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Gun control or treason

edited April 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 1
Anyone that wants to take guns away or try to get into law should be in jail for treason. Freedom isn't free if everything that this country started on is taken. Maybe our armies should give up their guns to, they don't mention that just schools. Get real America your all Americans. Are have all of you forgot?
Death will always find a way just like life. So killing will happen with a gun or anything else. Common sense.


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    It's inane posts like this that made me give up participating on this forum. Should be in jail for treason? Really? You're making a mockery of the very freedom you claim to cherish. The rest of your post is beyond logic.

  • You need to use reason ianagmdc, not support the potential for treason succeeding. 
    bigmatt1977 is right, but has not articulated what he does not know. like you have have not.  The PURPOSE of free speech, the 1st Amendment is abridged other wise you would know what I'm going to post.

    I've posted it perhaps 5 times in this forum, but you have not seen it.  That is the abridged nature of free speech under the infiltration of the federal government.

    MENTAL HEALTH CARE is abysmally inadequate.  Therefore, people with mental issues that they think can be solved with extreme violence, have no options.

    BTW, the infiltrated government does not want effective mental health care because it would have to treat the unconscious mind, and the infiltration has been done unconsciously.

    Here is the proof of that.

    In 2006 17 reporters and editors were gagged, fired or resigned because of a federal lawsuit myself and 3 grandmothers filed in an effort to compel our county to follow state health and safety codes requiring they work with the public to develop experimental treatment IF there is a chance of death within 2 years with out it.


    The state and federal courts colluded with the county and newspaper to violate laws and prevent the public from knowing of it.

    ianagmdc if you do anything but start posting htis fact to compensate for the abridging of the PURPOSE of free speech, you make a mockery of our freedoms.  If the 1st Amendment is well used, the 2nd is not needed.

    Use it so well that 
    bigmatt1977doesn't even think of the gun he is allowed to own.
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    @ChristtopherABrown, @ianagmdc It's like saying if we are all nice to each other there is no need for violence.
  • It appears to me that all four of the above parties are unable to clearly state what they're attempting to communicate.
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