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Solution to School Violence

edited March 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 66
I think this is something we can all agree on.  It sounds fabulous to me.  What do you think.


  • Effective mental health care is the answer, and education of parents and community relating to values and human purposes.  What media, media of ALL forms is sharing, for the most part is creating a mentality that finds justifications too often in violence.

    But mental health is SERIOUSLY impaired by government that is either aligned with the church or working to protect the potentials for secrecy that abuses of the unconscious mind represent.

    Seventeen reporters and editors were fired or gagged to prevent them from even talking about a lawsuit I and three grandmothers filed in 2006.

    The suit was to try and compel the mental health department to use techniques working with the unconsious mind directly. The unconscious mind controls human beings for the most part.

    this image is of some of the reporters and editors at a protest outside the santa barbara newspress.


    The 1st amendment is seriously abridged.  Freedom of the press is all but gone.
  • Posts: 66
    ChristopherABrown   Is there a way to get effective mental health care and education of parents and community relating to values and human purposes other than ptacticing and creating good habits.
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