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Answer to Gun Violence

edited July 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 3

Hello! I wrote a fiction novel below on Amazon, and there are many reasons for the book but I wanted to incorporate my idea about the solutions to Gun Control, gun violence, gun laws, etc.  The topic is discussed by the main character at the end of the novel. And truly, I know in my heart of hearts that this novel has the answers we need to solve this world wide tragedy. Please read and tell me your thoughts. (Again, this topic is discussed at the end of the novel. ),204,203,200_QL70_&dpSrc=srch


  • 'Inside My Soul' fiction novel by Court Hanner

  • For roughly two centuries following the establishment of our extraordinary form of government --- a republic built upon constitutional conservatism --- we've never previously encountered such a breakdown of the basic & essential structures which define us as Americans; we've never before suffered such a collapse of our principles & values as that which has occurred over the past 40 or so years.  And it's we the citizenry that's become corrupted, not the imperishable gift which our founders bequeathed to us.

    For the prior 50 years I've handled & owned a variety of guns, and during this half century have never heard of or encountered any firearm(s) exhibiting violence without the participation of a human; i.e., we have no difficulty with these lifeless, inanimate objects which can be used or misused for right or wrong.  Instead, we have a people problem --- criminal activity by our fellow citizens or illegals among us; until these United States of America reestablishes the fundamental truths, beliefs & precepts which the architects of our constitution so brilliant codified, this country is in a precipitous & terminal decline.

  • Posts: 66
    I think the answer would be something like this.  We make everybody where a visible tracking devise and you would be arrested if you were not wearing it.  If there were a violent act with a gun all we would have to do is track who was at the scene at the time.  The tracking devise would be worn around the neck so if you want to do a mass shooting you would be choked to death before you had a chance to commit suicide. I know it sounds silly but it would take everybodies rights away at once.  People with guns would not have an advantage. Until it is enacted or someone comes up with a better idea or they lock me away or .....  I may just keep carrying a concealed carry weapon. 
    I really don't think my idea is any more far fetched then some of the laws that have been proposed or are in place (gun free zones with no armed guards,  magazine restrictions, banning AR rifles, banning bump stocks, to mention a few).
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