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Stricter gun-control to limit mass shootings

edited September 2018 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 9
As one of the well-known developed countries in the world, America’s gun homicide rate
is more than 25 times the average of other developed countries (Khalid, 2018). It is a surprising
statistic since as a developed country, America is doing a horrendous job controlling guns. Even
with the existing restrictions on guns, it is still not enough to decrease the rate of gun violence.
The main reason for this loose restriction on guns is that America’s politics are easily swayed by
large organizations. One of the well-known gun supporting groups is the National Rifle
Association (NRA), which can easily sway politicians into supporting guns through lobbying

methods. The politicians seem oblivious to the fact that guns kill people more than protecting
anyone, even after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut in December
2012, when twenty children and six teachers and administrators were gunned down by a young
individual. Despite the bloodshed from these victims and mental scars of the survivors and
witnesses around the world, the NRA still refused to acknowledge this event happened because
the United States permits the use of high-powered firearms (Sarre, 2015). Thus, no law enforced
any restriction on high-powered firearms. This tragic event was not the last: 1,607 mass-
shootings happened after it. This includes mass-shootings at a school setting, a movie theater, a
LGBT night club, churches, and other places where normal people go daily. If gun control was to
be stricter on number of guns a person can own, this would help to limit the mass-shootings that
are going on in the United States.

Sarre, R. (2015). Gun control in australia: A criminological perspective. Salus Journal, 3(3), 1-


  • I appreciate your input but how are we going to stop the people who buy guns illegally from getting them.  Keeping guns from law abiding citizens will not stop crime.  NRA only supports legal guns and legal citizen's
    gun rights.  Your argument only supports people that do not know any better.
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