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edited March 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 3
How many ppl are killed from drunk drivers everyday?? Is alcohol illegal? Are CARS being banned for running ppl down or causing a The person behind the wheel is prosecuted...So why do they think to ban guns? The guns didn't shoot themselves, it is the person behind it with issues of some sort. Why not focus on helping fix those problems?
I see forums of ppl saying that they should make ppl that purchase guns go for a psych eval and have a mandatory person designated to come check peoples guns regularly..I WISH SOMEONE WOULD TRY TO TELL MY FIANCE THAT. He served 6 years overseas in the Marine Corp and is not about to let anyone come check his firearms for him..he has also been a hunter since the age of 5 and is well educated in safety and care for his weapons...Aside from that, they are focusing on gunmakers, and what about ppl that buy 2nd hand guns, where no background or info is even required? Just money exchange? How does that work? Can someone that DOESN'T own a gun explain that to my family...PLEASE.
WHAT about these shootings done by cops, that were proven unnecessary? Yet, police still carry guns.
Realize it's the people, even if they are trained to use and carry guns, that sometimes are fighting an unknown battle that causes them to kill unjustly. Like someone said earlier, it's done with hammers, baseball bats, knives, etc.. so do all the companies that make these items need to ban their products?
Yes, guns can do a lot of damage in short periods, but there is someone behind it pulling the trigger. It's the people of the world today that need help.


  • amanda justice wrote:
    "The guns didn't shoot themselves, it is the person behind it with issues
    of some sort. Why not focus on helping fix those problems?"

    So correct!

    But people do not fix the mental problems because they do not know that government and its courts are violating laws in order to prevent effective mental health care.  The PURPOSE of free speech is abridged,  That is the 1st amendment, uh huh, before the 2nd.

    This is happening because effective mental health care must treat the unconscious mind, and that is considered heresy by the church.  Did I mention the control of the church over the state and the people?  Oh, its unconscious too.  So I could tell you, but you likely would not believe it.

    In 2006 I and 3 grandmothers filed a federal lawsuit against Santa Barbara County in an LA federal court.  A copy was given to a reporter at the Santa Barbara Newspress.  Two week later she was fired or resigned.  Six week after that 16 other reporters and editors joined her.  Then a state court gagged them all so they could not even talk about the story they wanted to see printed.

    Haven't you see this information here on this forum?  It's been posted at least 1/2 dozen times.  Oh, the PURPOSE of free speech is abridged.


    Here is the page about it. Many other instances of the courts depriving me of rights and justice because I know about the unconscious mind and how it controls all of us, including them (nudge).

    BTW, only one doctor has come out and stated the fact of unconscious control over us, that is HOW bad it is.

    There is much more to it than just these facts.  We are going extinct if we cannot learn to use our unconscious to control our behaviors.  That includes drunk driving.

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