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What Can We Do To Protect Ourselves and Others?

edited January 19 in Gun Control Debates Posts: 66
Recently was the anniversary of the Magory Stoneman School shooting where 17 people were murdered. I read an on line article about it. They interview survivors and asked how it affected their lives. Most of the people still haven’t recovered mentally. After reading it I read the comments of people that I assume read it also. Most of the comments focused on what we should do to prevent this from happening again. They also made comments about who we should blame for not preventing these murders and they weren’t blaming the criminals. I know an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure but that only works with medical issues and some other places. I have nothing against prevention until it stops people from protecting themselves and none of the comments that I read were about people protecting themselves and others.
What I would like to know is ideas or ways people have thought of or come up with to protect themselves and others from gun violence.


  • Hmmm, I've already posted the solution robertp, in reply to you.  Ummm, it appears this forum is undergoing censorship.  The information I posted is also applicable to exposing treason exploiting and abusing the unconscious human mind creating secrecy, which is also responsible for extreme violence.
  • @ChristopherABrown  I think that pertains to prevention.  If the prevention does not stop  gun violence  weather or not we have tried it (we all  know) it is going to happen again.  So what are our thoughs on protecting ourselves and others from it..
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    How to protect yourself and others? The laws in all states already cover your right to self defense. Purchase a legal handgun, apply for and receive a carry permit, take appropriate lessons and courses to learn applicable self defense use of your handgun. Be mentally and physically prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones. Have your handgun concealed on your person AT ALL TIMES. In my opinion this is your best, and most logical, protection from criminal violence of all kinds (not just gun violence).
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