how tormented they are, they rather kill.

    What the public do not know is the the federal and state courts and counties do not want effective mental health control.  And they are fully ready to violate the constitution and anyones rights that is not backed with big money in collusive coercion upon them with a newspaper, gagging and firing reporters and editors so they do not even tell their friends about a lawsuit I filed which was given to a reporter.  Oh and the other "competing paper" in town never even called me let alone do a story on it.  All media is covering up the truth about anything that might STOP the mass murders.

    Here is a page documenting it.

    So the cost is immeasurable to the nation with suffering beyond description, after you consider the mass murders.
  • Kaisantos2229 asserts that "as long as it can fire a bullet, it is still dangerous."  This is simply not so in reference to any modern, well-engineered/manufactured firearm in good operating condition with a responsible user; any danger is virtually always the result of unsafe handling and improper use.
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  • America should ban all of type of gun for me. Because no matter what kind of gun it is. It still a direct threat to all of us who are living in this beautiful world. So for me, the world should ban all kinds of guns.
  • While to comment is valid that every gun is dangerous is quite true, I believe no one at all, even law enforcement, needs a weapon that fires more than one shot per trigger pull.  

    The only purpose for fully Automatic weapons is for destruction in my opinion.  If you are hunting our using for self defense one shot at a time is all you need!  Anything else is just looking for trouble!

    Semi Automatics can also fire very quickly,  There is rarely a need for this in my opinion either.  
  • This was a very bad incident to befall a school where our students go to study. To have 17 students badly shoot up in which some might die from the gun wounds, I'm totally in support of the government banning the use of assault rifle in school. The annoying part is that the state house quashed the bill to ban such guns for getting into school premises.
  • Betty G:  are you basing your assertions on any sort of actual experience, or are they the opinions of an                              individual such as yourself (which is most frequently the case) who plainly possess very limited, if                      any, knowledge of firearms.

    Martinsx1:  no "assault rifle" was involved in the Parkland, FL horror, and this type of arm (a true military                              weapon with fully automatic capability) is essentially never involved in US crime.

    Dictator20:  fortunately, you & other Americans are distinctly a tiny minority

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  •  The world is a beautiful place but ugly things happen ( Parkland Florida.9-11). If we ban ARs only criminals or terrorists will have them and you know what will happen then.  
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    robertp: Then why didn't that happen in any of the countries that decided the only weapons civilians needed were hunting rifles that are kept under lock and key... Sweden, Australia, England, Germany, etc.? The result was that potential criminals found it nearly impossible to get a weapon and if they were found with one it would be confiscated without question. 

  • Posts: 66
    hope1001  Thanks for your response. I have never been to those countries so I couldn't guess.  I imagine they don't have the crazies we do.  I don,t think it would be too hard to get a weapon in the US with all the gangs and criminals here.
    What makes you think we could do that here without getting the guns out of criminals hands first. If that is what you think.
    I am not sure how to navigate this site to well yet but I would like to understand your views on these subjects.
  • hope1001: none of those nations to which you refer have anything resembling the US Constitution, with its unique protection of a basic right from government interference.  Also, none of those countries have a fraction of the quantity of arms in the hands of citizens as do we; since criminals here will always be able to find weaponry to steal or unlawfully purchase, any efforts toward 'gun control' would only penalize the lawful gun owner/user.
  • No constructive purpose would be served by "banning" the ArmaLite-15 type of arm; this is not an automatic, unusually deadly or 'military grade' weapon. It is, in fact, a less powerful caliber than that typically carried by deer hunters across the country, and no military in the world uses it as a combat rifle.  They may appear intimidating to most persons unfamiliar with firearms, but this illusion is largely the result of cosmetic features which appeal to the eye of many owners.
  • edited March 2018 Posts: 66
    tangascootac  Thanks for clearing that up.  I knew AR didn't stand for "automatic rifle" but I didn't know it stood for ArmaLite.  A simple google search confirmed that for me .  I here many people say nobody needs a AR. I wonder if they think it means automatic rifle.  Maybe we can start thinking of ways to stop gun violence instead of worrying about people taking our 2 amendment rights away.
  • @robertp:  I'm pleased to have been of help; a 'simple search' would confirm innumerable truths to the hard left, but progressives have no interest because it clashes with their agenda.  I know that in the minds of the uninformed AR means automatic rifle, and for those who assert that "nobody needs an AR," remind them that the first 10 Amendments of our magnificent US Constitution are referred to as the Bill of Rights, not bill of needs. And if I can make a suggestion: we don't refer to an intoxicated driver involved in a vehicular accident so a firearm utilized in a crime (or misused in any fashion) isn't 'gun violence' but accurately is criminal violence, no matter what the weapon.
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  • I omitted 'as an example of automobile violence' following "accident" in the above . . .
  • So a few above believe no civilians should own weapons?? I am a female with three kids that is home alone at night while my fiance works, damn right I have the time a cop with a gun gets to my house we could all be dead... my fiance is a civilian now, but he served in the Marine Corp to help keep u crazy nuts free and safe and the use of guns for that is ok right??? It is your choice not to own one, but to u saying all guns are dangerous...DUH...depending on who is behind it and their purpose, they can be. Without a trigger finger they are not. We own many and none have ever just gone off by themselves... Should knives be banned for killing? Or hammers, or baseball bats or alcohol or Cars? Because all of those are just as deadly with the wrong person behind them. And HEY WHAT ABOUT ALL THE IDIOTS THAT CANT STAY OFF CELL PHONES TO DRIVE???? Should cell phones be banned? Civilians are not the only ones using guns improperly...cops are always in the news for AR15 is a blast to take to the gun range and hog hunt with. Let's get educated people.
  • @amandajustice:  All of your observations are reasonably accurate & factual, yet this exerts no influence on the progressive hard left to whom an armed citizenry is a deterrence to their obsession with power & control.  Until the means to defend one's self & loved ones are completely removed, these enemies of the rights, freedoms & moral values established in our Declaration of Independence & Constitution cannot achieve their objective of a United Socialists of America.  No firearm is 'dangerous' except for one which is mishandled/misused, and this defines the unthinkable reality of a disarmed populace in our once great nation.
  • What if AR-15's and the like were compared to alcoholic beverages?  Would people begin to understand?  If guns should be banned just because of how deadly they are should alcohol be the first to go?

  • The question of "should we?" isn't a stand alone thing.  It is directly dependent on what restrictions are constitutionally permissible.

    The ban crowd has enjoyed a bit of support in the states (NY, MD, CT), which have rung up some successes defending their laws in the lower federal courts.  It reminiscent of the "collective right" period which persevered from 1942 - 2008 when dozens of lower federal and state courts sustained literally hundreds of gun laws on now invalid reasoning.

    The legal arguments in these cases that have upheld these state assault weapon bans are laughably conceived.  I am glad that SCOTUS is delaying their examination, might as well shake all the goofy leftist arguments out of the bushes and kill it all in one fell swoop.
  • kaisantos2229 wrote on February 16 
    No matter what type of gun it is as long as it can fire bullet, it is still dangerous. I think what the government should do is prohibited civilians from owning a gun.

    We know that complete bans on handguns are constitutionally impermissible.  Handguns are the weapon used in the vast majority of gun homicides.

    The gun at issue in this thread (assault weapon) is not listed as a separate category but rifles in general are used in under 300 homicides a year.

    (Screengrab of FBI Table 8)

    The current focus on assault weapons and "mass shootings" and "school massacres" is tunnel vision.  It is like being concerned about the dangers of electricity but only being focused on lightning.

    Of course any focus on the greater issue of criminal use of guns implicates conditions and circumstances that liberals would rather ignore -- given their direct hand in either creating or nurturing those conditions and circumstances.


  • Banning AR-15s does nothing but forcing everyone to use pistols, shotguns, other rifles, revolvers, the list goes on.

    We're not even sure if doing so will actually stop anyone from getting them.
  • @NeverLoseGuy:  "Banning?"  By what justification & mechanism?
  • Yes, we should ban this gun but it still won't resolve the problem that this country so sadly is facing. It's increasing and spreading, why? I know why. Because the answer is stemming from "many" reasons and so therefore certain "one" solution can only fix it partially. There is, however, a solution that CAN stop this if our world could implement this. I wrote a fiction novel and the answer is discussed at the end of the novel. I wrote the book for many purposes, but one is to plant this idea in the heads of people and my hopes is for the right people with the proper resources to make this change and better our country for my children's future. Please read!!

  • ". . . we should ban this gun but it still won't resolve the problem . . ."  Correct, it would achieve nothing, even if such an unconstitutional scheme were to be considered; plus, there'd be no conceivable way to physically accomplish it.  Above all, we Americans have no gun problem, but rather and for "many" reasons, our great nation's suffering from an epidemic of crime.
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    Im a young women who owns varies guns for different purposes. I live in the country(texas) and not the city. I own a AR15-which is a semi automatic like any other legally bought gun, and honeatly its just a glorified scary looking shotgun. These are NOT used in the military!! I use for hog hunting at a safe distance on my land and they still dont take them down without a head shot. I have smaller guns then an AR (and not as scary looking)that are more powerful with bigger bullets.
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    If you want to make anything illegal the "bump stock" is what you should look at. It turns legal semi automatics into fully automatics. But im pretty sure you can make you're own bump stock if youre handy
  • Posts: 66
    I don't see the point of making bumpstocks illegal if you are not going to do anything illegal with them.  If a criminal wants to get one they are going to get one if they are legal or not.
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