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Why Do People Still Favor Gun Control?

edited February 2019 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 66
Gun control favors new laws that criminals will not obey.  If law abiding citizens are the only ones that would obey these laws why do people not want these people to have guns to protect themselves?  What is the difference in what they use to protect themselves?  I think it is a basic human right to protect oneself by any means possible.  I see in the news that people want to take that right away from us.  Even politicians want to take this right away from us and people support them.  I can not wrap my head around it.  They try to make people think they are doing something good for the country and people believe them.  They are educated people.  What do they know that I do not.


  • Because government, state courts, federal courts collude with the press to prevent effective mental health care.

    There were 17 reporters and editors gagged by a state court to keep the public from knowing of the case, then the federal district court removed a local court rule effecting civil rights without required public notice and comment as required by the administrative office of the district courts.

    If there was effective mental health care available, there will be almost no gun violence, because people really do not want to undergo the stress of the mental breakdown that causes gun violence.  Duh.  And the other major public benefits are also not present.
  • That may/might stop gun violence but how can we stop people from wanting to create laws to stop gun violence or people that want to own guns for protection or recreation from using them when laws only stop law abiding people.  The laws that are in place stop law abiding people from hurting themselves or others.
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