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Stricter gun control to protect civilian who do not own guns

edited January 22 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 9
In America, gun ownership is quite diverse across the country. Some people own
multiple guns and other people own no gun at all. According to USA Today, Americans were
estimated to own 265 million firearms as of 2016. However, half of these guns, 133 million,
were owned only by 3% of American adults; on average, each person from the 3% “super
owners” owned 17 guns each. There is no reason for a person to own this many gun for a
reasonable purpose, like hunting or protecting. The more guns a person owns, the more
dangerous it is for the gun owners and others. Since the gun owner cannot carry around all the
guns they own, the guns will just be at home laying around. Between 300,000 and 600,000 guns
are stolen each year from people’s homes (Jervis, 2016). These guns can be misused for harmful
purposes like murder, illegal sales, and committing suicide. Also, for people that own a gun and
are parents, their kids can intentionally or accidentally use the guns. For example, the shooter of
the Sandy Hook Elementary School was using his mom’s gun to kill people (Sarre, 2015). Even
the smallest gun can kill at least two people; the number of guns in the United States can kill
almost everyone in the country (Jervis, 2016). Now, more efficient guns are being produced
every day with the aim to reach more targets in a lesser amount of time. Thus, the people who do
not own guns or carry guns around with them are in real danger if a shooting was to take place. If
gun control was to be stricter, like banning open carry laws, the government would be protecting
other civilians.


Jervis, R. (2016). 3%
of Americans Own Half the Country’s 265 Million Guns
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perspective. Salus Journal, 3(3), 1-13.


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    If a criminal is trying to shoot you or someone without a gun the more law abiding people you have around you with guns the better your chances of surviving.  Learning about gun safety and how to protect ourselves with them is a healthy way to reduce crime.  It is also a lot of fun.
    Their is no better Sticter Gun Control.
  • Hi Robertp, thank you for your opinion, you bring another aspect of the problem. Absolutely, you are not wrong when you said people can use the gun to protect themselves and I also believe that it is a reasonable right . However, following the latest data from the National Crime Victimization Survey, the people defended themselves with a gun in nearly 0.9 percent of crime from 2007 to 2011. The question here, do we really use the gun to protect ourselves? Besides that, let's make a scenario that the U.S government accept that everyone can own the gun and can carry the gun anywhere (like the cowboy movies). What the robbers will think if they want to rob someone who has the gun with them. Of course, they will try to kill you in the first shot, how many percents you think that you have a chance to defend for yourself after the first shot of the robbers? This scenario led increasing amount people to die by the gun         
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    If someone wants to
    shoot you you have more of a chance defending yourself if you have a gun than
    if you don't.  You also have less of a chance of somebody wanting to shoot
    you if you have a gun. I think if more people who were trying to reduce life
    threatening crimes would learn how to shoot to defend themselves and
    others  and carried a gun legally there would be a lot less crimes. Maybe
    if there were less crimes people wouldn't feel the need to carry a gun. Not
    that I am trying to be harsh but everybody has there own opinions.  Some
    people like guns and some don't.  I would rather carry my gun to matches
    second and forth Saturday of the month instead of feeling I need to carry it
    all the time. That doesn't seem possible in this society.


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    I live in texas and guns have always been everywhere. Everyone I know has at least 2+ in there house in the city. As for the ones in the country like myself, I use guns small enough for my purse, hunting hog or rabbit which require different guns, wether im shooting at a distance or upclose. Also if its in the middle of the night and a couger or wild dog is outside then I need a shot gun with a wide range . I live 30+ min from the nearest police officer , hospital, or major city. I have young kids and livestock to protect. As for mine and my husbands family we all grew up with guns hidden in the house and was taught at a young age how to use them. We developed respect and fear of guns. I was 6? When I got put on my ass with a shotgun and its a scary eye opener to wield that much power that you don't touch it again. Both families give shotguns to our kids once they are old enough. Also spouses give guns to each other or their kids and never transfer the guns out of the gifters name so usually the husband/father is the owner of all the guns in or out of the house. I can see how young kids who grow up in major cities would be curious to hold or play with one but thats why you teach them. I live 400+ acres from my nearest neighbor and thousands from the next neighbors in either direction and not worried about robbery since I have my own roaming guard dogs outside
  • Posts: 66

  • Posts: 66


    I grew up very different
    from you.  I grew up in the city and I had never touched a gun until after
    I was married.  I was invited to shoot skeet by a coworker at the shooting
    range. It was a lot of fun.  I hadn't touched a gun again until my
    daughter was all grown up and I met my second wife.  Her family were
    hunters and I would go shooting with them from time to time.  When we got
    married her father gave my a Rem 700 in 30-06.  I have been hunting deer,
    antelope and elk with it for the last 13 years.  We also live rural and
    have chickens and dogs.  We lost two dogs to coyotes so I hunt them around
    the house with a Rem 7 in 22-223 that my wife bought me for my birthday.

    Since my wife and I are
    getting older and more vulnerable we decided to get conceal carry weapon
    permits.  I bought us both Ruger 1911s Commanders.  I started
    shooting competition IDPA and USPSA matches and bought a few more hand guns for
    that.  The matches are friendly, a lot of fun and a safe way to learn how
    to shoot better.

    My wife and I often hunt
    together and she collects Ruger #1s in different calibers.

  • They just need to go buy a gun.
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    I would like to bring 2 thoughts to this discussion. 

    First, as was mentioned about, there is a rural vs urban argument to be made. I personally grew up rural, with gun ownership, use, and safety accepted as a given. My personal guns have always been treated as tools, each with specific purpose. Yes, I own multiple guns (as a mechanic would own multiple wrenches). Guns for hunting, varmint control, self defense, target shooting & plinking. My kids also grew up with guns and treat them as I do. Someone growing up in an urban setting might have a very different experience. I am not able to speak to the urban issues. I trust urban dwellers have the same rights that I do, simply different experiences.

    Second, I don't consider guns to be weapons for murder. Of course, I understand that they can be misused for criminal purposes, but if I were a criminal I doubt very much that I would obey any gun laws you might enact. The end result of any new gun laws would likely be to remove guns from the hands of mentally stable, law abiding citizens while doing nothing about criminals with guns.
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