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Whats next after Florida School attack?

edited February 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 4
It so sad that lives are taken again by using a gun that supposed to be used for protection. I guess it's really not about the gun anymore...i think its about how and who will use the gun. I really hope that there's a way on how to screen gun owners thoroughly.


  • This was truly a bad news that rocked Florida high school and I believe it's the reason why there has been clamor for guns to be banned in school. Personally, after that attack, I'm completely in support of banning guns anywhere near the school premises.

    Even if the security guards needs to carry a weapon, let them be issued teasers and not guns with live bullets. This would help keep our children safe.
  • The problem is our government and the fact they will not allow effective mental health care.

    They are protecting the ultimate form of secrecy which enables treason and tyranny.

    There were 17 reporters and editors gagged, fired or resigned because I gave a copy of a lawsuit filed by myself and 3 grandmothers to one of the reporters.

  • I think every one wants to ban guns in schools that aren't used for training but how do you enforce it without a gun?  I think metal detectors would help but then there are the people that don't think the problem is that bad or don't want to see it as a problem..
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