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How do you feel about the NRA?

edited March 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 2
How do you feel about the NRA
  1. Do you think the NRA are a bunch of nincompoops?7 votes
    1. yes
    2. no
    3. I dont know
    4. I dont care


  • Posts: 66
    The NRA is protecting our right to protect our selves against gun violence.  
  • This;

    "Do you think the NRA are a bunch of nincompoops?"

    Is an invitation to use "all or nothing thinking" which is a cognitive distortion.  Or to reject that they might be.

    Neither perspective is accurate in my opinion.

    It is a fact that the NRA is not recognizing that deficient mental health care is responsible for escalating gun violence along with media manipulation, at least in 1999, the last time I hit them up.


    Neither were Dudley Brown or congressman Paul Broun in 2010.


    Don't bring up the APA, they are even worse because they are supposed to be about mental health care, but they have an agenda that avoids the most effective mental health care.

  • ChristopherABrown:  The NRA is well aware of the significance of mental health and how it may negatively alter the personality, thinking & actions of an individual; as you also noted, the great majority of the US media is well to the left and exert an enormous degree of influence on the average, firearms-unknowledgable citizen.  The is why the misleading & inflamatory phrase 'gun violence' is almost inevitably applied to that which is actually 'criminal violence.'
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